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Chapter 599 - He Suffered From Dissociative Identity Disorder

Chapter 599: He Suffered From Dissociative Identity Disorder

Su Qianxun only breathed a sigh of relief after Li Junyu left. She rose and headed to the bathroom to wash up for a bit. She felt extremely bitter inside as she gazed at her pale face in the mirror.

Li Junyu went downstairs and saw that his eldest brother was sitting in the living room. When Li Junao saw Li Junyu, he rose and asked, “I heard that you’ve brought a young woman home?”

“My driver accidentally hit her, so I brought her home to recuperate. It doesn’t seem like she’s badly injured.” Lin Junyu sat down and asked someone to serve tea.

“Great. Given the peculiar situation right now, we can’t afford to have anything happen… The Long family have been putting on quite some shows lately. But what they did before this didn’t have much of an effect, and I feel that Long Beiqing still has something up his sleeve.” Li Junao furrowed his handsome eyebrows. From what he knew about Long Beiqing, that man would not admit defeat so easily.

“Your support rate is a lot higher than that of Long Beiqing’s right now, so I feel that there’s no need to worry. Whatever happens, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it!”

As they spoke, Su Qianxun came downstairs. She did not feel like staying in this unfamiliar place for too long, and she wanted to head home as soon as possible.

A hint of coldness flashed past Li Junao’s eyes when he saw Su Qianxun. He then furrowed his eyebrows. He sneered and asked, “Junyu, is this the young woman your driver hit?”

“Yes… Oh, by the way, you haven’t told me your name yet.” Li Junyu turned and said.

“Her name is Su Qianxun,” Li Junao said.

“Brother, why do you know her name?”

“Of course I do. Miss Su, I would like to talk to you,” Li Junao said and rose.

Su Qianxun naturally knew who Li Junao was. He was the top candidate for the presidential election, and right now, his support rate was far higher than that of Long Beiqing. Everyone in the country believed that he would be the next president.

He was also Li Junye’s brother.

Su Qianxun followed Li Junao to the side hall. They were the only ones there.

“Mr. Li, what do you want to talk to me about?” Su Qianxun asked.

“About my second youngest brother!” Li Junao turned to look at her.

“Li Junye? How… how is he?” Su Qianxun had not seen him ever since that incident at the beach. She wondered if he had recovered from his injuries.

“He’s dead!”

Su Qianxun widened her eyes abruptly when she heard this. She looked at the man before her in disbelief, and it seemed as though she did not understand his words at all.

“What… what did you say?”

“Junye is dead.”

Su Qianxun was so shocked that she said nothing.

“But perhaps… this isn’t a bad thing for him.”

Su Qianxun truly did not understand what Li Junao was trying to tell her. ‘Why would he think that his younger brother’s death was a good thing!?’

“Junye and Junyu are the same person. I used to have two younger brothers, and they were twins. My youngest brother was mercilessly killed during an incident in which both of them were kidnapped. He died saving Junye’s life. Soon after Junye was rescued, we realized that he was suffering from dissociative identity disorder. It turned out that he was Li Junye and Li Junao at the same time!”

As Su Qianxun listened to what Li Junao said, she suddenly felt a pang in her heart when she thought of Li Junye’s unconventional and unbridled demeanour. He must have blamed himself a lot, so much so that he suffered from dissociative identity disorder so that his brother who had passed away could continue living.

“Our family had been sending him for treatments, but none of them had worked at all… Junye is too obsessed with the past, and no one could change that about him at all. Our family members had been hoping that either Junye or Junyu would disappear, but we would have preferred it if Junyu disappeared. Who knew…”

Li Junao’s cell phone started ringing. He immediately answered the call. “What? I’ll go over immediately!”

Li Junao no longer had the time to talk to Su Qianxun. He summoned his men and left in a hurry.

“What did my eldest brother tell you just now?” Li Junyu walked over and asked.

Su Qianxun turned to look at the man who was walking towards him when she heard his voice. Her gaze was extremely complicated…

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