Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 27 - Liking Mister Gu

Chapter 27: Liking Mister Gu

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The more Qi Wuyue thought about it, the angrier he became. Finally, he called out to Li Nanmu, “Let’s go. Stop embarrassing yourself over here.”

Li Nanmu had nearly become upset from the awkward encounter. However, after being reminded by Qi Wuyue of the time he was rejected by Lin Yiqian on the field, the awkwardness he felt from being rejected by Catwoman instantly disappeared.

Li Nanmu clenched his fists and said through gritted teeth, “Now that the woman has become Nianshen’s wife, we ought to teach her a lesson.”

Falling into Nianshen’s hands would mean falling into their hands as well.

There will definitely be an opportunity for them to exact revenge on her for the embarrassment she had caused them.


Lin Yiqian first returned to the hotel to change her clothes. After that, Bai Se brought Xiaoyu to meet her.

Bai Se held Lin Xiaoyu in his arms as he stood in front of Lin Yiqian’s bedroom. When she saw them, she immediately turned off the hairdryer and greeted them.


Lin Yiqian took Xiaoyu from Bai Se’s arms and walked toward the couch.

Bai Se followed after her as he looked into her eyes. “When do you plan to return?”

“I have not yet decided.”

Lin Yiqian did not want to talk about this in front of Xiaoyu. She immediately shifted her attention to Xiaoyu. “Did you know that you nearly gave me a heart attack when you walked onto the stage?”

Lin Yiqian was a single mother who had to spend long periods away from her child. This meant that her child would easily feel insecure and had certain things he was sensitive about. Therefore, even when she reprimanded him, Lin Yiqian made sure that she did so carefully to prevent from hurting his feelings.

However, Xiaoyu still pouted sadly. “I thought you would be happy with the surprise.”

Xiaoyu lowered his head as he pouted disappointingly.


Lin Yiqian felt helpless about not being able to do anything. She hugged him closer in her arms as she laughed. “Of course, I was pleasantly surprised. However, I was more worried that your identity would be discovered by those reporters. If that happened, you wouldn’t be able to play freely anymore. Those reporters would follow you everywhere.”

When she changed her tone, the sad expression on Lin Xiaoyu’s face immediately disappeared. He lifted her head to look at Lin Yiqian. “Of course, I understand that. Do you think I am dumb like you?”

Lin Xiaoyu made a face at Lin Yiqian.

Lin Yiqian frowned. “You little jerk. Try calling me dumb again.” She extended her hands as she spoke. Xiaoyu knew what she was trying to do as he immediately retracted away from her. He was still trying to reason with her. “I am Xiao Jiayu. My father is the jerk.”

“Yeah, your father is a major jerk.”

Lin Yiqian grabbed at Xiaoyu’s underarm. Before she even started tickling, the kid was already chuckling.

His clear and crisp voice was something that Lin Yiqian missed dearly whenever she was on the road.

She could not help but wrap her arms around Xiaoyu again.

Lin Xiaoyu rested in her embrace like an obedient kitten. Seeing how intimate the pair were with each other, Bai Se quietly walked away toward the office.

After a long while, the young fellow still remained quiet. Lin Yiqian lowered her gaze in confusion. She could see that he was still pouting as he remained deep in thought.

“Xiaoyu, what are you thinking?”

“Mother, do you know Mister Gu?” Lin Xiaoyu suddenly asked as he raised his head.

‘Why are you still thinking about that fellow?’

Lin Yiqian felt curious. She began to probe, “Why are you asking about this, Xiaoyu?”

“I like Mister Gu. He can urinate very far away.” Xiaoyu pouted as he dug his head into Lin Yiqian’s arms.

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