Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 381 - Get Lost. Get the Hell Out!

Chapter 381: Get Lost. Get the Hell Out!

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Lan Qingcheng felt a sharp pain in the back of her skull. She turned her head to look at her attacker in disbelief and blacked out immediately after…

Seeing that, Su Qianxun instantly tossed away the ashtray in her hand. She quickly rushed toward Long Sijue, who had already collapsed onto the floor. She saw him sitting on the floor and panting heavily. She crouched down and asked frantically, “Ah Jue, are you alright?”

Long Sijue heard her calling him “Ah Jue”. In a fit of hysteria, he suddenly put his hands around Su Qianxun’s neck and started to apply pressure.

All Su Qianxun could feel was that he was about to break her slim neck. She tried to push his hands away with difficulty. “Ah Jue, it’s me… I’m Su Qianxun!”

“Get lost. Get the h*ll out! Or else I’ll kill you!” Hearing the familiar voice, Long Sijue could not possibly do it. He suddenly flung her aside.

Su Qianxun fell on the floor and coughed vigorously. There was a burning pain in her throat.

When she turned to look at him again, there was blood trickling out of Long Sijue’s nose. He tried very hard to stand up, but he no longer had the energy to do so. He fell back onto the floor again.

“Ah Jue, are you alright? What should I do? What should I do to save you?!” Su Qianxun stared at him in horror and touched his face.

“Get lost. If you dare to touch me again, I’ll kill you!” Long Sijue suddenly lost it again, but he was already exhausted by then.

“Ah Jue…”

“Stop calling me Ah Jue. If you call me this again, I’ll kill you for real…” Long Sijue suddenly pinned Su Qianxun down and put his hands around her neck again.

Su Qianxun immediately tried to pry his hands off her neck. Tears streamed down her face. ‘Does he hate me this much? So much so that when he realizes that I’m here, he tries to kill me!?’

“Young master…” Su Qianxun forced those two words out of her throat with difficulty.

Long Sijue let go of her neck suddenly, as though his hands had been burned. He was seriously about to break down. ‘Who’s this woman in front of me!?’

He suddenly lowered his head and kissed her. A hint of surprise flickered across the man’s eyes. It was his little thing. She was really there!

However, after being tormented by the effects of the drug for so long, Long Sijue was completely exhausted. More and more blood streamed out of his nose…

Su Qianxun sensed that the man on top of her had lost consciousness. Without hesitation, she pushed him away and rolled over. She did not even have the time to take off her clothes. She quickly took off her panties, sat on top of him and shoved his d*ck into her v*gina.

Su Qianxun started to move her hips with all her might, hoping that he would regain consciousness. But seeing how lifeless Long Sijue seemed, she was genuinely terrified. She was afraid that she would not be able to save him…


She would definitely not let that happen. She had to save him!

The young woman thought to herself and moved her hips more vigorously.

After a moment, the man who had become unconscious earlier on suddenly opened his eyes. He rolled over, and Su Qianxun felt as though her world was turning upside down…


Ever since Gu Mian got married, she had not returned to her family home. Tonight was her first time visiting her family because she was not sure whether she would have the chance to return home again after tonight.

Mr. and Mrs. Gu knew that their daughter still resented them. When they saw that she was back, they were very happy. They wanted their daughter to stay for dinner. Gu Mian turned them down.

When Gu Mian left, Gu Ling walked her to the door. He knew that he owed his younger sister a lot. He rubbed his hands and asked, “sister, how did you manage to get a hundred million RMB from Tang Zui?”

In fact, Gu Ling knew his younger sister very well. This young woman was extremely stubborn. It was impossible for her to ask Tang Zui for a hundred million RMB and offer nothing in return.

“Big brother, you’re turning twenty-nine this year. Stop slacking and messing around. It’s time for you to take responsibility of your life,” Gu Mian said softly.

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