Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 4 - Conflict with the Adulteress

Chapter 4: Conflict with the Adulteress

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Life was a luxurious brand that most young adults were crazy about at the moment. None of their products cost less than a five-figure amount.

Tong Huan seemed very excited as she looked at one of the handbags with black straps on it. “This limited edition Life handbag is finally out!”

Lin Yiqian was only here to purchase some household items and clothes for daily use. She was not interested in bags.

Lin Yiqian retrieved her cellphone to check if she had received any messages.

Tong Huan suddenly tugged at her hand and pointed at one of the bags on a wooden shelf. “Little Yi, you would look good with this bag.”

Lin Yiqian smiled and shook her head. “You can browse on your own.”

Suddenly, Lin Yiqian heard a feminine voice from behind. “Give me this one.”

The tall lady stopped right next to Lin Yiqian to indicate to the salesperson that she wanted to purchase the bag on the shelf.

She immediately handed over her black credit card to the salesperson.

The woman had just made a purchase of a 300,000 dollar bag without batting an eyelid. Lin Yiqian subconsciously turned her head around to look at her.

The woman was dressed in a white shirt and long black pants. She was at least half a foot taller than Lin Yiqian. Lin Yiqian smiled and was prepared to turn away.

However, the woman suddenly turned to face Lin Yiqian. She did not seem to have exquisite facial features. However, she had a natural smile which most female models could not even aspire to have.

That was probably why she could become a model.

Lin Yiqian smiled very slightly as she turned around to walk away.

The salesperson very quickly returned with the handbag and a receipt. “Miss Su, it’s done.”

Su Miao accepted the card from the salesperson, but not the bag. She pointed at Lin Yiqian who had already walked a few steps away. “Please give it to that lady.”

The salesperson was unsure if he had mistakenly heard something else. After all, it was a 300,000 dollar bag. “Ehh…”

Lin Yiqian stopped in her tracks. Before she could say anything, Tong Huan immediately stepped forward. “What do you mean by this?”

Su Miao did not seem bothered by Tong Huan. Instead, she walked towards Lin Yiqian. She looked snobbishly at Lin Yiqian. “Don’t worry about the money. It’s all from Nianshen.”

The salesperson followed after Su Miao with the bag in his hand.

Not a single woman in this world would accept a bag from an adulteress who bought it using her husband’s money.

The expected reaction was probably anger.

Just as everyone thought a fight would break out, Lin Yiqian suddenly smiled politely. “Thank you very much.”

She thanked Su Miao and extended her hands to take the bag from the salesperson.

Was she… accepting the bag?

How pathetic could this woman be to accept a gift from an adulteress who bought it using her husband’s money?

It was deeply embarrassing.

Lin Yiqian did not seem to care what other people thought. She raised the bag in her hands and appeared to like it a lot. “I was getting tired of my current bag. It’s too small and not grand enough.”

She said as she started emptying the contents of her old bag and began shoving them into the new one.

After completing the transfer, Lin Yiqian handed her old bag over to the salesperson. “Please throw this away for me.”

She then turned around to face Su Miao with a smile on her face. “Miss Su, don’t you think I look like their ambassador?”

Lin Yiqian then posed in front of a huge poster which had a female ambassador wearing a glowing cat mask.

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