Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 22 - Blowing Their Own Trumpet

Chapter 22: Blowing Their Own Trumpet

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The feelings of fear and nervousness suddenly vanished. Lin Yiqian eagerly wanted to remove her mask to let the whole world know that she was his mother and that he was her son.

“This is for you, Catwoman.”

The young boy suddenly retrieved an origami rose from his pocket and handed it to Lin Yiqian.

His gentle voice when he called Lin Yiqian’s name caused tears to well up in her eyes.

Under the lights, her eyes glistened like a sea of stars in the depths of the night sky.

Lin Yiqian bent her knees to accept the flower. She then gave the young boy a hug as she thanked him.

Flashes of light could be seen from reporters’ cameras off-stage. Lin Yiqian quickly let go of Little Yu and stood upright.

The host kneeled down on the ground next to Little Yu as he pointed the microphone at him. “Do you have any questions for Catwoman?”

Little Yu turned to look at the audience. Suddenly, it was as if something had come up in his mind. He lifted his head to look at Lin Yiqian. “Catwoman, do you have a boyfriend?”

This kid… He should know very well whether she had a boyfriend or not.

Lin Yiqian’s frown could not be seen behind her mask.

She then replied Little Yu with a kind voice, “Not yet.”

‘Stop asking. Stop asking…’

“What kind of boyfriend do you like?” Lin Xiaoyu tilted his head as he looked at Lin Yiqian playfully.

This was the first time Catwoman had interacted with fans. It was also the first time she was asked a question in an interview like this. Moreover, the question asked by the young fan was also of interest to her fans. All of her fans off-stage were waiting eagerly for her reply.

“Young boy, you are good at asking questions,” the host chipped in as he too waited in anticipation.

Everyone looked forward to her answer.

This kid was way too smart for his age.

‘You darned child!’ Lin Yiqian thought to herself as she gritted her teeth.

However, she had to stay patient to maintain her elegant image as she replied Lin Xiaoyu in a gentle voice.

“I’d like someone like you who is such a gentleman and has a good personality.”

“I also like girls like you, Catwoman, who is pretty and can sing well.”

Li Nanmu started chuckling when he heard the kid’s reply. “Is this a mutual compliment?”

“Ahh. Even kids from the daycare have learned how to flirt with the ladies. Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen, you can’t even be compared to a kid.”

Qi Wuyue could not help but hurl another insult at Gu Nianshen.

Gu Nianshen had buried his head in work and had thoroughly ignored what the two men were saying.

Qi Wuyue shifted his attention back to the stage as he felt Gu Nianshen was such a bore.

As the time for interaction for limited, the host quickly changed the topic. “Young boy, there is a special gift Life would like to give to Catwoman. You get to choose someone from the audience to accompany you in giving this gift to Catwoman. Who would you like to pick?”

There was an opportunity to get on stage to give a gift to Catwoman. Both Qi Wuyue and Li Nanmu’s eyes lit up as they sat upright.

They were trying to present themselves in the best way possible.

Catwoman had the voice of an angel and a gorgeous body.

Although there were hundreds of people off-stage, the two men still had some hope of being selected.

The majority of the audience had the same thoughts as Qi Wuyue and Li Nanmu. They all hoped that Lin Xiaoyu’s eyes would land on them.

Lin Xiaoyu scanned the audience and finally locked his gaze on a particular person sitting in the last seat of the VIP section.

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