Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 44 - Forced Kiss at the Airport

Chapter 44: Forced Kiss at the Airport

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Lin Yiqian carefully examined the old woman’s appearances. Upon a closer look, she realized that the old woman seemed very familiar.

All of a sudden, a hand circled around her from the back. Before she could react, Lin Yiqian’s chin had already been lifted upward.

Gu Nianshen’s lips instantly touched hers.

Lin Yiqian was surprised as her face turned pale. By the time it registered in her brain what was happening, she noticed a glimmer of light in Gu Nianshen’s eyes. In that instant, she thought she might have mistaken his intentions.

He was not smiling with an ill intention. Instead, he had done it on purpose to prove a point.

However… Did he not hate her?

Gu Nianshen’s action was so sudden that nobody could have expected it, Lin Yiqian included.

By the time they took their phones out to snap photos of what had happened, Gu Nianshen’s lips had already moved away from Lin Yiqian’s.

His hand was still gently wrapped around Lin Yiqian’s neck as he looked at the older woman who scolded him earlier. “Hey woman, will this keep you quiet?”

Lin Yiqian and the crowd were completely speechless.

Why was he using such dark humor? It was very spiteful.

The old woman’s mouth twitched as she silently walked away from the crowd.

Lin Yiqian’s gaze followed the old woman. She really did look familiar.

Without realizing that Gu Nianshen’s hand was still wrapped around her, Lin Yiqian walked toward the old woman with her luggage in hand.

Gu Nianshen’s hand immediately slipped off of her and dangled in the air. His gaze subconsciously followed Lin Yiqian. After being stunned for a moment, he looked at his hand which was now placed on the guardrail.

He gritted his teeth as his fingers curled inward tightly.



Lin Yiqian tagged behind the old woman. After they had both walked out of the airport’s entrance, she finally called out to the old woman.

The old woman stopped and turned around to smile at Lin Yiqian without saying a word.

Lin Yiqian continued to examine the old woman’s face as she asked, “Have we met before?”

Seeing the old woman smile certainly reminded Lin Yiqian of someone.

The old woman remained silent for a long time as she stared at Lin Yiqian. She then frowned with a confused expression.

The old woman finally spoke. “The jersey you stole is still in my house.”

‘The jersey I stole?’ Lin Yiqian tried to recall.

Lin Yiqian suddenly gasped. “Wait… Are you Aunt Yao?”

Aunt Yao chuckled. “Don’t you find it hard to believe that I have become this old?”

Lin Yiqian wanted to nod but she thought it was probably impolite to do so. Instead, she covered her mouth and chuckled along.

Although Aunt Yao was already fifty back then, she had still maintained her looks and had a head of long black hair. Many of the women around her age were envious of her looks. More importantly, they were envious that she had a husband who took care of her very well and would not let her do any chores at home.

It had only been eight years since Lin Yiqian had graduated from middle school. All of a sudden, Aunt Yao had aged so much that Lin Yiqian could not even recognize her. Not only had she lost most of her hair, but they were also now gray in color. She even had dark eye circles and eyebags beneath her tired eyes…

She looked like a completely different person. What had happened in these past eight years that had changed her appearance so much?

Lin Yiqian was still confused when Aunt Yao suddenly made a joke. “Back then, I nearly returned the jersey to that kid. I was going to tell him that you stole it.”

Hearing this, Lin Yiqian’s face turned red.

Lin Yiqian scratched her head embarrassingly. She did not know what to say.

“I have stuff to do. I’ll leave now.” Aunt Yao continued.

As Aunt Yao spoke, she began walking forward with her box of belongings.

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