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Chapter 0033 Stunning everyone!

Chapter 0033 Stunning everyone!

Zhou Wang!

A domineeringly incomparable name.

A terrifying result of 186 points, exactly 4 points above of Bai Lingfeng!

Zhou Wang, the eldest son of Zhou Family, was also the only son in the family. His family managed a big business and was definitely not below the Chen or Sun families. Their son naturally won’t be that bad compared to the Chen Yifeng and Viper from that year.

This was the so-called stealth war.

“Big Brother Zhou Wang?” Yue Qing exclaimed with her small mouth opened widely. Apparently she was quite surprised too, “Even Big Brother Zhou Wang has appeared, this is too incredible!”

Noticing the puzzled expression on Su Ling’s and the other girls’ faces, Yue Qing proudly looked up with great satisfaction, “Big Brother Zhou Wang is the only son of Zhou family. You girls should know the Zhou family right, one of the four giants in Jianghe City? However, what makes Zhou Wang different from the others is that he has a very formidable tutor.”

“Although I have never met the tutor before, that tutor is said to have graduated from Zhanzheng college and is very strong. I originally thought that Big Brother Zhou Wang would only appear during the last college examination, but unexpectedly he even wanted to enter natural selection class. Enrolling in natural selection class, is it really that beneficial?”

Those words of Yue Qing had really made the girls shocked in their mind.

Zhanzheng College, only those in the top ranks within the natural selection class have the opportunity to get selected to be enrolled. Thus Zhou Wang’s tutor was, without doubt, very powerful. Even such a person requested Zhou Wang to participate in the mock exam to enrol in natural selection class. Seems that the natural selection class was the best ladder to enter into Zhanzheng college!

“Well, are you convinced now?” Looking at the shocked expression on the girls, Yue Qing suddenly voiced out with her proud tone.

Hua Chi wanted to talk back but was pulled back by Su Ling, who shook her head lightly. Her brother was now in the examination and she had no interest in playing with Yue Qing’s, such a little girl’s jealous game.

However, even if she endured, it didn’t mean that Xiao Yezi could do so. Not being convinced, Xiao Yezi replied back, “Hmmppphh, so what? Brother Su Hao still hasn’t finish the examination. I thought the examination was still ongoing.”

Yue Qing shook her head, smiling, “Theoretical foundation, this isn’t his first time taking it. If you know the answer, you will know but if you don’t, no matter what it will still be futile. There’s no chance to guess the answer right. For such people, as long as they know, they would have answered all the questions and finished already. If only until the end, he still couldn’t finish it, it only shown his lack of ability to answer all the questions.”

“Even though he can’t finish answering the questions, he still dares to compete with Big Brother Zhou Wang?” Yue Qing teasingly laughed, and looked at the watch on her wrist, “There are only 20 seconds left, Su Ling’s brother still wants to compete? That’s a total joke!”

Xiao Yezi clenched her fists while raising them. Luckily, Su Ling quickly stopped her and continued staring at the huge screen.

Per the rules of the theoretical foundation exam, nobody was allowed to leave even if he or she was to send the answer script earlier. But, they are allowed to spend their time searching for information on the Internet, watching some movies with the transparent virtual screen or get some 3D simulations to play with. This was the privilege of those who sent their script earlier.

In the past, Su Hao was definitely one of the earliest to send the answer script.

However, this time, even until the very final few seconds, he still didn’t send his answer script. Apparently, he had stumbled upon a very hard question. This really caused everyone to lose their last hope.

At this point, the top 20 list were occupied by those terrifying and unknown names. Even Chen Yiran was pushed down to number 22. This was too surprising.


When the last second passed, the examination finally officially ended. The name list on the screen refreshed yet again!

Those names at the end of the list naturally had a substantial change. But the names at the top 20 list, the position was still the same. The top 20 was still monopolised by that group of students…….Huh? Something wasn’t right here!


An uproar echoed, as the crowd stared at the screen. Those originally in the top 20, there was no change indeed. Even the order was the same too. But the only difference was that there was a name quietly slipped into the first rank which then caused all the names to be pushed down by a number.

Su Hao! 190 points!

Such a simple line of text, yet it shocked almost everyone on the scene!

190 points!

It’s really 190 points!

This name list, how long had it been since one with 190 points appeared?

Zhou Wang with his absolute advantage of 4 points had kicked Bai Lingfeng off the first placing but Su Hao, with the same absolute advantage of 4 points, kicked the whole top 20 list down a notch.

190 points!

This was simply incomparable!

All the teachers, at the same time exposed a refreshed expression and feeling of being proud. You took the top 20 list so what? Now, you can only have 19 places.

