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Chapter 916 - The ninth head!

Chapter 916: The ninth head!

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Outside the town.

 When both Su Hao and Li Tiantian saw this scene, they both froze.

 “Did you calculate this aftermath?”

 Li Tiantian was shocked.

 “How could I?” Su Hao looked as if he had seen a ghost, “I just planned to infect them with the virus and then go to Luo Yang’s house with the appearance of Ming Biao to threaten him because he definitely wouldn’t tolerate it with his character. As for what happened now…”

 Su Hao was also stunned by it.

 The way the Federation acted was too ruthless!

 He had neglected the horrifying infection rate of this virus. Although he had obtained the talent to restrain this virus, for the Federation, it was an unknown virus! With an absolutely unprecedented infection rate, it could also be spread through literally every medium!

 Once this spread, the age of biochemistry would arrive.

 The panic of an unknown virus forced the top management to make an emergency decision. Even someone like Luo Yang, who is a peak domain esper couldn’t resist this virus, are they still going to put hope on others to stop it?

 Could it be that they had to resort to sending a few world espers to solve this virus?



 An energy bomb swept across the town.

 How simple was that?


 Su Hao was depressed, “Seems that I have to change to another method.”

 “Indeed you have to.” Li Tiantian was also helpless.

 Before Su Hao’s plan came into action, it was already over. Who would have thought that the Federation would be that ruthless even against its own major general?

 It was as if they didn’t care at all!

 A small town was gone just like that. Both Su Hao and Li Tiantian couldn’t help but smile bitterly. As for the ones in the Federation who did the dirty work, they were also helpless. Under normal circumstances, a decision to destroy an entire town wouldn’t be this quick. Obviously, this Luo Yang had offended someone and ended up getting backstabbed.

 One can’t survive because of his own sins.

 Su Hao pouted his mouth. He had read the information regarding this major general. He was a character who literally stepped on others’ heads to get to his current position and also the most suitable candidate for this plan…

 What a waste.

 Since this plan with Luo Yang got interrupted, Su Hao could only resort to other methods. Fortunately, the Federation won’t be able to use energy bombs each time. In order to keep the public’s support, especially on the internet, even if the Federation is to be given one hundred guts, it still won’t dare to use the energy bomb that frequently! Otherwise, they would need to be prepared for the backlash on the internet.

 Su Hao made his moves with various methods and talents.

 Everything was based on the appearance and talents that came from Ming Biao’s memories. Out of those thirty-six members, Ming Biao only knew five of them. However, that was sufficient for Su Hao. With five people with different talents, Su Hao had taken action no less than ten times. Obviously, what followed along was the suffering from the Federation’s top officials.

 Various causes of death.

 Various strange talents.

 Without exception, the monitoring devices managed to capture those unscrupulous faces. When these things were reported together, the Federation was finally angered.

 “Have you all managed to investigate who they are?”

 An executive slammed the information in his hand on the table.

 For the Federation that had just been recently unified, all it needed was stability! This was the start, and there were already some civil organizations resisting them. What was more disgusting was that this organization even advertised their acts of killing the high ranking officials. This increased the reputation of those people sharply while the prestige of the Federation naturally fell.

 “Who do they think they are? Superheroes?”

 A major general coldly responded, “It seems that someone is trying to provoke the authority of the Federation.”

 Speaking of which, the major general’s gaze unnaturally landed on someone in the corner of the meeting room. It was a young man about twenty-five years old who didn’t seem to be bothered by everyone’s opinion. That major general frowned, “Don’t you want to express your opinion, Hai Hun?”


 A cold light flashed.

 Hai Hun raised his head, and his eyes frighteningly cold.

 Hai Hun was in the same batch as Su Hao during the college entrance exam but lost to Su Hao. He was unwilling to fail like that, and after several years of experience, he finally underwent rebirth and transformed into a new person. Later on, he served the Federation with the power of his clan. Although he only has the strength of a domain realm, no one in the Federation dared to underestimate him.

 It was because of his damn ability talent!

 Soon, after joining the Federation, Hai Hun crafted himself a reputation with absolute strength. The heaven-defying mind reading, coupled with his absolutely calm mind, Hai Hun could be said as one who has reached the pinnacle of sociology.

 “Is there a report regarding their organization?” Hai Hun suddenly spoke.

 “There was some news about that. At first, they weren’t related, but because of this incident, some old materials were discovered. According to the record, they belonged to an organization named Nine Snakes. However, it was then labeled as a rumor, and the staff member who reported this also went missing.”

 The recorder carefully reported.

 “So that’s how it is.”

 Hai Hun thought for a moment, “In order to prevent the existence of Nine Snakes from being leaked out, the staff got killed. But since they’re now taking the risk of exposing themselves to the public, they must have a plan in mind. Either there are other hostile organizations that want to frame them, or they themselves had decided to finally take action.”

 Hai Hun easily analyzed most of the truth with just a glance.

 The meeting room fell into a brief silence.

 The first possibility was very unlikely because such people from a hidden organization might get themselves caught instead of using the Federation to take on the enemy. Not many would resort to such a method.

 As for the second possibility…

 What was the purpose of Nine Snakes?

