Godly Stay-Home Dad

Chapter 1556

Chapter 1556 Declaring War

This scene made Yue Wuwei quite displeased.

“Do you think I’m weak just because I haven’t got outrageous yet?”

Yue Wuwei frowned slightly. He moved and walked to the cabin door, intending to go out and kill the fleet that was attacking the Space Node in front of him.

“Don’t do anything yet.”

Zhang Han suddenly said, “Song Zhan caught You Huo because of us. He knows me. That person should have handed him over to the Black Dragon Palace. Ask them first and see if they can agree to switch the hostages.”

Yue Wuwei stopped in his tracks. After thinking for a while, he understood.


Zi Yan nodded slightly and said, “Although we killed several of their Holy Sons before, it was they who provoked us first. Now, if we take action and eliminate their fleets, it may be difficult to switch the hostages.”

“Dad, calm down.” Yue Xiaonao also tried to persuade Yue Wuwei.

“Let’s wait and see,” said Lisa.

The group of people spoke one after another.

Kong Ling’er found it a bit strange.

Although Elder Yue was very powerful, it seemed that he might not be able to defeat all the enemies outside.

After all, some of those Dao Seeking Cultivators were at Tribulation Stage First Tier.

Although those people couldn’t defeat those at the Tribulation Stage Second Tier, they could still stall for a few seconds by joining hands.

A few seconds was enough for some fleets to evacuate.

That was what Kong Ling’er was thinking about. She was mainly thinking that although the enemies were too far away, even if the fleet closer to Zhang Han and his companions was attacked, the people in the distance would still use high-tech attacks.

If it turned into a serious battle, it wouldn’t end until either one of the two parties was killed.

“Elder Yue must be at the Tribulation Stage Third Tier.”

Kong Ling’er looked at Yue Wuwei and then at Zhang Han.

She didn’t say anything and just stood aside silently to watch the situation.

Kong Ling’er was not good at forbearing. She had been holding back in this team for so many days, but Zhang Hanyang just ignored her, which really upset her.

“Then let’s go and see if we can do that.”

Yue Wuwei nodded.

The Tiger Head Vessel sailed toward the Space Node in the distance.

Yue Wuwei released a huge amount of energy, which outlined an occult art. A white halo covered the Space Node and spread out, blocking many attacks.

“Someone is coming!”

“Is it Kong Ling’er from the Starlight Divine Sect?”

“What is she doing here?”

“Zhang Hanyang is on her spaceship.”

The elders of the Black Dragon Palace and the Prime Yang Palace were all puzzled.

“According to the information obtained by the Bai Family, the enemies have a Tribulation Stage First Tier Dao Seeking Cultivator.”

An elder of the Black Dragon Palace frowned and said, “I guess one Tribulation Stage First Tier master should not be not enough for Kong Ling’er to help them in person. Go and contact Elder Ci of the Starlight Divine Sect and ask them what they want!”

“Haha, if Kong Ling’er really doesn’t listen to us, then we won’t be held accountable for her death.”

The discussion among the people from the Prime Yang Palace was about the same.

They were all contacting Elder Ci, who was the guardian master of the Starlight Divine Sect’s base.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Kong Ling’er’s wristband rang.


Seeing that everyone was looking at her, Kong Ling’er muted the wristband. She did not answer the calls and left it be.

Gradually, the Tiger Head Vessel flew to the front of the Space Node.

It levitated in the void.

The frequency of attacks around it dropped before they all disappeared, and the scene quieted down.

Several fleets were eyeing the Tiger Head Vessel covetously.


“Many signals request to be connected.”

The intelligent system reported.

“Connect them.”

Kong Ling’er didn’t know which signal was from the Black Dragon Palace or the Prime Yang Palace, so she connected all of them.

“Kong Ling’er!”

An angry shout sounded. It was Elder Ci. He glared at her and said, “What the hell are you doing? Come back!”

There was a trace of fear on Kong Ling’er’s face that she hid behind her bamboo hat.

She said in a low voice, “Shut down this signal.”


Elder Ci’s projection ended as soon as it started.

As for the other two signals, the one on the left was the projection of the Black Dragon Palace, and on the right was the Prime Yang Palace.

At this time, an elder of Prime Yang Palace said coldly, “Which one of you is Zhang Hanyang?”

“I am,” Zhang Han said calmly.

“You killed Boyi of our Prime Yang Palace and even dared to come out of the indigenous world. This blood feud is absolutely irreconcilable. Kong Ling’er, for the sake of the Starlight Divine Sect, we have not attacked yet. I will give you 15 minutes to leave, otherwise, we will have to kill you.”

Zhang Han ignored him.

Right then, the leading elder of the Black Dragon Palace, named Hei Yi, clapped his hands and said, “Divine Woman Kong, please connect the signal of Elder Ci of your sect. Let’s talk about it together.”


Kong Ling’er didn’t want to say anything more, and she contacted Elder Ci again.

With the projection of the three parties, they held a discussion as if they were having a meeting.

“Kong Ling’er!”

Elder Ci said angrily, “Have you become so capable that you’re disobeying me now?”

