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Chapter 1030 - A strong start!

Chapter 1030: A strong start!

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Gao Ming lost.

It lost in such a heroic way.

Seven arrows were needed to pierce its heart, and Su Hao showed no mercy. When he broke through, the result was already determined. His momentum when reaching level three world realm wasn’t something that anyone could stop!


The world was in an uproar.

When the battle ended, Su Hao’s battle scene was replayed countless times on the virtual screen.


They were all outstanding scenes!

Whether it was when he was only a domain esper and dared to fight against level three world espers, or the shocking, gorgeous breakthrough to seal his victory.

Su Hao caused an uproar again.

In the audience, the beast who hadn’t bet against Wang Jun earlier took a deep breath. At first, it only thought that Su Hao wouldn’t be that easy to deal with, but who would have thought this would be the end result? Su Hao actually won! Fortunately, it didn’t gamble with Wang Jun earlier or else…

At the same time, Su Hao went viral all over the world.

Friends who missed the match were called over to watch the replay, and Su Hao’s breakthrough easily topped the chart in the topics list.

Of course, for the beasts, that seemed like a big issue.

Battle of Glory, the pre-quarterfinals finally ended.


There were only two beasts left?

Only upon this realization did the beasts take in a breath of cold air.


Yes, only two qualified.

One was the powerful Mo Ling, and the other was a level three world realm beast who fought against another beast, but it wasn’t strong. Most likely, it would fall in the next battle! When this truth was realized, the beasts felt extremely painful…

Battle of Glory, humans were totally ahead of them!

Not only this time, but also the next rounds.

Even if Mo Ling and that beast won, it would only be a tie, but was that possible?

Compared to the strength shown from the breakthrough via ten perfect boundary spirits, the beast was only an ordinary level three world esper and was probably the weakest one among the eight.

This also meant that.

From now on, the hope of the beasts…

Is only Mo Ling alone!

There was no more else.

“How could this be…”

“6 to 2…”

In the beast camp, countless beasts muttered to themselves. Obviously, in any case, they would have never thought that the battle would be completely reversed right before the quarterfinals!

The so-called top ten beasts in the original genius list were easily abused.

This was simply too sad.

Hydra was nearly dumbfounded.

All sorts of messy battles had caused Hydra’s brain to be stunned that he revealed his original body.

“Look at those trash.”

“That’s right. If we divided ourself, we could participate, right?”

“Ha, when we divide ourself, if we’re to count the age, I am within 30 years old.”

“Shut up everyone!”

Hydra shouted angrily, which caused the atmosphere to quiet down.

Divide himself and participate?

Let the other heads participate?


This is the Battle of Glory.

Besides, the scale of this battle had reached level three world realm. Whether it was Gao Ming or Su Hao, that wasn’t something that Hydra could participate in once he divided himself.

“Seems that the top four is no longer within our reach.”

Hydra sighed.

Of course, the top four he meant was excluding Mo Ling.

Because in his heart, Mo Ling was the well-deserved first place. After all, that guy is…

Right now, the only thing that worried him was Su Hao.

It was because Su Hao’s strength was too weird. If he as a domain esper could compete against level three world espers, how strong would he be after breaking through to level three world realm? What was even more interesting was that after his breakthrough, he didn’t reveal any special strengths.

The only thing he did was use Xinghe Arrow!

An upgraded Xinghe Arrow by an unknown number of times!

As for other powers?

Of course not!

Su Hao didn’t reveal them at all.

If his previous moves were all based on origin energy, what about Su Hao’s Rule Force after his breakthrough?

No one knew!

#Su Hao’s breakthrough.

#Su Hao’s Rule Force.

#Su Hao’s victory.

#Su Hao’s counterattack.

#”Duang” cry


All kinds of topics were spread on the Internet, and it was total chaos. This pre-quarterfinals of the Battle of Glory had brought too many surprises to people.

In the Federation’s training hall, when the battle was over, Su Hao was also surrounded.

“Damn, Boss, you’re too fierce!” Li Xin’s eyes lit up.

“How could you hide it from us that long!” Chen Yiran rolled her eyes.

“Cough, cough.”

Su Hao quickly surrendered, and various explanations were mixed up. There was no other way, the existence of Kingdom of Heaven was a secret, and he would never let anyone know about it.

Fortunately, the secrets of this world aren’t too difficult to keep.

The parts that Su Hao didn’t explain, everyone knew why.

Soon, their topic was focused on how Su Hao broke through, which made him recall that he had diverted the effect of returning back to the origin to other people.

“Where’s Wang Jun?” Su Hao finally remembered.

“Wang Jun?”

Everyone looked at each other and was taken aback.

True, why wasn’t Wang Jun here?

He can’t be turning into a baby right?

Su Hao’s heart skipped a beat.

At this moment, Wang Jun walked in with a refreshing look. When Su Hao took a closer look, Wang Jun was still a world esper as if he wasn’t affected at all.


“Are you alright?”

Su Hao felt a bit strange.


