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Chapter 0036 Brilliantly dispatching opponents

Chapter 0036 Brilliantly dispatching opponents

“Ai, what about Su Hao?”

“Yea, although he can’t compete for top position, I remember he had mastered beginner police fighting techniques. No matter what, he should at least be in the top 20.”

“Perhaps he was injured and hadn’t recovered yet?”


As everyone was whispering, Su Ling’s facial expression also began to turn pale. That serious injury her brother had, did he fully recover from it? If he wasn’t able to perform at his best….

At this time, the examination officially ended.


The noise started to echo. Su Ling felt like she couldn’t dare to raise her head to look at the screen. But the very next second, the sound of her two best friends exclaiming resounded in her ears, “My god….this….this….”

Su Ling looked up and almost lost control of her body from being surprised and in disbelief over what she saw.

Su Hao, his name had appeared!

Before the exam ended, the name which had already disappeared for more than 10 minutes had once again appeared. Not only that, the name occupied the very top rank on the list.

Kicking everyone’s rank down by a number, the name which originally pitifully disappeared from the top 100 name list.

Su Hao.

Theoretical foundation 190 points!

Fighting techniques 310 points!

A total of 500 points!

Almost blinding the crowd’s eyes, the two students who originally had 200 points which the crowd looked up to were totally being destroyed. 200 points was that formidable?

But Su Hao had 310 points!


The whole school was in an uproar. Even the parents that watched the live score through the Internet were dumbfounded too. Such a score, how did he get it?

Basic fighting techniques 100 points, police fighting techniques 100 points, military fighting techniques 100 points. As for the remaining points, where did he get that from? A lot of people were at a loss over this.

As for those who knew about fighting essence, this really made them astonished. To be able to obtain more than 300 points, it could only indicate one thing.

Su Hao had fully mastered basic fighting techniques and police fighting technique to the highest levels. Through continuous effort and practice, he had spontaneously walked toward the direction of military fighting techniques.

Such terrifying talent!

When the exam was over, Su Hao was in the first rank for two consecutive exams and was automatically first for the total score. Although everyone knew that the following exams were not Su Hao’s forte, this time, nobody dared to look down at him.

Being ranked first for two consecutive exams, and at the same time breaking the records.

Especially fighting techniques, since then, there was never such a high score! That year, there was one who managed to rush all the way to 300 points and Su Hao, this time he had stepped over that man’s shoulders. That record by the man which hadn’t be broken for years had finally been overtake by a full 10 points!

“This is too scary, 310 points…. Even in a dream, I don’t dare to think of such.”

“Yea, just now when Sun Yaotian appeared with 200 points, I was already shocked. Never did I expect that Su Hao easily stepped over him.”

“Gee, now only he’s worthy of Chen Yiran. If they’re back together, it’ll be good then.”

“That, nobody would be able to predict. Perhaps this is Su Hao’s revenge after they broke up!”

The whole crowd on campus didn’t discuss any topics other than this.

All topics were about Su Hao distancing himself far from Zhou Wang with 114 points. Everyone knew that Su Hao had indeed created a legend.

As for Su Hao’s sister, Su Ling, she was surrounded by a group of people. “You are Su Ling, right? Haha, nice to meet you. I am Jianghua News’s intern journalist. I’d like to interview you about your brother’s result.”

“No problem.” Su Ling nodded with good manners, “Please wait for a moment.”

“Good, good. Indeed Su Hao’s sister. Such politeness,” the man praised.

Su Ling looked at Yue Qing for a moment. At this moment, Yue Qing’s face was extremely pale. She almost didn’t dare to meet her eyes with Su Ling. Even the girls besides them, Xiao Yezi and Hua Chi were brimming in red as they were getting excited.

“Su Ling, I’ll be your sister-in-law then.” Xiao Yezi showed an expression of looking forward to it, “People had already made preparation for it.”

Hua Chi’s facial expression right now was as if she couldn’t hold herself anymore, “Hoe!”

Su Ling and Xiao Yezi then strangely looked at her. In the end, who is the true hoe here? Xiao Yezi was only interested in Su Hao alone, but this Hua Chi would always been smitten in love whenever she spotted a handsome man.

Su Ling helplessly patted her two best friends and only then did she start the interview with Jiang Hua News.

