Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 44 - She’s No Longer Anyone’s Princess

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“Mister Tang came to see the young master. There seemed to be an emergency. They left before daybreak,” Aunt Qi said with a smile.

“He left?” Su Qianxun’s heart sank. ‘What am I going to do now that he’s gone?

‘And where is he keeping my younger brother?’

“Young mistress Su, breakfast is ready.”

Aunt Qi walked towards her with a set of clothes. She placed them on the bed.

Su Qianxun thanked Aunt Qi. She then took the clothes and started to get dressed under the blanket. Aunt Qi knew that she was shy and left the room out of consideration.

After she got dressed, Su Qianxun went to the bathroom to wash up. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and saw that she was wearing a pastel princess-style dress.

Pastel dresses were not for everyone, especially the princess-style ones. They would look tacky on people who could not pull them off. However, the dress Su Qianxun was wearing perfectly complemented her sweet aura.

Su Qianxun was a little dazed when she gazed at the beautiful young woman in the mirror. It was like looking at her younger self. When she was young, her mother loved to clothe her in pastel princess-style dresses, dressing her up as a little princess…

She had never worn a princess-style dress ever since the Su family fell from grace.

She was no longer anyone’s princess…

She suppressed the melancholy in her chest and exited the bathroom once she was done washing up. ‘Since Long Sijue isn’t around, does it mean that I can leave this place to look for my younger brother?’

When Su Qianxun thought of that, she walked towards the door and pulled it open, preparing to leave. The moment she opened the door, two men in black appeared and completely blocked the doorway.

“Young Mistress Su, please go back in!” the two men in black said expressionlessly.

Su Qianxun’s breath froze. She was indeed imprisoned. Not only was she imprisoned, but she was also confined to a single room!

“What do you mean?”

“We are just carrying out the young master’s order. Miss Su, if you leave this room, we will be punished!”

Su Qianxun did not know what to say. She was so enraged that her chest heaved, and her small face turned extremely red.

“Young Mistress Su, here’s your breakfast.” Aunt Qi’s voice rang out, and the two men in black made way for her. Aunt Qi entered the room with a smile on her face.

When she saw how enraged the young woman was, she advised her, “Young Mistress Su, do have your breakfast first. They’re hired subordinates just like me. We are just following our employer’s orders.”

Even though Su Qianxun understood where they were coming from, she was still very furious. She slammed the door shut in anger. Then, she turned, walked towards the couch, and sat down.

‘This is too much. This is really too much!

‘I’m not a dog. How can he lock me up?’

“Young mistress, don’t be mad anymore. If you really want to go out, give the young master a call and beg him. Perhaps he will say yes.” Aunt Qi laid out the dishes.

“I don’t want to beg him!” Su Qianxun punched the couch with her small fist.

“But, you do want to go out, right?”

Su Qianxun said nothing.

“Young Mistress Su, have your breakfast first.” Aunt Qi handed her a pair of chopsticks. Aunt Qi could tell that the young woman was an intelligent person and that she was just not used to her new lifestyle yet.

Su Qianxun intended to tell Aunt Qi that she did not want to eat, but on second thought, she did not want to torture her own body.

After she finished her breakfast, Su Qianxun asked Aunt Qi who was cleaning up after her, “Um… may I have Long Sijue’s phone number?”

Aunt Qi gave Long Sijue’s phone number to Su Qianxun and left.

Su Qianxun walked towards the bed and sat down. She grabbed the phone on the nightstand and pressed the string of numbers…

Su Qianxun felt extremely anxious the moment she heard the first ring..

The phone rang for a while before her call was picked up…

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