Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 597 - Not Interested at All!

Chapter 597: Not Interested at All!

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“What do you mean?” Long Sijue furrowed his eyebrows a little.

 “Are you serious? That chick made a trip to the mall just to buy you a belt yesterday… Don’t tell me that you didn’t get it?” Tang Zui had just woken up too, and Gu Mian was no longer beside him.

 Long Sijue hung up, and Tang Zui was baffled. ‘Oh shit. Don’t tell me that something has gone wrong again?’

 He was about to get out of bed when someone opened the door. Tang Zui thought that Gu Mian had returned, and when he saw that Gu Yan was the one coming in, he immediately pulled the blanket over his chest and looked at her with furrowed eyebrows.

 “Tang Zui, I saw a rat outside just now! I’m so scared.”

 Gu Yan was wearing nothing but a white shirt, and three of the buttons were unbuttoned, revealing her mint green bra. Her legs were long, slender and fair, and her shoulder-length hair was straightened. This was the most trendy hairstyle right now. She looked innocent and naive as she ran towards the bed…

 “Where’s your sister?” Tang Zui asked in annoyance.

 “My sister went out! I don’t know where she went. Tang Zui…”

 Gu Yan pounced on Tang Zui in a coquettish manner, and Tang Zui immediately grabbed the blanket on his body and threw it at her. The blanket wrapped Gu Yan like she was a burrito. By the time Gu Yan managed to drag the blanket off her body, Tang Zui was no longer in bed.

 Tang Zui was seriously pissed off as he stood in the bathroom. ‘Is Gu Mian really stupid, or is she just pretending to be stupid? Her younger sister is not a little girl anymore. How could she leave the two of us alone at home!?’

 Gu Yan immediately tossed the blanket aside and knocked on the bathroom door. Tang Zui had already figured out what was on Gu Yan’s mind. ‘She likes me, doesn’t she? But unfortunately, I’m not interested in this young woman at all!”

 “Tang Zui…”

 “Call me brother-in-law!” Tang Zui blocked the door as he was afraid that this young woman would barge in.

 “I don’t want to! I want to call you Tang Zui!” As Gu Yan wanted to spend time alone with Tang Zui, she had deliberately sent Gu Mian away. She had told Gu Mian that she felt like eating steamed buns and had asked her to go out and buy them.

 Ever since she was young, Gu Mian had never said no to any of her requests.


 Tang Zui was totally speechless. ‘Whatever. Go ahead and knock on the door all you want. My door is sturdy anyway.” Tang Zui locked the door and turned to sit on the toilet bowl. He downright ignored everything Gu Yan said.

 When Gu Mian returned and saw that her younger sister was wearing a glum expression, she asked anxiously, “What’s wrong? I have bought the steamed buns that you wanted, haven’t I? Why are you still unhappy?”

 Tang Zui heard this as he exited the bathroom. A hint of coldness flashed past his eyes. As it seemed, Gu Yan was more than just a wayward young woman. There’s obviously something wrong with her personality, and if Tang Zui were to be straightforward about it, he would say that Gu Yan was evil!

 Gu Mian’s personality was worlds away from Gu Ling and Gu Yan!

 “I don’t feel like steamed buns anymore. I feel like eating pan-fried buns. Go and buy me some,” Gu Yan said self-righteously. She was annoyed that Gu Mian had come back too early and ruined her moment with Tang Zui.

 Gu Mian furrowed her eyebrows. However, she recalled that Gu Yan was going through puberty, and felt that it was normal for Gu Yan to have food cravings. So, she turned and headed towards the door. The moment she started walking, someone grabbed her wrist. She raised her head and saw that Tang Zui was standing beside her. He smiled a little, and this made him look devilishly charming. “She feels like eating pan-fried buns? Since we’re heading out later anyway, why don’t we just take her out for some?”

 Gu Yan nodded forcefully when she heard this and flashed a bright smile. “Sure!”

 “Since you have bought the steamed buns anyway, let’s not waste them. Didn’t you cook some porridge?” Tang Zui looked at the naive young woman before him.


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