Godly Stay-Home Dad

Chapter 1269

Chapter 1269 A Blind Date

All of a sudden.

Xiao Wu rushed in with a trace of panic on his face.

“Bro Bei, Bro Bei had a quarrel with someone.”


“Who does he quarrel with?”

“What’s going on?”

Everyone looked shocked, and some of the students’ expressions changed.

But Mengmeng and her friends were not flustered at all.

Yue Xiaonao asked, “Why is he quarreling?”

After she asked the reason, Xiao Wu’s face suddenly turned red, and he didn’t know what to say.

“I’m asking you.” Yue Xiaonao glared at him.

Sister Nao was really somebody in the class.

Xiao Wu blushed and said, “When we were in the toilet to pee, I was chatting with Bro Bei. He accidentally wetted someone else’s shoes.”

“Huh?” Yue Xiaonao was surprised.

Mengmeng, Nina, Felina, and the others were all stunned.

No one could expect that was the reason.

As students of Junior Grade 3, they had also received education in all aspects. They knew the difference between men and women. There was a more detailed explanation in the biology class.

After hearing the reason, everyone was a little stunned.

“Let’s go out and have a look.”

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao looked at each other, and then everyone got up and went out.

On one side of the hall, they saw Bei Jin’nan.

He looked a little annoyed. Opposite him was a blond man, probably in his twenties.

“I’m sorry, I can pay you for the upkeep, but full price for the shoes, that doesn’t make sense,” Bei Jin’nan said in English.

“Fuck.” The blond man seemed to have been annoyed. “Do you think I’ll continue to wear a pair of shoes like this?”

Hearing this, Bei Jin’nan became silent.

Some people of high status might even throw it away directly.

But the full-price compensation…

Thinking about it, his heart ached a little.

Bei Jin’nan saw Mengmeng and the others come out.

He gritted his teeth and said, “I can only pay you half the price, 250000 yuan, or I’ll find you a maintenance shop to take care of it.”

“No, no, no.” The blond man shook his head. “You have to buy them off at full price. It’s the first day I wear them. They are a limited edition of value for collection. I ask you to pay for it because I don’t want to cause more trouble.”

“It’s impossible to buy it at full price.” Bei Jin’nan was a bit angry.

He couldn’t afford 500000 yuan, but 250000 yuan was fine. If he asked his parents for money due to this thing, he would inevitably be blamed. The key was that he didn’t think it was worth it.

How could he provoke such a thing?

“As a gentleman, the first thing you have to do is to apologize.” The blond man took a deep breath.

“It’s a small lesson for you to compensate me with my shoes. In public, especially in the toilet, you should pay attention to your behavior. It’s impolite to make such a noise.”

“Sir, I also don’t want to cause more trouble. I’ll make way for the last time. I’ll give you 250000 and I can also take good care of your shoes,” Bei Jin’nan said slowly.

He was very angry in his heart.

He continued to talk to himself silently, “It’s me who peed on his shoes. I just spend money to buy a lesson. Well, I just spend money to buy a lesson. I’m not angry and I can bear it…”

He also knew very well that from the clothes he wore, he was either rich or noble.

Obviously, he was also somebody.

When he said that he should compensate hundreds of thousands of money, it seemed to be as easy as eating and drinking. So he could feel that hundreds of thousands of money was just a small amount in his eyes.

But for Bei Jin’nan, it was not a small amount.

“What’s going on?”

Mengmeng asked as she approached.

“This, I…” Bei Jin’nan’s face turned red slightly, and it was hard for him to open his mouth. He was a bit embarrassed.

At this moment, a man’s voice came from not far away, which resolved Bei Jin’nan’s embarrassment.

“Enison, what are you doing here?”

They turned back to have a look.

Jesus, a group of seven or eight people was walking over.

The leader was a young man who looked 16 or 17 years old. He was quite handsome. He was a little more handsome than ordinary people, but not much.

With five bodyguards in black suits and two serving maids, his momentum was extraordinary at first glance.

“Prin… Dowler.” The blond man rubbed his hair, feeling a bit helpless. Facing the young man, he maintained his smile and walked over.

Obviously, the status of the blond man was several levels lower.

When the young man approached, he didn’t pay much attention at first, but when he looked around and saw Nina and Felina, he felt amazed at their beauty.

But when he saw Mengmeng’s delicate face, in an instant, he felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He stopped and felt his body numb.

Years of habit made him smile, as if he was very easygoing with everything around him.

The blond man whispered something beside him.

He nodded and replied with “um” and “ah”.

After a while, the blond man turned his head and looked at Bei Jin’nan unkindly. He said grumpily, “You’re lucky this time. I don’t want to be bothered by these things. I hope you can pay more attention to this kind of thing in the future. Not everyone has a good temper like me.”

“Thank… thank you.”

Bei Jin’nan breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. He gave a sign to the blond man, thanked him, and then turned back to his private room.

“Prince Dowler, let’s go over there,” the blond man said to the young man next to him.

“Ah? What?” Dowler was a bit stunned.

He didn’t even hear what the blond man just said.

But it didn’t matter. He didn’t care about anything else now.

“Prince Dowler, shall we go to the private room?” asked the blond man.


Dowler nodded.

The group of people walked forward.

After a while, Dowler suddenly asked, “Enison, do you believe the love at first sight?”

“Of course, I believe it. Sometimes, we might fall in love with a girl at first sight. Well, I did, but unfortunately, I failed. If God gave me another chance, even if I missed the flight and didn’t go to the seal ceremony, I would still go after the woman who I loved.” The blond man looked a little sentimental.