Wang Jun scratched his head and remembered, “Don’t remind me of it. Just now, without knowing why, I was also affected by that damn returning back to the origin. My strength began to drop, and that scared me to death. Fortunately, that force wasn’t strong. After I cultivated for a bit, I gradually recovered my strength.”


Su Hao nodded in surprise.

It seemed that his guess was right. After all, the force had been shunted thrice. Of course, if he guessed incorrectly… um…

They could only remember Wang Jun’s contribution.

After all, this was for the glory of mankind!

However, Su Hao also predicted that although Gao Ming’s force was powerful, it wouldn’t take long before the original strength was recovered even if one turns into a baby. Otherwise…

When one was about to die, wouldn’t he be saved with this one session?!

Wouldn’t one become immortal then?

This pre-quarterfinals wasn’t far from the quarterfinals. Moreover, those who needed to pray ended up being the beasts instead.

Humans were on the dominant side.

After this battle, there was no doubt that Su Hao was the strongest human! The first ranking that no one dared to dream of, after Su Hao finished overwhelming Gao Ming, the people’s cheers became louder and louder.

Su Hao was finally qualified to fight Mo Ling.

The real championship battle!

A few days quickly passed.

Su Hao, Chen Yiran, and the others literally mastered their newly earned power in the past few days. In just this short period of time, they achieved perfect mastery. Seeing Su Hao proficient using his World Force, Wang Jun and the others all complained. Su Hao had just broken through, how could he be more proficient than them?

Regarding this, Su Hao could only smile lightly.

This wasn’t a joke.

Who knows how long he had been in contact with Kingdom of Heaven?

As for Little Dark Room…

During the time when they just broke through, Li Xin once suggested that everyone go to Little Dark Room to master their new power, and… without any surprise, everyone left in disgust.

That kind of loneliness and endless nothingness, not everyone could bear it!

After coming out, everyone was full of admiration when they looked at Su Hao. When he was trying to create a boundary spirit, Su Hao stayed in it for a long time!

Just as everyone was training, the quarterfinals arrived.

This time, humans were the ones enjoying the advantage!

Su Hao sat in the contestant stand and could hear the audience’s voices soaring to the sky! That couldn’t be helped, having the absolute advantage of six to two, how could they not be excited?

As for the beasts, their expressions weren’t looking great.

They didn’t have much hope.

Their only hope was the beast who advanced together with Mo Ling could meet the weakest one among the humans and win by luck.

In this way, at least it would be a tie in the semifinals!

Two versus two.

However, when the list of the matches was announced, all the beasts were dumbfounded.


Quarterfinal Matches


Li Xin versus Wan Cheng.

Chen Yiran versus Zhou Wang.

Mo Ling versus Zheng Tai.

Su Hao versus Xuan Ming.


The first three matches were fine, but the final matchup…

Su Hao?


The weakest beast actually met Su Hao?

All the beasts were too helpless to complain. What the hell was that?

Would the battle still be suspenseful?

Of course not!

In the first battle, Li Xin made his appearance.

During the training, those two had already fought each other countless times. This time, it was just a performance. In the end, Li Xin was easily defeated by Wan Cheng. This was a battle between humans and beasts. There was no need to expose all of their power.

In the second match, Chen Yiran versus Zhou Wang.

Both turned the scene upside down by randomly throwing things. One could see ice and thunder on the stage. In the end, Chen Yiran was defeated, and Zhou Wang reached the semifinals.

What concerned humans the most was the third match.

Mo Ling versus Zheng Tai.

What was the strength of these two?

It was similar to the previous match of Gao Ming and Su Hao, a sharp contrast!

Mo Ling overwhelmed Zheng Tai.

However, Zheng Tai was still a level three world esper. Although he wasn’t considered strong, when facing Mo Ling, he should be able to force him to make a second move, right?

That was everyone’s thought.

In the holographic world, the match slowly revealed itself.

Mo Ling was expressionless as before, as if he didn’t care about this battle. On the other hand, Zheng Tai could be seen sweating nervously.

The match began!


Without any hesitation, seeing the match start, Zheng Tai went invisible without a delay.


Hiding within shadows.

That was a set of smooth moves.

His purpose was simple. As long as he didn’t let Mo Ling kill him in one move, he would be able to see Mo Ling’s other tricks. Even if he can’t win, he can always force a few more tricks, right?

Just then, Mo Ling took action.


Space shook.

Endless blue light flashed.

That familiar move reappeared. A wave of fluctuation by Mo Ling reached Zheng Tai, and just when it was about to hit the target, Zheng Tai disappeared.

However, Mo Ling didn’t pay attention to Zheng Tai at all. After the fluctuation flashed, the excess amount of force turned into the familiar arc-shaped fluctuation.


Zheng Tai just disappeared like that.

It took quite a while.

When the words “Mo Ling won” popped out, everyone was stunned.

It ended just like this?

It was still one move!

A flicker and fluctuation, that never changed!

After being invisible, Zheng Tai was killed without even having a chance to show himself. There was no doubt that that terrifying fluctuation could ignore space!

The audience went into an uproar.

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