Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 2429

2429 What was the truth behind Chapter 2690

“We’re mainly afraid that it might backfire…”

Before Si Mancheng could finish his sentence, the prison Jue’s phone rang. He picked it up and heard su qianxun say, “Send the agreement over. I’ll sign it.”

The prison jue heaved a heavy sigh of relief. The corners of his lips curled up. He wanted to say something, but su Qianxun said, “If you’re not afraid that I’ll make a cuckold out of you!”

The Prison Jue was speechless

He put down his cell phone and looked at the two people in front of him. “She promised me.”

“Really! That’s great. You must treat Qianxun better in the future.”

“Yes.”The prison jue smiled, which was rare for him.

“By the way, Jue, Yesterday, you…”

“Wait a minute. I asked Chen Chong to deliver the agreement. I Won’t be at ease if she doesn’t sign it.”The prison jue immediately called Chen Chong in.

After Chen Chong took the agreement and left, he asked, “What do you want to ask?”

“About your amnesia.”

“My mother said that I lost my memory because I fell into the sea and my brain was deprived of oxygen. Only they know the truth.”

“I don’t think it’s as simple as she said. Tang Zui and I suspect that the prison family did something to you.”

“I’ve thought about what you said as well. I don’t think there’s any rush in this matter. Since the three of us are together again, we can take our time to resolve this matter.”

“You’re right.”

Tang zui and Si Mancheng smiled. The two of them really wished that they could be by his side every second of the day.

“The four siblings from the prison family are also quite troublesome. I’ll leave them to the two of you to handle in the future.”Right now, the prison baron only wanted to pursue his wife with all his might.

“No problem. Don’t worry. Leave it to us.”


Su Qianxun signed the marriage agreement with Hell’s Lord without hesitation. She stared blankly at the agreement for a few seconds before she returned it to Chen Chong.

“You should know about my son’s match, right?”Su Qianxun looked at him and asked.

“I was the one who planned and carried out the match search. That person should be in Dragon City by now.”Chen Chong nodded.

“Very good. I don’t want to ask you anything right now. I just want to cure my son. I’m relieved to hear that from you.”Su Qianxun smiled at him.

“I’ll go and report to the boss first.”Chen Chong left first.

Su Qianxun took a deep breath and let Xiao Lu in.

“Worker Su, medicine.”Xiao Lu was holding a medicine bag in her hand.

When she saw that Su Qianxun’s hand was injured, she ran out to buy medicine.

“Thank you, Xiao Lu. You’re such a thoughtful and good lady. Whoever marries you in the future will be blessed.”Su Qianxun smiled as she looked at him.

She would not waste her time thinking about what she had done to her.

Even if it was a major event like getting married.

“Of course… I’ll apply some medicine on your hand first. It’ll be a pity if you leave a scar on such a beautiful hand.”Xiao Lu came over and took the initiative to apply medicine on her hand.

Su Qianxun did not refuse. Now that she could cure her son’s illness, she felt relieved, even though there might be more troublesome matters waiting for her later on.

“Worker Su, are you ready for the Gathering Tomorrow Night?”Xiao Lu was worried that Su Qianxun would be in a bad mood, so she brought it up with her in advance.

“If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have forgotten about it. I don’t really want to go to the gathering. Actually, I came back to Dragon City this time to treat my son’s illness. I just found a suitable bone marrow match. I want to settle this matter first.”Su Qianxun was definitely not in the mood to go to the gathering right now.

After all, her son was the most important thing to her.

Xiao Lu almost fell under the chair when he heard what she said. “Wh… what? Worker Su, you have a child? Really? Are you kidding me?”

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