Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 577 - She Wanted to Ignore These Two Psychos

Chapter 577: She Wanted to Ignore These Two Psychos

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Qiao Yiren got into Su Qianxun’s way and sneered. “Su Qianxun, how was it? Chairman Wang was very good, right? Did you have fun last night?”

 The tip of Su Qianxun’s tongue was still hurting. She did not want to speak to this woman at all. She sidestepped Qiao Yiren and left.

 Qiao Yiren and Zhou Nana saw that Su Qianxun was quiet. They assumed that Su Qianxun had indeed slept with Chairman Wang. The two women were over the moon.

 Su Qianxun entered the elevator. Qiao Yiren and Zhou Nana quickly followed her. The two women looked at Su Qianxun’s beautiful side profile, and they got incredibly jealous.

 But when they recalled that she had slept with a dirty old man, they felt so much better about themselves.

 “Su Qianxun, how does it feel to sleep with Chairman Wang?” Qiao Yiren asked mockingly.

 “Chairman Wang has a lot of fetishes. I’m telling you, he’s probably destroyed her p*ssy.” Zhou Nana covered her mouth as she chuckled.

 “Tsk. Listen to me, big sister, since you’ve slept with another man, you shouldn’t stay by Young Master Long’s side! Have you no shame?”

 Even though Su Qianxun wanted to ignore these two psychos, they were way out of line. She suddenly turned around and glared at them. Her response startled Qiao Yiren and Zhou Nana, who were in a good mood just a moment ago.

 The elevator door opened. Su Qianxun turned and walked out. The two women were embarrassed by their own reaction. They hurried out of the elevator as well.

 After Su Qianxun arrived at the studio, she went to the director to apologize. But before she even said a word, Director Liu told her to go get changed and get ready for the shoot today. He did not intend to chastise her at all.

 Su Qianxun stared at him with a puzzled look. Director Liu leaned and whispered, “Rong Yebai told me about what happened yesterday. It’s good that you’re safe. Now, go get changed.”

 She did not expect that Rong Yebai would explain what had happened yesterday to the director. If she were to miss work for half a day without any good reason, Director Liu would definitely fly into a rage.

 Su Qianxun looked towards Rong Yebai, who was reading his script. ‘It seems like he’s a good person, afterall,’ she thought. ‘He’s just a little mean when he speaks.’

 Rong Yebai saw Su Qianxun walking over and immediately put down his script. He said, “Don’t take it the wrong way. It was George who told the director. I have nothing to do with this! I had no intention of helping you at all!”

 To keep Long Sijue happy, Su Qianxun had hurt her tongue even more. Therefore, she was trying not to speak as much now. She merely nodded to him before going heading to get changed and get her makeup done.

 Once Qiao Yiren and Zhou Nana entered the studio, Zhou Nana brought Qiao Yiren to greet the director. The director was apathetic as he responded to Qiao Yiren with a quick reply and told everyone to get ready. The filming would start in half an hour.

 Qiao Yiren was awarded Best Actress before, after all. After being shunned by the director, she felt slightly humiliated. “He had just won a prize for one single film. Why the heck is he being so c*cky!?’

 “Yiren, don’t be mad. Your fiancé owns a production company. All the directors have no choice but to answer to you. Come over here and take a seat.” Zhou Nana brought Qiao Yiren to her seat.

 Every now and then, Rong Yebai glanced at the young woman who was having her makeup done. George walked over and said, “If you care about her, you should tell her. Why are you pretending that you don’t? Little Xun’er won’t take a liking to you if you keep acting like this?”

 “I care about her? There must be something wrong with your head!” Rong Yebai immediately started reading the script attentively.

 “Second young master, you’re holding the script upside down.”

 Rong Yebai was dumbstruck for a moment.

 “F*ck off!”

 Today, they were going to start shooting the advertisement. The first scene was the encounter of the male and female leads. The director took his time to describe the outline to Su Qianxun before getting ready for the shoot.

 “Ready… Action!”

 Qiao Yiren fixed her gaze on Su Qianxun, who was standing in front of the camera. When she saw Su Qianxun’s excellent performance, she was so envious that her face contorted with rage…


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