Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 481 - Don't Take Things Too Seriously

Chapter 481: Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

This was the kind of sarcasm Gu Nianshen was most afraid of. It was something he feared ever since he realized his feelings for her.

Stunned, Gu Nianshen’s hand dangled in the air. Although he felt an urge to reach out and grab her, he was afraid that he would be rejected.

As Gu Nianshen stood beneath the streetlight, one could see his eyes were beginning to fill with tears as well.

Seeing the whole episode happen before her eyes, Gu Nianjia began to cry as she ran toward Lin Yiqian and reached for her arm. “Sister-in-law, it’s my bad. Please don’t fight with my brother because of me,” Gu Nianjia uttered as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Gu Nianjia then rubbed the tears away with her hands.

“It has nothing to do with you.” Lin Yiqian looked at Gu Nianjia before replying calmly.

She then shifted her gaze back to Gu Nianshen. “From today on, we must both remember our own roles. Let’s not take things too seriously.”

Lin Yiqian’s expectations had been further lifted. She was getting tired of being let down.

Now, she was more possessive than ever.

As Lin Yiqian began walking away coldly, Gu Nianjia glanced at Gu Nianshen as she hoped he would run after Lin Yiqian. However, seeing that he would not budge, Gu Nianjia decided to run after Lin Yiqian on her own. “Sister-in-law.”

However, Lin Yiqian ignored Gu Nianjia as she walked over to her car and got in.

Once the engine was turned on, the car silently moved past Gu Nianjia.


In the spacious room, Lin Yiqian and Xiaoyu were the only two people around. With all the lights turned on, the room was brightly lit.

Even so, it still felt empty and not like how a home should feel.

Although Xiaoyu’s favorite cartoon was being played on the television, the little fellow did not seem as invested in it as he did before.

For a long while, Xiaoyu held onto Lin Yiqian’s hand tightly and would not let go even after his entire palm had become full of sweat.


When Lin Yiqian finally felt her arm turning numb, she decided to change postures as she was worried Xiaoyu might be feeling uncomfortable as well.

Despite her being very gentle about it, Xiaoyu still trembled and clung unto Lin Yiqian’s arm even more tightly. “Mommy,” he murmured nervously as he leaned into Lin Yiqian’s embrace.

Lin Yiqian sniffed as she tried to stop her tears from falling. “Xiaoyu, don’t be afraid. Mommy is home now. I’m right next to you.” She patted Xiaoyu’s back softly as she spoke.

Her soothing voice eventually calmed the little fellow down.

Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian attempted to think of something to say to draw his attention away from what happened earlier in the day.

“Shall we eat lobsters and chicken wings?” Lin Yiqian asked without expecting it to work because Bai Se had already asked Xiaoyu the same question a while ago.

When Bai Se asked Xiaoyu, Xiaoyu had kept quiet and continued to watch his favorite cartoon half-heartedly.

To Lin Yiqian’s surprise, he actually looked up at her excitedly. “Can I order the chicken wings from the ‘Happy Meal’?”

When Lin Yiqian looked down at Xiaoyu, she could see that his spirits had been lifted.

She was stunned momentarily. However, she quickly recollected herself and smiled as she nodded. “Sure. Mommy will buy it for you.”

Lin Yiqian picked up her phone and was about to make the call for food delivery when the little fellow suddenly spoke again, “I want ice-cream too.”


Xiaoyu did not stop there as he continued to list the food he would like to eat. Lin Yiqian agreed to all of them without hesitation.

“I want Daddy too.”

Lin Yiqian was stunned by his sudden comment. When she looked over at him, she could tell from his glistening eyes that he was feeling very hopeful.

She could not help but feel sick in her stomach.

“Xiaoyu.” She pulled him into his arms.

“Mommy, don’t you want Daddy to be here?” Sensing something was amiss, Xiaoyu began to speak in a more obedient tone. “In that case, Daddy can wait. I would like to eat good food first.”

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