Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 29 - Discovering Something Different

Chapter 29: Discovering Something Different

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Li Nanmu looked at Qi Wuyue with his mouth wide open. He then turned toward Gu Nianshen and noticed the button in front of Gu Nianshen’s chest. “If I’m not mistaken, he has not worn this type of crystal button for a very long time.”

Qi Wuyue followed Li Nanmu’s gaze and eventually saw the button on Gu Nianshen’s shirt. “That’s true. I haven’t seen it for several years. I have even asked him about it not too long ago when we were taking orders in Europe.”

The two started making up stories about Gu Nianshen’s button.

“He has even dressed up specifically for this show. Yet he still denies that he came for Catwoman.”

They were very certain that Gu Nianshen was here for Catwoman. “I can’t believe that a CEO like you would try to woo women with your appearances. And yet, when Catwoman was speaking to you politely, you did not seem to reciprocate.”

“Yeah, you keep your feelings hidden.”

The two men continued to jeer at Gu Nianshen without considering how annoyed he looked.

Right then, a familiar voice emerged from the direction of the lift. “What are you guys chatting so happily about?”

When they saw who it was, Li Nanmu greeted the person with laughter. “Qin Feng, you’re here.”

Li Nanmu then pointed at Gu Nianshen as he said to Qin Feng, “This fellow here is probably beating himself up inside. He has definitely fallen for Catwoman earlier…”

Hearing this, Qin Feng seemed to be in a state of disbelief. He then joined in the conversation as he sided with Li Nanmu and Qi Wuyue. “It looks like our Master Gu is a normal human as well.”

“When Catwoman stopped smiling, he immediately gave in.”

“Hahaha… It’s normal for him to fall for such a beautiful lady.”


The few were still chatting happily when Qi Wuyue suddenly cleared his throat as he looked ahead with a serious expression.

“What’s the matter?”

Unsure of what Qi Wuyue had seen, Li Nanmu and Qin Feng both followed his gaze. The two men stopped smiling as well.

Lin Yiqian was equally surprised by the familiar faces when she stepped out of her door.

“Lin Yiqian, what a coincidence.”

Li Nanmu was the first to break the ice.

When Gu Nianshen heard Lin Yiqian’s name, his eyes widened. He could not help but step forward and out of the room.

His eyes locked onto Lin Yiqian’s as he clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

He was very eager to hurl these three fellows out the window despite being over thirty floors off the ground.

“What a coincidence,” Lin Yiqian replied as she shifted her gaze away and walked past Gu Nianshen’s room.

She did not even look at the others.

She behaved as cool and distant as always.

When Li Nanmu saw that Lin Yiqian had walked far away, he spoke softly with a frown, “This was the exact same way she had rejected me back then. Right after, she walked away while stepping over the heart-shaped rose petals I have arranged on the floor.”

‘Darn. It still hurts to think about it.’ Li Nanmu thought.

Qi Wuyue and Qin Feng chuckled when they heard Li Nanmu’s complaint.

“You’re going too far. She is Mrs. Gu now.”

Qin Feng pretended to punch Li Nanmu’s shoulder as he then turned to ask Gu Nianshen with a worried tone, “Did she hear us talking about her earlier?”

Qi Wuyue knew what Qin Feng was worried about. “Other people might not understand these two. But we do. Would Lin Yiqian even care that Gu Nianshen has another woman in his heart?”

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