From an unknown, she was now an overnight celebrity.

Su Ling was only an ordinary highschool girl. She herself also didn’t quite understand. But one thing which she knew was that she needed to let these people know about her brother’s efforts and sacrifices!

Thus, from Su Ling’s mouth, a struggling and terrifying combat expert which only had one or two hours of rest time at night was born.

Jiang Hua News journalist nodded after hearing such a talk. Countless ideas were playing within his mind right now.

King of first rank?

No, no….. Su Hao had only obtained first rank for the first two exams. There was no guarantee that he would be able to do so for the last two exams. Thus, he couldn’t write whether he was a king or not, as it would bring a negative impact.

Then…. add commoner?

“King of commoners!”

The title seemed to be quite good. The journalist’s eyes were shining brightly, and he then wrapped up everything that Su Ling mentioned. Talent was not enough to overcome hard work, king of commoners succeeding in the road of Gods!

How can one with lowest origin ability be able to achieve two consecutive first ranks?

One by one, ideas kept coming to his mind. The journalist seemed to already be too impatient to wait for tomorrow’s news. Unfortunately, at this time, he could only wait because he was only an intern journalist right now. This was also the very reason he could enter here.

Because he was one of the second year students here and also at the same time, a part time journalist for a news agency. For such hot news to be covered by her, the intern journalist, he could already imagine the future glory which he would receive.

But to leave here, he could only wait until the exam ended.

Examination hall.

At this point, all the exams which were supposed to take place in morning were already over. Basically, the remaining exams would be held in an afternoon session.

Physical fitness exam. This was not really an exam. Usually within one to ten minutes, the process would be done. When the exam started at 2pm, it would ended very soon.

After physical fitness, it would be the most important one, ability index!

This was also the main highlight of the exams in the afternoon session. An hour long of duration, candidates are free to show their ability and then the system would then calculate the score according to their origin ability talent and also various factors which affect the quality.

And then the last one, the final exam – the comprehensive exam!

You have scored high in the four exams?

Points up to 900?

If you thought that this was the final score, then you would be wrong! Comprehensive exam was what everyone was worried about the most.

Since the first four scores could be considered as their own efforts and achievements from all these years, the difference from their usual strength usually wouldn’t be a large margin and most of candidates would be satisfied with their result.

But the comprehensive exam….. If you didn’t perform well in this your score might not even increase, but rather decreased. If the first four exams were 900 points, and then you score 600 points in the comprehensive exam, then congratulation, your final score of the mock exam would be a pitiful 750 points!

At noon, whether it was outside of the examination hall or inside the hall, everyone was getting ready for lunch.

The school management was not stingy. Preparing delicious gourmet food for everyone as to not affect the physical fitness evaluation later in the afternoon session. The cook had even added some chemicals which would enhance the evaluation, making the score even more accurate.

This was also the very reason why the physical fitness exam was held at afternoon session.

Wandering in the examination building area, Su Hao was quite shocked in his heart. He had always thought that there would only be about 10 people in this school whom he might want to fear, but now, numerous random students with strong abilities were wandering around too.

Su Hao almost thought that he was in a wrong place.

The high school was very large, but if there was a popular celebrity everyone would be able to recognise them. However, right now, there were many people with abnormal abilities that he had never seen before.

Soon, Su Hao thought of one possibility: self tutored students!

Those who believed that the school teachers were not qualified to educate them. In fact, due to their family wealth, they were able to invite the best teachers to teach them by offering various resources.

These people, would only appear during the mock exam to enter into the natural selection class, were what Su Hao had in front of him right now.

“Interesting…” Su Hao thought in his heart, “Seems like this competition is very competitive.”

“However, as for me, there won’t be much interference. My origin ability is 10.8. Although my fighting techniques and result in the comprehensive exam might be a bit worse, I should be able to maintain at 10 points or more. Such a result should be sufficient to enter into the natural selection class!”

Su Hao tightened the grip on his fists. The emergence of these people had caused some unknown factors to be thrown into an exam, which he was supposed to be confident in. To not let off such chance, which only appears once in a thousand time, Su Hao could only try his hardest.

I must take this exam seriously!

I can’t afford to be relaxed!

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