 What was the origin of this organization’s existence, and what was its purpose for the sudden drastic change of plans?

 The Federation is huge, yet they knew nothing about this organization!

 This was, without a doubt, terrifying. One needs to know the Federation even has recorded data on the assassin organizations such as Piao Ling and the others. Plus, the data was very detailed, yet this Nine Snakes…

 “Hold on.”

 Hai Hun suddenly thought of something, “Let me have a look at the information again.”

 “What happened?”

 The major general wondered.

 Hai Hun ignored him and looked at it for a long time. Eventually, his face revealed a strange color, “Ten cases, five culprits, and their style was similar without exception. They should belong to the same organization. Plus, all their talents are grade S.”

 Hai Hun’s gaze looked cruel.

 He could even analyze their style.

 Indeed, all of their styles were similar, but Hai Hun probably wouldn’t be able to imagine that it was all done by one person instead. Of course, the style would be similar. He would have never imagined that there would be a world esper pretending to be someone else and could also imitate that person’s talent!

 Although Su Hao didn’t have the talents of Ming Biao’s companions, it wasn’t that difficult to disguise the effect of grade S talent with other similar type talents since he knew about the corresponding talent characteristics from Ming Biao.

 One needs to note that he had over one hundred thousand basic talents in his body!


 Everyone in the meeting room was stunned.

 Grade S talent?

 Everyone in the Federation was very afraid of this grade. In the past, several grade S talent espers managed to develop well and almost destroyed the entire Federation! Their faces all turned ugly. After careful confirmation, they finally obtained the affirmation. Although there were still some doubts, the possibility of those people being grade S talent espers were as high as ninety percent!

 A mysterious organization, an organization that might have all their members be grade S talent espers…

 No wonder Hai Hun would be this shocked.

 After confirming this news, the Federation could no longer sit still.

 This isn’t a joke!

 What kind of concept is grade S talent esper?

 To be frank, in terms of combat effectiveness, grade S talents might not be that strong, but to the Federation, the danger of their existence was far above any general world esper! If a world esper is to take action, just send someone stronger than him, and it will be settled in minutes.

 But grade S talent espers…

 Once an outbreak occurs, the consequences would be unpredictable.

 “These two data, this talent.”

 Hai Hun focused on those two materials and pointed at the name Luo Yang printed on the paper, “Do you all still remember what happened to Major General Luo Yang a few days ago?”

 “You mean…”

 “It’s him.”

 Hai Hun replied in confidence.

 “Notify Origin Ability Association.”

 The chief who sat at the front finally gave his order. His murky eyes revealed a terrifying gaze, “Nine Snakes must be destroyed!”


 “Origin Ability Association made its move!”

 The news intercepted by the satellite reassured Su Hao.

 He had taken action a few times, and the Federation finally took the bait. Ten deaths that affected all the high profile officers were all directed to Nine Snakes. Undoubtedly, the next step would be a total war between the Federation and Nine Snakes!

 This unwilling target, Nine Snakes was destined to end.

 Su Hao didn’t think that Nine Snakes could win.

 No matter what, it was a dark hidden organization. If it had the strength to resist heaven, it would have long exposed itself in the past. Would it actually have to wait? As for the Federation, it is a gathering of human elites. Once the members of Nine Snakes were exposed, it would be a terrifying case.

 No matter what, no one could escape.

 “Seems that we can enjoy the show.” Su Hao said so within his heart.

 Nine Snakes must be eradicated, whether for themselves or for the Federation. The current method was the best choice, and what he aimed for was the talents of Nine Snakes’ members.

 In a light screen, countless information was being transmitted.

 Literally all high-level messages of the Federation appeared in front of Su Hao. The horrifying hacking ability of his allowed him to obtain news without any disadvantage.

 Early the next morning, the headquarter of Origin Ability Association made its move.

 The information of those thirty-six core members of Nine Snakes was constantly being exposed. At first, only five were known by Su Hao, but it had now grown to twelve! In the same way, the information of those outer disciples was gradually revealed, and many grade S talent members were also captured.

 Su Hao had gone to meet them on the way back.

 Four grade S talents were now in his hand!

 Since the time he perfected Kingdom of Heaven, this was the easiest time he ever had to obtain talents. At this rate, if he manages to get rid of those nine leaders of Nine Snakes, perhaps he could really step into the world realm! Su Hao lurked around quietly, waiting for the Federation to bring more people back.

 However, Su Hao’s happiness didn’t last long.

 Today, just after obtaining another grade S talent, Su Hao encountered a person on the way back. To be precise, it was a monk.

 He had a bald head with a cassock and twelve dots of scar on his head.

 “Who are you?”

 Su Hao stopped.

 That monk put both his palms together, “This poor monk believes in the Origin of Dharma. As the ninth head of Nine Snakes, it seems that we might have some misunderstanding with this fellow brother. Thus, this poor monk wants to invite this brother to talk.”

 “Nine Snakes organization?”

 Su Hao’s pupil shrank suddenly.

 He didn’t expect that Nine Snakes would be able to track his trail. Sure enough, this organization mustn’t be underestimated! This monk was alone here, but he made Su Hao feel a thick sense of danger.

 This time…

 It’s a huge problem.

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