Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 1 - Married to Him at Last

Chapter 1: Married to Him at Last

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There appeared to be a dim light in the room of a house located right next to the coast.

Gu Nianshen reeked of alcohol as he slowly approached the woman lying on the bed with her back to him.

He could finally feel the warmth of her body as he got close enough. He smiled gently as he continued to stare at her.

Suddenly, the woman opened her eyes. Before Gu Nianshen could react, she turned her head around.

Her eyes shone almost as if they reflected moonlight on the surface of a serene lake.

The dim light in the room created a contrast which made her already stunning features even more attractive. Gu Nianshen could feel his throat tighten. However, his expression remained unchanged.

He lowered his head and pressed his lips upon the woman’s lips.

His shirt was one button away from being completely removed. His well-built body was clearly apparent with his defined clavicle and muscular chest. His attractive physical features were complemented by a pair of dark eyes that made women weak at the knees.

Gu Nianshen slipped one of his arms under the woman and pulled her into his embrace.

“Gu Nianshen!”

Lin Yiqian called out coarsely as her body trembled with fear.

There was a look of confusion on her face as she stared at Gu Nianshen who seemed familiar yet felt like a stranger to her at the same time.

She had known him since the age of eight. He had always been cold and distant towards her. She had never thought that she would one day be married to him.

Therefore, she still felt joy and excitement despite the rough way he treated her.

Gu Nianshen looked deeply into Lin Yiqian’s eyes. He realized now that she had grown into a beautiful and mature woman.

At that moment, he also realized that he never played a part in the process of her growth. He now channeled the jealousy he felt into action as he pulled her even closer to him.

Now and then, the curtains in the room would be ruffled by the breeze from the ocean as the two lovers consummated their marriage.

Just as Lin Yiqian was about to fall asleep, the man next to her suddenly got up from the bed.

She heard him speaking in a cool yet serious tone, “I don’t care how close you once were to Song Changlin. I want you to always remember that, from the moment you returned to this country, you belong to me, Gu Nianshen. From now on, you are not allowed anywhere near Song Changlin.”

Did she misunderstand him…?

She thought she might have picked up on a tone of possessiveness in his voice. She must have been mistaken.

Lin Yiqian remained sprawled on the bed as the tall figure slowly walked away. She was still in a daze. The pain from her lower body reminded her that whatever just happened was real.

The corners of her mouth lifted as she felt a sense of bitter joy.

She… was truly married to Gu Nianshen.

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