Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 471 - She Found It Increasingly Difficult To Understand Him

Chapter 471: She Found It Increasingly Difficult To Understand Him

As if recalling something, Gu Nianshen turned his head around to look at Lin Yiqian. “Should I pick you up for tomorrow’s celebration event?”

“I’m not going. I might have to go out for a meeting.” Lin Yiqian shook her head without hesitation.

How would she be able to attend both events without a clone?

Lin Yiqian’s answer had come too quickly, which made Gu Nianshen feel as if she had never even considered attending it in the first place.

She was not trying to merge her life with his.

The smile on his face disappeared all of a sudden. “Whatever you want,” he said in a huff before walking off.

Sensing that Gu Nianshen’s emotions had changed, Lin Yiqian blinked confusedly.

Was he upset?

Did he really want her to go?

She was finding it increasingly difficult to understand him.


The celebration event was to be held at a resort by the beach. As such, the preparations had already begun three days prior. On the day of the event, many luxurious cars were spotted in front of the main entrance.

Guests even had to go through a security check before being allowed to enter the venue. It almost like an international red carpet event.

Lin Yiqian’s black Mercedes-Benz was brought to a halt directly in front of the main entrance. As it did so, two security guards dressed in black immediately approached the car and waited for her to appear.

As soon as the door was opened, two assistants of male and female immediately got out of the car while Lin Yiqian calmly followed after them.

Knowing that many familiar people she knew would be attending the event today, Lin Yiqian purposefully chose a more conservative gown to avoid exposing her identity. It was a medium length gown with red and white stripes.

Made of lace, the dress reached from the top of her neck to her ankles. However, there was a bare spot in the center of her chest whilst her back was completely bare.

Her shoes were of the newest design from Hermes in a light shade of beige which clearly contrasted against her cat-faced tattoo around her ankle.

Like her mask, the tattoo glittered brightly under the lights.

“Miss Catwoman.” Two security guards bowed their heads at Lin Yiqian respectfully as soon as she stepped out of the car.

Without saying a word, Lin Yiqian proceeded to walk into the villa with her two assistants.

Although other people needed to go through standard security, Lin Yiqian was led by someone through a VIP passage.

“Goddess,” a familiar voice called out just as Lin Yiqian and her assistants walked past security.

When Lin Yiqian turned around, she saw Gu Nianjia dressed in pink as she waved at her with a smile. Hurriedly, Gu Nianjia grabbed her purse from the security conveyor belt and ran toward Lin Yiqian.

Seeing this, Lin Yiqian’s two assistants stepped forward to prevent Gu Nianjia from getting too close to Lin Yiqian.

The two assistants were both foreigners. Without smiles on their faces, they seemed very strict.

Even the female assistant was nearly 180cm tall. Dressed in a black shirt, she seemed to be very fit.

Gu Nianjia immediately stopped walking as she chuckled at the two assistants.

“Goddess, it’s me.” Gu Nianjia waved at Lin Yiqian sheepishly.

“It’s Catwoman!”

“Woah! Catwoman really came.”

A few girls around Gu Nianjia’s age appeared extremely excited when they saw Lin Yiqian.

All of them began to surround Lin Yiqian as they tried to take photographs with her.

The two assistants were not able to stop them all at once.

Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian quickly turned around and continued to walk into the villa.

“Goddess.” Gu Nianjia ran after her.

The other ladies ran after them as well. Seeing that Gu Nianjia seemed to know Catwoman, one of the ladies moved closer to Gu Nianjia and whispered to her. “Nianjia, is that really Catwoman?”

She could not believe that they really saw Catwoman in person.

Gu Nianjia could not help but feel proud that many people liked her favorite idol, who would soon become her aunt-in-law. “Of course she is. Who else could emanate that kind of elegance other than my goddess?” Gu Nianjia said with her chin raised.

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