Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 719 - The Person Who Put the Flowers Must Be Inexperienced and Clumsy

Chapter 719: The Person Who Put the Flowers Must Be Inexperienced and Clumsy

His hot breath blew onto Gu Mian’s heart, creating a numbing, ticklish sensation. Her cheeks instantly became flushed. Utterly embarrassed, she lowered her head. Tang Zui suddenly lifted her in his arms and said to Long Sijue and Su Qianxun, “We’re heading back to the room for now.”

“So soon? Uh… I want to hang out with Qianxun a bit longer,” Gu Mian immediately protested.

“It’s quite late. We’ll drink some wine in the room and watch the new year countdown fireworks later.” Tang Zui left with her in his arms.

Su Qianxun watched him carry Gu Mian away. She wanted to call after them, but decided not to in the end. She hoped that Gu Mian and Tang Zui’s relationship would improve. The two of them were legally married. It would be great if they had a child.

“Where’s Si Mancheng? Why is everyone gone so soon?” Su Qianxun looked at the spacious, empty deck. She and Long Sijue were the only two people left.

“Let’s head back to the room to drink some wine too.” Long Sijue also lifted the young woman in his arms and went to their room.

By the time Tang Zui carried Gu Mian into the hotel, she finally realized what he meant by drinking some wine. They were going to take a red wine bath.

The bathtub that could at least fit in four people was filled with red wine. Once they entered the room, Tang Zui could not wait to take off both of their clothes. He flung them away and carried her into the bathtub.

When the two of them got in, the red wine in the bathtub rippled. Gu Mian was soaked in the wine. Her snow-white skin looked like a beautiful dazzling gem in the red liquid.

The second they got in, Tang Zui pinned her down. He lowered his head and licked the alcohol on her smooth skin. Gu Mian felt very ticklish. The sensation was so unbearable that she tried to push him away. Tang Zui grabbed her wrists and pinned them against the tub.

After he was done tasting the red wine that was laced with the scent of her body, he suddenly drank a mouthful of wine and held the liquor in his mouth. He then leaned forward to kiss her, passed all the liquor in his mouth into hers and made her swallow.

The sweet, fragrant red wine flowed down Gu Mian’s throat and into her stomach. She seriously thought that the taste was not bad. When Tang Zui’s lips parted from hers, Gu Mian heaved a sigh of relief. In the next moment, Tang Zui yanked her into the bathtub and kissed her on the lips once again.

In the next second, he penetrated her.

Long Sijue carried Su Qianxun to a room and put her down at the door. Under the young woman’s gaze, he took off his tie and wrapped it around her eyes gently and tied a knot behind her head.

“Young master, what are you up to?” There was only darkness before Su Qianxun’s eyes. She reached out her hand nervously. Long Sijue held it and said, “You’ll find out soon.”

Long Sijue pushed open the room door. He held the young woman by the shoulders and guided her into the room. They walked across the room and stopped. Su Qianxun smelled the floral fragrance that filled the room.

It was the scent of lilies of the valley.

Long Sijue raised his hands and undid the knot behind her head. The tie slipped from Su Qianxun’s eyes and her world lit up. The young woman slowly opened her eyes.

The first thing she saw was the two hearts made out of lilies of the valley on the bed. Usually the heart decorations came in a pair, but the ones on the mattress were separated and quite awkward.

Someone had decorated the room with lilies of the valley and even spelled Happy New Year’s Eve on the wall with flowers. The whole room was practically filled with a sea of flowers.

Su Qianxun walked over to the bedside and looked at the two awkward but adorable hearts on the mattress. She said, “The person who put the flowers must be inexperienced and clumsy. These two hearts look so awkward.”

Hearing what she said, Long Sijue furrowed his brows slightly. True, he was indeed inexperienced and clumsy, but he still thought that those two hearts were rather adorable.

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