“Is that so?” Dowler responded, but his mind was filled with other things.

“Yes, Prince Dowler. With your status, if you fall in love at first sight, you can try. I believe that no woman in this world can resist your charm.” The blond man fawned on him.

However, Dowler fell silent. He raised his right hand, and a tall woman on his right bent over slightly, obeying his orders.

“Go and investigate. The day before yesterday, there was a Mr. Li at the financial meeting. He was slightly fat and brought his daughter with him. I don’t know very clearly whether she is his daughter. There was a little girl beside him. I want to know the identity of that little girl,” Dowler said.

“Yes sir!”

When the woman heard this, she did what he asked on his side.

When they entered the private room, Dowler suddenly sighed, “I find that I’ve fallen in love with Xiangjiang. Well, cancel the flight tomorrow. I plan to stay for a while longer. I don’t know how long it will take.”

After that, he sat on the chair, feeling a little stunned and lost in his thoughts.

“His heart skips a beat. Is this love at first sight?

“I must get to know her and pursue her.”

In this sort of situation, he couldn’t eat well. Only a few minutes later did he come to his senses. He chatted with Enison and the others, silently waiting for the news to return.

In a private room not far away.

“Bro Bei, I just told them.” Xiao Wu smiled awkwardly.

“Ah?” Bei Jin’nan’s face was completely red.

He felt extremely awkward.

He was especially embarrassed.

The people around all laughed. This was indeed an awkward thing.

In the end, Li Muen changed the topic.

She said, “A few days ago, my dad and I went to a financial meeting and let me know some business tycoons. I saw the person we just met. It was the one that the blond man went to welcome. He was 16 or 17 years old. He seemed to be very powerful. That day, many powerful people shook hands with him and chatted with each other. There were still many elders.”

“Damn it. Muen, you can even attend the financial meeting. You’re amazing,” someone said enviously.

Li Muen was also a rich second generation.

“Just so-so. My dad has made more money in the past two years. He’s better than before, so he always participated in some meetings.” After saying that, Li Muen leaned towards Mengmeng’s side and said, “I’m not as powerful as Mengmeng. Her family is very powerful, especially Mengmeng’s father, who spoiled her. I’m so envious. My dad didn’t care about me that much in the past. Since he saw Mengmeng’s father, he has become much better. He gave me pocket money frequently, bought me snacks and took me out to play, hahaha.”

It could be seen from Li Muen’s expression that she was very happy.

“Who is not a little princess?”


Gradually, the topic was changed, and the embarrassment in Bei Jin’nan’s heart slowly dissipated. Everyone was sitting there, eating and chatting.

The atmosphere between the classmates was very harmonious.

Of course, those who could come here were almost those who were close to each other in the class.

In the private room where Prince Dowler was, a woman walked up to him and whispered near his ear, “I find it. His name is Li Kai, and he lives in New Moon Bay. He is a real estate developer, worth 20 billion yuan. That day, he took his daughter, Li Muen, with him. This is his contact information.”


Dowler nodded and stood up. He looked at everyone and said with a smile, “Everyone, I’m sorry. I still have some personal matters to do, so I’ll take my leave first.”

“It doesn’t matter”

“Prince Dowler, see you next time.”

“Hahaha, Dowler, if you have something to do, you can go ahead and do your work.”


After saying a few polite words, Dowler left with his people.

They had just gone downstairs. In the open-air parking lot, they got into several Bentley cars.

“Just sit for a while.”

After saying that, Dowler slowly looked out of the window.

There were people coming and going at the gate of the restaurant. Although there were not many people, there were several groups coming and going every once in a while.

Finally, he saw the group he wanted to see.

“I can’t see her clearly.

“That’s her.”

Dowler looked out of the window until those people disappeared at the end of the street and no one could be seen.

“Let’s go back,” Dowler said.

At this time, it was already dark. After the small party, they returned to their own homes.

Mengmeng and the others followed Li Muen to her home.

It was a duplex house with four bedrooms and two waiting rooms. The layout was very good.


After Mengmeng entered the house, she looked around and said in surprise, “It looks so familiar. It’s similar to the house my mummy used to live in in the Eastern District. I forgot what it was like upstairs and downstairs, but it was a duplex one.”

“If you like it, you can stay here for a few more days,” Li Muen said excitedly, “Mengmeng, if you can live with me, then there will be only us. My dad will take my mother to live somewhere else, so that I can be free.”

“That won’t do. In order to prevent you from falling into depravity, I can’t come to live here,” Mengmeng said with a snort.

“I know it.” Li Muen pursed her lips and said,” You can take a seat. Just help yourselves. I’ll get some snacks and juice.”

“Muen, you don’t have to be so courteous. I’ve just had my fill,” Nina said with a smile.

“I can eat a few more bags of snacks,” said Felina.

Nina, “…”

“She is really working her way up to become a foodie.”

After a while, Li Muen brought a lot of snacks, including drinks and fruits. They covered the whole tea table.

“What shall we go to play later?” Li Muen asked sneakily, “Anyway, there is no one in my home. Let’s do whatever we want. How about playing computer games? No, no, we can’t get on the Internet. Shall we go to Mengmeng’s bar? Or…”

She was pondering.


Li Muen’s cell phone rang.

“Hey, Dad, ah? What? I won’t go. Ah, I don’t want to go! Can I take them with me? I’ll think about it. I’ll ask…”

After saying a lot, she hung up the phone and said in a complaining tone, “My dad is so annoying. He asks me to meet a prince.”

“Ah? Is this a blind date for you?” Yue Xiaonao was surprised.

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