Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 477 - What Does It Have To Do With The Song Family?

Chapter 477: What Does It Have To Do With The Song Family?

However, Song Changwen did not show any emotion at all. “Why did you sneak out from school again? Are you planning to drop out?” Song Changwen asked coldly.

“I’ll return to school early in the morning tomorrow. I’m only here because my goddess is participating in this celebration event,” Gu Nianjia hurriedly explained.

“Most importantly, I am going to help my youngest uncle in finding his partner.” Gu Nianjia moved closer to Song Changwen before speaking softly.

Now that Gu Nianjia’s mother was helping her youngest uncle to solidify his influence in business, she believed that her mother would be happy to know that she was introducing someone as capable as her goddess to him.

“What do you mean?” Song Changwen frowned.

“I’m going to matchmake my goddess and my youngest uncle. Only someone as good as my goddess can be worthy of my uncle,” Gu Nianjia explained.

Hearing this, Song Feifei forced her way into the conversation despite being ignored by Gu Nianjia. “That woman with an endless chain of rumors. Nobody has ever even seen her face. How dare you introduce her to my uncle?” Song Feifei snorted as she gave Gu Nianjia the side-eye.

Gu Nianjia was annoyed by what Song Feifei said and was about to say something in her own defense when Xi Xia suddenly nodded. “That’s right, Nianjia. Didn’t I hear that Catwoman was a homosexual?”

Xi Xia sounded uncertain, almost as if she was trying to ask for affirmation.

“That’s not possible. It must be a fake rumor. She and Na Wa have a very good friendship. Somebody is just trying to defame her.” Gu Nianjia laughed as she waved her hands.

“Nothing of that sort arises out of the blue. You’d better not tarnish our family’s reputation by associating us with those weird celebrities. You can ruin your own reputation but let’s keep it at that.” Song Feifei snorted.

At first, Gu Nianjia had already disliked Song Feifei. Now that Song Feifei was saying bad things about Catwoman, Gu Nianjia became even more annoyed. “My goddess is a singer. She makes music. She’s not like what you said.”

After speaking, Gu Nianjia realized that Song Changwen was just beside her. Carefully, she took a peek at Song Changwen who still seemed as cold and distant as before.

Gu Nianjia hurriedly looked away.

Meanwhile, Song Feifei was still holding a grudge against Catwoman and Gu Nianjia for what they had done to her the last time.

As she looked at Gu Nianjia, a sly look appeared in her eyes.

A great opportunity for her revenge had presented itself today. Song Feifei would embarrass this little b*tch in front of her aunt.

“Do you even know what she’s like? If not for her backdoor methods, how could she possibly have made it to where she is today this successfully?” Song Feifei chuckled.

“You’re speaking nonsense.” Gu Nianjia stared at Song Feifei angrily.

As Gu Nianjia was feeling very argumentative, her voice had become louder and louder. “Enough!” Song Changwen suddenly yelled at her.

The people around them were taken by surprise as they looked over in their direction.

Song Changwen lowered her voice as she looked at Gu Nianshen and Song Feifei in turn. “Look at you two, arguing in public. Isn’t it embarrassing?”

Gu Nianjia dared not speak up. However, Song Feifei pouted and continued to speak, “Aunty, honestly speaking, although my uncle wasn’t born in the best situation, he is still my grandfather’s biological grandson. Nianjia is trying to introduce a celebrity who has slept with countless other people to my uncle. What do you think she has in mind?”

Song Feifei then turned to look at Gu Nianjia. “Like I said, you can go after celebrities and embarrass yourself, but don’t tell anyone you are from our family. It would only bring shame to us.”

Before Song Feifei could finish her sentence, another dominant voice cut her off from behind. “Song Feifei, Nianjia’s last name is Gu. What does it have to do with the Song family?”

Everyone shifted their gaze to the person who had spoken.

Right then, Lin Yiqian appeared in front of everyone in a long red dress. She took each step elegantly as she maintained a cool expression whilst walking toward Song Feifei.

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