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Chapter 1776 - Chapter 1776: My present is your future.

Chapter 1776: My present is your future.

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As he said this, Gong Ming didn’t forget to place his arm around Siyi’s weak shoulders. Hey! I say, sister nurse, she doesn’t need to get a vaccine for her hand, right?”


“Why do you need a vaccine?” The two women were confused and turned to look at him.

nothing much. I saw you being caught. 1 was afraid that you would be poisoned!

Even if he was poisoned, it was still a poison dispelling needle! It’s scary to be uncultured!

Si Yi had to admit that Gong Ming and this guy were definitely the type to hold grudges!

Look at her, she was already lying on the hospital bed, but she still didn’t forget to let her go! Siyi couldn’t help but sympathize with Li Yuqing from the bottom of her heart!

Later, Li Yuqing’s examination results came out.

Everyone present was shocked, except for Gong Ming.

Doctor Liao looked at the homeroom teacher with a complicated expression, then at the few people present. Seeing that there were no outsiders, he said with a little embarrassment,” Mr. Wen, Li Yuqing just had a miscarriage not long ago. Her body is weak, which led to her fainting. Now, her body is fine, but she still needs more rest!

The few people present, excluding Gong Mingyu, all gasped in unison.

Siyi only felt her whole body stiffen for a second, and her eyes fell on the little face as white as dead ash on the bed. She looked at her in a daze for a long time, stunned.

No wonder she said she was not allowed to tattle!

So that’s how it is!

the students nowadays are really getting more and more mature. They’re getting less and less self-respecting!! The form teacher scolded angrily.

It was a short sentence, but it made Siyi suddenly feel like he couldn’t breathe.

Just like a mayfly

The form teacher had not been scolding anyone else, but herself!

“What’s wrong? One one.” Gong Mingyu seemed to have noticed something and asked worriedly.

“It’s fine, Yingluo!” Siyi came back to his senses and smiled.

“Yan Siyi, please stay here and take care of her! Teacher, I still have a class to attend, so I might have to leave first!” Teacher Wen hurriedly called out to Siyi.

“Good! It’s alright, teacher, you can go first!” Siyi looked at Li Yuqing, who was sleeping on the bed, and agreed to the teacher’s instructions.

Not long after the teacher left, Li Yuqing woke up from her sleep.

The moment she saw Gong Mingyu, her eyes reddened. At that moment, Siyi could clearly feel that Li Yuqing still missed Gong Mingyu.

However, when Li Yuqing’s eyes caught sight of Siyi’s familiar and annoying face, her aggrieved eyes instantly became cold.

Yan Siyi, you’re ruthless!! Li Yuqing gritted her teeth and said coldly.

“Hey! Li Yuqing, are you crazy? If it wasn’t for Yiyi, you would have died in the classroom!” Gong Ming growled at Li Yuqing, who was lying on the bed with a pale face.

Gong Ming and Yingluo. Siyi awkwardly pulled at the excited him.

The one who spoke so directly and with such a poisonous tongue was definitely this guy.

On the bed, Li Yuqing’s face turned green and white from Gong Ming’s venomous words.

Yan Siyi, I’m telling you, don’t be too smug. The path I’m taking today will be yours sooner or later!!! Li Yuqing glared at her coldly and roared at her.

Siyi’s delicate body suddenly froze, and her small face instantly turned pale.

Gong Mingyu was also stunned for a moment. In the next moment, his eyes turned cold. She pulled Siyi’s little hand and walked towards the door.. Yan Siyi, I told you long ago not to meddle in things that aren’t yours! Is there something wrong with your brain? it’s none of your business whether he dies or not! You didn’t kill him!”

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