Kong Ling’er was silent.

“Elder Ci, please give us a reasonable explanation for what’s happening.” Someone from the Prime Yang Palace questioned Elder Ci.

“A reasonable explanation? Mo Qinghan, the Holy Son of our sect, has also been killed by Zhang Hanyang. What’s there to explain? Divine Woman Kong has been threatened. Do you want to make trouble at this critical moment?” Elder Ci said.

As soon as he said that, Zhang Han and Yue Wuwei looked at each other.

They suddenly came up with a good idea.

It should be feasible to exchange Kong Ling’er for You Huo.

Yue Wuwei said directly, “Cut the crap. If you keep talking nonsense, I’ll kill Divine Woman Kong.”

Kong Ling’er was speechless.

In just a few seconds, her identity had changed from a temporary teammate to a hostage.

“Zhang Hanyang.”

Elder Hei Yi of the Black Dragon Palace suddenly laughed and said, “You killed Cheng Kong of my sect. This matter has caused too much turmoil. As natives, you are really too bold.”

“They messed with us first,” Zi Yan said calmly. “We would never take action for no reason. You…”

“Don’t find excuses for yourselves.” Elder Hei Yi directly interrupted her. The smile on his face slowly faded. He waved his hand and said, “Bring him here!”

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Many people turned to look at him.

A man was brought up.

Zhang Mu shouted angrily, “Song Zhan!”

“Oh, Brother Mu, you’re faster.” Song Zhan laughed and said, “You actually beat us to it.”

“He’s one of yours?” Hei Yi said flatly, “He’s a high-position official, isn’t he?”

As he spoke, he stretched out his right hand. You Huo floated in front of him and was grabbed by the neck.

At this time, You Huo was breathing much more steadily, and his injury had eased a lot. He looked at the projection and said, “Don’t worry about me. Just leave.”

“Let’s switch the hostages!”

Zhang Han said bluntly, “We’ll exchange Kong Ling’er for him.”

Kong Ling’er said, “I refuse to do so.”

She muttered, “If I go over now, it will be difficult for me to see them again.”

She had mixed feelings. She didn’t want to go, but she knew that she had to go over to make Zhang Han and the others owe her a favor. Then, she would be one step closer to being Zhang Han’s mistress.

“Elder Ci, save me!”

Kong Ling’er made up her mind. She said in a bleak voice, “They abused me.”


Zhang Guangyou held a long sword in his hand and pointed it at the neck of Kong Ling’er. “If you don’t agree to switch the hostages, I’ll kill her!”


Elder Hei Yi laughed and said, “Do you think we’re fools?”

“Hei Yi, let’s just do it!” Elder Ci frowned and said, “I owe you a favor. Help us get Kong Ling’er back.”

The two elders of the Prime Yang Palace mocked. One of them said, “Kong Ling’er is driving a spaceship that took them to the Bai Family’s place, they pick one up. You know each other and are in cahoots. Are you putting on an act here? What poor acting skills.”

“We should let the man go and get her back, Elder Hei Yi,” Elder Ci added.

Even if the other party was playing a trick, he still wanted to bring Kong Ling’er back and send her directly to the center of the Galaxy.

“Normally, I would agree, but not today.” Hei Yi said, “If you want to get your man back, Zhang Hanyang, you have to come over in person.”

“Cut the crap.” Yue Wuwei felt that it was quite troublesome. He said, “We can use some spirit treasures to get our guy back. We can offer sixth-tier, seventh-tier, eighth-tier, and even ninth-tier spirit treasures. Name a price.”

“Do you think our Black Dragon Palace needs resources from a small indigenous world like yours?” Hei Yi sneered.


Yue Wuwei could no longer hold back his anger. “Are you asking for trouble? It’s not good for you to piss me off.”

“Elder Hei Yi.”

Kong Ling’er lightly said, “Let me remind you, the reason why the Bai Family submitted is because of this elder’s strength. He is at least at the Tribulation Stage Third Tier. Are you sure you want to provoke him?”


Elder Ci’s expression changed drastically. “What? The Tribulation Stage Third Tier?”


Cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Elder Ci was really terrified.

Now, he was starting to believe that Kong Ling’er had been kidnapped.

“Elder Hei Yi! It’s just an irrelevant person. So what if we let him go?” Elder Ci advised, “Please help us get Kong Ling’er back. The Starlight Divine Sect owes your Black Dragon Palace a favor.”

“The Black Dragon Palace doesn’t need a favor.”

Hei Yi refused again.


Elder Ci was really surprised.

“Is the Black Dragon Palace that powerful? Do you even dare to face a Tribulation Stage Third Tier master head-on?”

Clap! Clap!

A wave of clapping resounded from the members of Prime Yang Palace.

An elder said gently, “Stop pretending. Tribulation Stage Third Tier? Haha, if you were at the Tribulation Stage Third Tier, I would be at the eighth tier!”


Elder Ci’s expression changed again.

“Is this a trick? Have I been deceived?”

“I’ll never believe that he is at the Tribulation Stage Third Tier. What a joke.”

