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Chapter 1902 - Chapter 1902: The person you are thinking of

Chapter 1902: The person you are thinking of

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Because she would soon be the mother of a child! She wanted to be a sensible mommy!

“Good Qianqian!” Zhuang chengjue nodded his head,”it’s just that I’m a little reluctant to part with Qianqian.”

What kind of man could make such a high and mighty Princess become so obedient and virtuous?

Zhuang chengjue was really surprised, really surprised!

In the bar, it was still noisy, and the lights were all over the place.

In the middle of the dance floor, the charming snake body kept swaying, seducing wave after wave of men to get into it.

The ambiguity of the situation spread through the entire bar.

However, she could not enter his heart.

“Hey! Chen, what’s wrong with you?” Lu Ziehen couldn’t stand it anymore and snatched the wine glass from his hand.

Shao Gubei looked at Lin Chen, who was sitting opposite him, and did not say anything. His dark eyes became even more mysterious.

He had probably already guessed the reason!

This question might be a little awkward for them.

“It’s nothing!” Lin Chen replied indifferently, and his charming eyes swept a glance at the silent Shao Gubei.

He swept past the wine glass on the table and drank it all.

“Hey! Kubei, you should talk to him!” Lu Ziehen became anxious when he saw that Shao Gubei was not saying anything.

Shao Gubei thought to himself for a moment. He tilted his head and looked at Lin Chen with his dark eyes.

“Chen, you’re in love with Zhuang xiaoshuang?”

Shao Gubei, are you crazy?! Lin Chen roared and the wine glass in his hand fell on the bar counter with a ” bang-” and broke into pieces.

The glass shards pierced into his palm, and red blood oozed out. It was a blinding sight.

“Kubei, what time is it now, you’re still saying such nonsense!” Lu Ziehen grumbled.

Shao Gubei did not say anything. His eyes were fixed on Lin Chen’s injured palm, and he had an indescribable feeling in his heart.

In fact, he knew what Lin Chen was concerned about!

“Chen, I’ve never treated her as my wife in the past two years! So, I’m sure that she hasn’t had a good time these two years, Yingluo.”

“Enough!” Lin Chen spoke indifferently and directly interrupted Shao Gubei’s words.

“Hey, why are you suddenly talking about that woman? aren’t you guys too bored, Yingluo?” Lu Ziehen clearly still looked like he did not know the truth.

“Come, let’s continue drinking!” Lin Chen changed to another glass, trying to change the topic by drinking.

“I heard she went to France!” Shao Gubei did not pay any attention to his words and continued to speak indifferently.

Lin Chen’s hand that was holding the wine glass suddenly froze. His dull eyes narrowed as he looked at Shao Gubei. who’s going to France?”

Shao Gubei shrugged his shoulders, the person you’re thinking about!

“Shao Gubei!” Lin Chen’s dark eyes flashed with anger.

“All ‘Chen, if you continue to be so awkward, you’ll really have no chance. If you like her, then go after her! What are you so concerned about?” Shao Gubei also seemed to be a little angry.

“Who are you guys talking about? Why can’t 1 understand a single word?” Lu Ziehen was still in a daze.

Shao Gubei, she’s your wife! Lin Chen’s grip on the wine glass tightened.

“1 don’t love her, and I’ve divorced her! Is it because she used to be my wife in name, so you don’t dare to love her?” Shao Gubei interrogated him.

He was obviously suppressing the true feelings in the depths of his heart.

In fact, Zhuang xiaoshuang had come to look for him before she left. She looked dejected and miserable, unlike the arrogant her from back then.. There was a moment when Shao Gubei felt that he had let that woman down!

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