Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 467 - He Does Look A Little Like Gu Nianshen

Chapter 467: He Does Look A Little Like Gu Nianshen

“Changwen is here.”

When Aunt Zhou saw the light from the car, she hurried outside with a smile. Song Changwen shifted her gaze from the second floor to Aunt Zhou. “Aren’t they home yet?”

Closing the car door behind her, Song Changwen began walking into the house.

Aunt Zhou walked next to her. “Nianshen isn’t home yet. He just called to say he’s not coming home for dinner. Little Yi only went out later in the afternoon. I don’t think she will be returning home early either.”

After getting inside, Aunt Zhou helped Song Changwen change into the house slippers.

“Have they been getting along fine lately?” Song Changwen asked.

Naturally, Aunt Zhou knew that she was asking about Gu Nianshen and Lin Yiqian. “They’ve been sleeping in the same room for awhile. Their relationship seems to have improved as well.” Aunt Zhou’s smile was getting sweeter.

“That’s great.” Song Changwen believed that Aunt Zhou was not making it up.

Although Song Changwen did not make it clear, her tone of voice revealed that she was feeling satisfied.

“I predict that you’ll be able to have grandchildren by next year.” Aunt Zhou’s smile widened.

She seemed even happier about it even though she was not the grandmother in question.

When grandchildren were mentioned, Song Changwen seemed somewhat more relaxed. However, she still maintained her composure.

“Get Nianshen to eat more. He’s getting too thin,” Song Changwen said blandly.

“I’ve got it. I’ve already told Sister Hua from the wet market to give me wild turtles if she gets any.” Aunt Zhou nodded furiously.

She had already checked online that men would benefit greatly from drinking wild turtle soup.

“Okay. But don’t overdo it and ruin his health,” Song Changwen said.

“I won’t. I’ve got it covered.” Aunt Zhou smiled.

In terms of food and taking care of her family, Song Changwen completely trusted Aunt Zhou. Therefore, there was nothing much for her to add onto.

She then glanced outside the house.

“Oh, right. I was cleaning around the house recently and found an old photo album with lots of pictures of Nianshen and Nianjia when they were kids,” Aunt Zhou suddenly said.

Before Song Changwen could reply, she hurried upstairs to retrieve the photo album.

Excitedly, Aunt Zhou brought the photo album to Song Changwen and flipped through it on her behalf.

“Keep it.” Song Changwen stopped Aunt Zhou.

She sounded cold as if she was not interested in the photos contained within at all.

Aunt Zhou stopped before looking up at Song Changwen and sighing helplessly.

She was about to put the photo album away before she thought of something. “Changwen, there’s something I find rather strange.” Aunt Zhou opened the photo album without checking Song Changwen’s facial expression.

“What is it?”

“Hadn’t Nianshen brought a child home not too long ago? The kid always addresses him as ‘Father’. I’ve been thinking that they looked alike from the first time I lay eyes on the child,” Aunt Zhou said as she showed Song Changwen a photo of Gu Nianshen when he was a child.

Song Changwen knew that Aunt Zhou was talking about Xiaoyu. “I know which child you are talking about. He does look a little like Gu Nianshen.” Song Changwen finally smiled.

“What do you mean by a little? I saw the picture of Nianshen as a kid a few days ago. They look almost identical.” Aunt Zhou placed the photo album on the coffee table before pointing at Gu Nianshen’s photo. “See how they are both a little chubby? Our Nianshen used to eat a lot as well and was a plump little boy.”

Hearing this, Song Changwen’s gaze turned cold as she looked down at the photo. Her facial expression froze right then.

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