Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 33 - I’m Not Capable

Chapter 33: I’m Not Capable

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Lin Yiqian could not help but feel a warm sensation in her chest.

She found herself feeling glad that she could play along with Gu Nianshen to prank his friend.

After realizing that he had been set up, Li Nanmu felt very embarrassed. Gu Nianshen raised his brows slightly as he looked at Li Nanmu. “Aren’t you going to say it?”

Gu Nianshen patiently took his phone out and unlocked it. After a while, Li Nanmu’s voice could be heard. “If someone can get her to shake my hand, I will call him my great grandfather.”

“You have even recorded it?” Li Nanmu pointed his finger at Gu Nianshen angrily. The two men on the couch laughed even harder. They sounded almost as if their lungs were about to collapse.

A bunch of horrible friends!

Li Nanmu cursed at his friends in his heart. He still felt very unwilling as he looked at Gu Nianshen. “If you are capable of being my great grandfather, why don’t you be their father and grandfather too?”

If Gu Nianshen could get Catwoman to take off her mask, the embarrassment Li Nanmu needed to suffer would be well worth it. Li Nanmu was even willing to take the heat from his friends for the rest of the year.

Gu Nianshen said politely. “I’m not capable.”

After speaking, Gu Nianshen straightened his back as if to say, “What can you do about it?”

Li Nanmu was about to go mad. He gritted his teeth as he finally shouted loudly, “Great grandfather.”

Gu Nianshen smiled with a look of satisfaction. “Good boy!”

Lin Yiqian stared blankly at Gu Nianshen as she pondered about how fortunate she felt to be around him by pretending to be a stranger.

She was able to see him laugh and fool around.

Right then, she wished she had a camera to capture that moment in time.

After calling Gu Nianshen his great grandfather, Li Nanmu was no longer in the mood to flirt with Lin Yiqian. He immediately gulped down his glass of alcohol. After that, he dragged Qin Feng and Qi Wuyue away to flirt with other women.

Gu Nianshen did not care about Li Nanmu. He turned to face Lin Yiqian.

When their eyes met, Gu Nianshen subconsciously felt that this person was very familiar. There was a dark shade of blue in her eyes that resembled the color of the ocean.

Gu Nianshen squinted as he continued to stare into Lin Yiqian’s eyes. “Were you born with this color of blue in your eyes?”

His question made Lin Yiqian feel nervous again.

Could he tell that she was wearing cosmetic contact lenses?

Her cosmetic contact lenses were all custom-made. They were the thinnest lens in the world and thus nobody had ever suspected that she wore contact lenses at all. Everyone thought she had natural blue eyes.

Lin Yiqian was unsure of why Gu Nianshen had paid attention to her eyes. She moved closer to Gu Nianshen and smiled. “Mister Gu, would you like to take a closer look?”

Gu Nianshen naturally avoided her gaze. Coincidentally, a message popped up on his phone’s screen.

He took a look and noticed that the message was from Gu Nianjia. “Brother, I heard that our youngest uncle is coming back.”

When Gu Nianshen saw the words ‘youngest uncle’, he clenched his fists. By doing so, he nearly snapped the wine glass’s stem in half. The glimmer had disappeared from his eyes.

Without replying Gu Nianjia, he locked the phone and put it away. He then tugged at the collar of his shirt.

In that instant, he looked as if his soul had wandered away. He finished his glass of alcohol in a single gulp and started pouring himself another one.

He was so immersed in intoxicating himself that he failed to notice Lin Yiqian was looking at him.

Who had sent him a message? What was the content about?

Lin Yiqian shifted her gaze to Gu Nianshen’s phone.

“Have a drink with me.”

Suddenly, Gu Nianshen handed a glass of alcohol to her.

Lin Yiqian raised her head confusedly as she met his gaze. Her heart was pounding.

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