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Chapter 579 - He Never Bothered to Do Nonsensical Things, But That Was Going to Change Today…

Chapter 579: He Never Bothered to Do Nonsensical Things, But That Was Going to Change Today…

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Long Sijue did not spare the two women beside him a glance. He simply strode past them and headed towards the young woman in the distance.

 Watching Long Sijue walk in Su Qianxun’s direction, Rong Yebai felt his heart sank.

 Director Liu could tell that Long Sijue was no ordinary person at first glance. He came over to greet Long Sijue.

 “Hello, may I know who you are?”

 Su Qianxun knew Long Sijue’s temperament. She was genuinely afraid that he would treat the director like Zhou Nana and order Ye Gu to shove him away. Just as she was about to get up, she saw Long Sijue looking at the director. “Hello, I’m Long Sijue.”


 “Director Liu,Young Master Long is here to oversee the production. Don’t worry about him and just do your thing. Young Master Long, this way please.”

 The person who just spoke was an executive leader from the fashion company as well as one of the major shareholders.

 Director Liu was dumbfounded. The air around Long Sijue was so overpowering that he did not even notice his own boss next to Long Sijue. It was the kind of kingly aura that made one overshadow everybody else, and all that people could see was him and him only.

 Su Qianxun saw that Long Sijue did not tell Ye Gu to push Director Liu aside and even greeted him. She was astonished and relieved at the same time. As it appeared, he was not as insensitive and aloof as he appeared to be.

 The executive leader from the fashion company had ushered Long Sijue to a corner. The crew members were serving him drinks. Su Qianxun was rather conflicted. She wondered if she should go over to say hi.

 However, she recalled that they were currently in a public space… if she approached him, would it affect his public image?

 As the young woman mused, Director Liu suddenly told her to get changed and get ready for the next scene.

 After Su Qianxun got changed and returned to the set, she went over to stand in front of the cameras. Rong Yebai walked over as well. He saw that the youg woman before him was stealing glances at Long Sijue, who was sitting in the distance. His eyebrows scrunched up.

 Long Sijue’s attention entirely was on Su Qianxu. Therefore, he could notice that she had been sneaking glances at him and instantly brightened up.

 Qiao Yiren would not let go of the opportunity to interact with Long Sijue. She quickly walked over. But much to her dismay, that sl*t, Zhou Nana was following her.

 Of course, the bodyguard had stopped them from getting too close to Long Sijue. They kept the two women about six feet away from Long Sijue.

 1“Sir Jue, are you free tonight? I haven’t seen you for a long time. I’ve missed you.” Qiao Yiren’s glistening eyes were filled with passion.

 “Hi, Sir Jue, my name is Zhou Nana. It would be a great honor to get to know you.” Zhou Nana kept giving him the eye and showing off her voluptuous body.

 Long Sijue was directing all his attention to Su Qianxun. The male and female leads in the advertisement were dressed in white. The color symbolized the purity and innocence of their emotions when they first met.

 This advertisement was the first project that Su Qianxun had ever participated in. Her inexperience became her biggest strength somehow. She expressed the innocence, naivety and shyness of a young woman perfectly. Whoever saw her would have the urge to fall in love and start a beautiful relationship with this young woman.

 Without a doubt, Director Liu believed that this young woman would rise to fame after this advertisement was released. She would even become the next nation’s first love.

 Long Sijue thought so too. He was very glad, for this beautiful little thing belonged to him!

 Zhou Nana and Qiao Yiren were still prattling non-stop. He furrowed his eyebrows slightly. He finally shifted his gaze to the two women.

 Disgust and hatred flashed in the depth of his black eyes. His gaze fell upon Zhou Nana. He knew that she was the one who created trouble for his woman and almost snatched the female leading role from her.

 Long Sijue never bothered to do nonsensical things, but that was going to change today.

 1He turned and spoke to Ye Gu. Then, Ye Gu immediately told the bodyguard to let Zhou Nana come over.

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