Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 31 - I Have Never Seen an Artist Like This

Chapter 31: I Have Never Seen an Artist Like This

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Bai Se was speechless.

This was the first time Lin Yiqian had personally requested for a prize to be given to a fan. She had even pre-determined who that fan would be. Bai Se had never seen an artist like her. He desperately wanted to tell the whole world about Catwoman’s hideous character.

Although Bai Se had such evil thoughts, he did not express them in words. He silently agreed to her request and started making the arrangements with staff from Life.

On Life’s part, they were more than eager to give Catwoman every single design they had to offer. After all, she was such a famous celebrity and was almost like a walking advertisement. Therefore, the single bag she asked for was given to her in a heartbeat.

Thus, Lin Yiqian agreed to attend the dinner event without qualms.

She changed into a pair of wide-legged trousers and a tight red strapless top. Her slender figure was very apparent. On top of that, she wore Life’s newest designer heels with a blend of red and black colors. As soon as she arrived at the dinner venue, all eyes were on her.

Her clothes clung to her body to reveal her thin waist and attractive curves.

One could not help but gasp at the sight of such beauty.

“Heaven-sent!” Li Nanmu’s gaze was completely fixated on Catwoman’s waist. His mouth was slightly ajar as he murmured the two words.

Qi Wuyue and Qin Feng, who sat next to him, were equally focused on her body.

“Whoever manages to take off her mask, I’ll call him my father.” Master Qi had completely forgotten about the embarrassment of being rejected by Catwoman earlier today. He continued to stare through his spectacles at Catwoman as he made the mindless joke.

“I’ll call him my grandfather if he succeeds,” Qin Feng chipped in.

“You two are aiming too high.”

Li Nanmu glared at Qin Feng and Qi Wuyue. After that, his eyes returned to Catwoman as he spoke. “If someone can get her to shake my hand, I will call him my great grandfather.”

While the three men chattered among themselves on a couch, Gu Nianshen sat quietly on the other end with a glass of alcohol in his hand as he observed them.

When Gu Nianshen heard Li Nanmu’s final sentence, a smile appeared on his face.

Gu Nianshen lowered his head to take a sip of alcohol.

He then stood up and walked elegantly toward Catwoman.

“Catwoman, I am surprised that you showed up,” Life’s CEO uttered not long after Lin Yiqian had walked through the door.

The woman who had just taken over the role of Life’s CEO recently was around thirty-year-old. She was dressed in a white working dress and an aura of excellence surrounded her.

When she said that she was surprised by Lin Yiqian’s presence, she meant it.

That was because Catwoman had never interacted with fans on stage, nor had she ever attended dinner events like this.

Lin Yiqian smiled politely. “I have to show my respect for Deny.”

There were a few unfamiliar faces around them. They were all here with hopes of speaking to Lin Yiqian if they could find an opportunity.

However, Lin Yiqian seemed unapproachable as she remained engaged in a conversation with Deny.


All of a sudden, a familiar man’s voice could be heard from behind them. His loud and confident tone made Lin Yiqian freeze.

She suddenly felt uncontrollably nervous.

The tall man had arrived before her and Deny. Lin Yiqian tried to compose herself as fast as she could as she lifted her gaze toward the man’s handsome face.

The man smiled in such a way that seemed as if he had come with gifts. His appearance caused the women around him to blush.

Although Deny was nearly a decade older than he was, she could not help but feel attracted to him just as much. After the brief moment of being stunned, Deny immediately recollected herself to greet Gu Nianshen warmly, “Mr. Gu.”

After that, Deny pointed at Gu Nianshen as she faced Lin Yiqian. “Catwoman, this is Mega’s Mr. Gu. He is Galaxy’s biggest investor.”

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