Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 485 - Still Unwilling To Let Go

Chapter 485: Still Unwilling To Let Go

“Are you feeling better?” Song Changwen sent another message right after his previous one.

“I don’t exactly feel terrible. I was just upset that they bullied Gu Nianjia, that little coward.”

Lin Yiqian felt sorry that she was using Gu Nianjia as an excuse yet again.

“Now that you are feeling better, shouldn’t you be heading home?” Song Changlin asked.

“Did Gu Nianjia tell you that I’m not at home?”


Lin Yiqian felt surprised. “She actually talked to you about me.”

Lin Yiqian thought that Gu Nianjia would never mention her name in front of Song Changlin.

“She respects you a great deal now. She was so touched that she hasn’t stopped crying all night,” Song Changlin replied, attaching a picture of Gu Nianjia along with the message. Lin Yiqian could not help but laugh out loudly.

In the picture, Gu Nianjia seemed visibly sad as her eyes were red from crying.

Indeed, Lin Yiqian did feel somewhat touched as she smiled at the photo.

She was not a heartless person after all.

After sending an emoticon sticking its tongue out to Song Changlin, she returned to WeChat’s main page and began deleting her chat history as she normally would.

In the end, one conversation remained. A long time ago, she thought that Gu Nianshen had added the last word of her name behind his, which made her believe they were destined to be together.

Nobody knew how much she liked her own name after she had fallen for Gu Nianshen.


Another message from Song Changlin appeared, causing Gu Nianshen’s conversation to drop down to the second one in the list.

In the end, Lin Yiqian was still unwilling to delete the conversation history with Gu Nianshen.

She wanted to treasure every single word, emoticon, and even abbreviated words from him.

To her, these were like the clothes and wrist-protectors Gu Nianshen had tossed away and that she would retrieve from the recycling stations. In fact, she would even stealthily scavenge Gu Nianshen’s used pencils and erasers and keep them like her most prized possessions.

It was her secret that nobody else knew.

Although Lin Yiqian hated herself for behaving like this, she could not force herself to change. Loving him was the only thing she could get used to.

“I’m looking at the view of the sea. Would you like to see it?”

As Lin Yiqian read Song Changlin’s message, she subconsciously thought that he lived in the city and not by the beach, which prompted her to reply with a question mark.

“The ocean seems calm tonight,” Song Changlin replied.

When Lin Yiqian saw the message, she immediately raised her head and looked straight ahead. All of a sudden, she recalled that Song Changlin had bought a unit in the same building.

In fact, it was right below this floor.

As she thought of this, Lin Yiqian began to feel nervous. “Aren’t you home?”

“I’m in my apartment.” Song Changlin wrote. “It’s the same one where we bumped into each other when you were visiting your client.”

‘Oh god, he is actually downstairs.’ Lin Yiqian thought.

A view of the ocean… Perhaps he could even hear her from the window if she shouted loud enough.

Whilst Lin Yiqian pondered warily, Song Changlin sent an image of the view of the ocean. Lin Yiqian looked out of the window before lifting her phone up to compare the view with the image on her phone.

He really was looking out at the ocean in front of the window just as she was.

Since that was the case, Lin Yiqian decided that they needed to move away as soon as possible. If they were to remain here, she would eventually bump into him again.

Once their villa in the other area was sold, she would ask Bai Se to find another property.

“It looks pretty good,” Lin Yiqian replied as she continued to ponder.

“It’s getting late. Get some sleep.” Song Changlin replied.

“Yeah, you too.”


Lin Yiqian stared at the word ‘goodnight’ without writing back.

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