You aren’t trying to show off?

First rank belongs to our student, which we pain heartedly taught!

Your tutors had a done good job in teaching you all? But the first rank belongs to Su Hao!

You monopolised the top 20 list? The first is still Su Hao!

You intended to amaze the crowd? The first place belongs to Su Hao still!

This was such a lovely scene. Each and every teacher at the school was so proud. As for the others, they didn’t care much. After all, there were a total of 5 tests, 4 normal tests and 1 comprehensive test. Su Hao having the absolute first in theoretical foundation, the win itself had a very important significance.

With great excitement, Su Ling and co hugged each other.

“Did you see that, 190 points, this is my brother!” Su Ling exclaimed in excitement. To this talented girl, most of the time, when she looked at her brother working so hard all the way from origin ability of 3, struggling desperately to break into 4 points, and not willing to even take a nap at night, she really wished not to have this talent and give it to him instead.

Every time when she heard of her being talented and her brother being trash, she felt so much heartache for her brother. Only she knew how hard working her brother was at home.

Everytime, she wanted to reply loudly to them, “My brother is not worse than you!”

But she couldn’t. She knew that doing so would bring more pressure to him instead. Even when her brother had reached 10 points in origin ability, she still wouldn’t say he must be enrolled into which college. But at least now, she could openly said it out loud, “My brother is definitely not worse than you!”

Her tears falling off had really made Xiao Yezi and Hua Chi go into panic. “Su Ling, Xiao Ling Er, what happen?”

“Nothing.” A smile appeared on Su Ling’s face while tears fell off, “I…….. am happy for my brother.”

She knew that this was just the beginning!

From now on, her brother would use his own strength to prove who was the real true legend in the end!

Looking at the excited expression on Su Ling and her friends’ faces, Yue Qing didn’t have any words to say. Raising her head up to look at the screen, those two words seemed to be as heavy as Mountain Tai, pressuring Zhou Wang until he was gasping for air.

Big Brother Zhou Wang, he failed?

“Su Hao, that nerd.” Yue Qing finally voiced out. “Without doubt, his other results are so bad. Obviously his origin ability is only 6.8. O nope, now it should be 6.9. Theoretical foundation could only increase by a few points.”

“Too bad! No matter how strong, it’s still only theoretical foundation.” Yue Qing disdainly said.

Next to her, Su Ling wiped off her tears and stood in front of Yue Qing, “What, after losing, you can only say such words?”

Yue Qing’s eyes were shaken, staring at Su Ling, “Your brother being excellent in theoretical foundation, who still doesn’t know that? Don’t tell me that he still wants to compete in other tests?”

“What is the next exam?” Su Ling looked at Xiao Yezi.

Xiao Yezi replied, “Combat method.”

“Excellent!” Su Ling looked at Yue Qing, “I will absolutely not tolerate anyone laughing at my brother. Combat methods, do you dare to bet?”

“Bet with what?”

Su Ling pointed at the screen above, “My brother definitely will be in the top 10!”

Yue Qing turned her head and looked at her who was as if she were a girl purged into madness, “Su Ling, the amount of students in school mastering advanced basic fighting technique is small. Your brother being able to master beginner police fighting technique is indeed strong. But you think that those monsters won’t master that? Even while relying on their own ability, at least 10 would be able to master that fighting technique!”

Su Ling stared at her indifferently, “I am asking you, do you dare to bet or not?”

Yue Qing sneered, “I am obviously not afraid to do so. What are we betting?”

“10 thousand star dollars.” Su Ling looked at her, “If I lose I’ll give you 10 thousand star dollars. If I win, I want an apology from you to my brother!”

Xiao Yezi and Hua Chi who were next to her quickly pulled Su Ling over, “Xiao Ling Er, are you mad. Where do you have 10 thousand star dollars? It’s not worth it to let off your gas on her.”

“Heng!” Yue Qing coldly smiled, “I will not take it cheap from you. If you lose, 10 thousand star dollars, I will gladly accept it. If you brother really enters the top 10, I will not only apologize to him but also give you 10 thousand star dollars! If he manages to get first place then I’ll give you one hundred thousand star dollars!”


Su Ling had a glance at her and turned away, no longer bothering with her.

This time, she bet with the 10 thousands star dollar which her brother gave. Now, she will definitely not allow anyone to look down on her brother. Perhaps she was a bit childish, but she is indeed still a child.

The great uproar was not only here. Even those big wealthy families were shocked when they had the name list in their hands. Unfortunately, those taking the examination did not know about the scene which caused such a storm in the school!


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