Another elder of the Black Dragon Palace sneered.

Yue Wuwei was speechless.

He got quite angry for real.

“I’m indeed not at the Tribulation Stage Third Tier. As for how powerful I am, you can feel for yourself!”


Yue Wuwei exuded a strong aura. Boundless energy spread in all directions through the spaceship.

However, others couldn’t feel any energy fluctuation from the projection.


Hei Yi suddenly laughed and said, “Blood for blood! The death of my sect’s Holy Son will be repaid by the death of everyone in the ancient martial arts world.”


Under everyone’s gaze, Hei Yi took action decisively.


Zhang Han abruptly raised his right hand and said, “Don’t do it!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Hei Yi still didn’t stop.

A ball of white light began to rise from You Huo’s feet until it devoured him.


You Huo looked pale and in pain. He knew what had happened and that he was about to die.

He looked ahead and suddenly smiled.

“Old Mu, it’s not a waste of my time to get to know you. You’re my benefactor. We’ve been through so much together from the Kunlun Mountains to now. It makes me proud. Don’t…”

The ball of light engulfed his dantian.

He could no longer speak.

When You Huo was completely engulfed by the ball of light, he disappeared from the world and died.

“Old Huo!”

Zhang Mu roared in shock. His face was filled with anger and hatred.

Mengmeng widened her eyes and didn’t even blink.

Zi Yan gently bit her lower lip.

Zhang Guangyou’s hands were trembling.

Yue Wuwei looked even colder.

As for Zhang Han, he suddenly looked calm and indifferent.


Hei Yi laughed as if he was explaining to Elder Ci. “We got the news from the Bai Family that the strongest one among the enemies is only at the Tribulation Stage First Tier. Kong Ling’er knows them, so you don’t need to worry. Zhang Hanyang, let me tell you, what happens today is just the beginning. You can seal the Ancient Road of Starry Sky, but you can’t change its position. Even if you hide in the ancient martial arts world, it won’t take long for you to be…”


Before he could finish his words, an electronic alarm suddenly sounded in the projection pictures of the Black Dragon Palace, the Starlight Divine Sect, and the Prime Yang Palace.

“Beep! Powerful energy undulations detected ahead. Level 1 alert.”

Those words made them suddenly stunned.

“What’s happening?”

Just when they were confused, the two fleets that had been attacking the Space Node exploded at the same time, sending sparks in all directions.

At the same time, Yue Wuwei’s eyes gradually sparkled with cyan light.

“You’ve really pissed me off.”

At this time, Yue Wuwei was like a Demonic God.

The enemies’ alarm became louder and louder, even affecting the signal.

Sizzle! Sizzle! The screen kept flashing.


Hei Yi suddenly felt a little flustered.

He looked towards the two elders from Prime Yang Palace.

“This isn’t right. According to the news they got, the strongest one among those people is just at Tribulation Stage First Tier, isn’t he?

“It’s suspected!

“They said that he’s suspected to be at Tribulation Stage First Tier.

“Damn it!

“Could he really be at the Tribulation Stage Third Tier?”

He suddenly felt pressured.

They were truly shocked.

But things had come to this point.

Hei Yi forced himself to calm down.

The communication was not turned off.

Hei Yi issued an order in front of everyone.

“Inform all fleets of the Black Dragon Palace to operate the energy cabins and prepare to retreat.”

The two parties were so far away from each other that even Yue Wuwei could not get to them.

“I’ll say it again.”

Hei Yi stubbornly said, “No matter who you are, it will be blood for blood. You killed our Holy Son, so I will also kill your people. It’s only right and proper.”

“That’s right, it’s only right and proper.”

Zhang Han clapped his hands.

His movements were slow.

Clap! Clap!

After a few claps, he looked around at the crowd and said, “I killed those talented Holy Sons. They caught You Huo and killed him. Yes, that’s right.

“We’ve been fighting back and forth and taking revenge on each other. It’s just like how the battles go endlessly between the Heavenly Evil Sect and the Sword Sect.”

Seeing that Yue Wuwei still wanted to fight, Zhang Han waved his hand and said, “Elder Yue, there’s no hurry.”


Yue Wuwei darkened his face slightly and withdrew his aura.


Zhang Han suddenly turned around, looked at the people projected in front of him, and smiled.

“It is as I said earlier, there is no right or wrong in this matter. We are merely against each other. It is not strange for us to take action. There is nothing wrong with this.


Zhang Han slowly stopped smiling.

His smile was replaced by a ghastly cold expression.

His wolf-like eyes made people terrified through the screen.

What kind of terrifying look was that?

“The only way to end these never-ending battles is to have either of us destroyed.

“Therefore, today, I declare war on the Black Dragon Palace and Prime Yang Palace!

“I won’t stop until I die!

“The next time I come here, it will be the beginning of your death!”


The signal was cut off.

Under everyone’s gaze, the Tiger Head Vessel disappeared into the Cosmos Node.

However, those people remained silent for a long time.

What Zhang Han said kept flashing through their minds.

Elder Ci said, “This… this is terrifying. Why do I feel that we have caused big trouble?”

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