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Chapter 0012 Self-harming medicine

GMC 0012 Self-harming medicine

The so-called overdrafting to the limit, is the side effect displayed by the body when someone consumes more energy than is readily available; and the body forcefully extracts the emergency reserve usually dormant in the body. This is also what causes the phenomena of gaining more strength under life and death conditions. Su Hao knew about this occurrence but he did not expect his condition to be like this.

After pondering for a moment, he finally understood – the police fighting techniques!

These days, he had increased his physical fitness by practising fighting techniques. With police fighting techniques, he had enhanced his combat method for another 150 points. This only barely met the minimum requirement to be able to display police fighting technique without self harm.

Although was indeed able to use the fighting techniques, the burden on his body was too much!

If not because of Chen Yiran, this time, he might even need a very long duration to recover to his peak condition.

“At first, I thought I will rush through beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques at once.” Su Hao thought for a moment. “Seems that the conditions have now changed. I should concentrate on my physical fitness first.”

Su Hao’s physical fitness was not weak, however, it couldn’t keep up with the strain from fighting techniques.

Let just go back home first and do a bit of research online.

Science development had progressed at such high pace. Body enhancing drugs were everywhere, however, the price was really too much. Some even reached a staggering price tag of several millions which made Su Hao speechless. Even if he sold himself, he could never afford them. Of course, this was from Su Hao’s perspective who was rather poor, their abundance compared to demand meant that companies were selling at relatively small profit margins, covering the cost of materials and production.

Unfortunately, the cheapest among them required 1 million star dollars!

Su Hao could only bitterly smiled as he looked at them. He then thought for a moment. Beginner restoration medicine already costs 10 thousand. These permanent enhancing drugs were too expensive!

However, Su Hao did not decide to give up his dream. He could only slowly practice, with little progress day by day.

Besides the regular online store, there were of course black markets. There, some weird and strange drugs were being sold. Perhaps some of them would meet his requirement.

Su Hao then set the medicine arranged according to lowest price first. One by one, he scanned through the description and suddenly, he frowned.

The so-called cheap products were trash. The side effect from consuming them were too extreme and some might even lead to blindness or other disabilities. Su Hao was not satisfied and continued scrolled down. These had passed the one million range.

“These doping drugs with side effects are even more expensive than ordinary medicines?”

Su Hao was curious and clicked on one of the most hot selling products.

(T/N: This creator definitely loves S&M) {E/N: A masochist? Quite possible)

Su Hao was shocked. This side effect was simply a self harming drug!

If you use this drug the same way you would use a normal strengthening drug, it will only give you half the effects. However, if you are injured while under the effects of the drug, the improvement you get will be enhanced. Taking this drug, isn’t it just to harm own self?

The higher the degree of pain you can withstand, the higher the increase in your physical fitness!

The most absolute nonsense was the price of this drug reached such a high price, 3 million. This was more expensive than ordinary drugs by 3 times!

Su Hao bitterly smiled. When he was ready to exit the page, he saw the name of the drug creator and was startled. “Creator of this drug: Berserk master”

Berserk master Zhang Zhongtian?

Su Hao’s eyes suddenly shined. That place last time when he exchanged the star grass?

If he wanted to buy from the usual channels he would obviously not able to afford it. However, if through accomplishing certain tasks……as far as his understanding on the character of Zhang Zhongtian, this pharmacist is definitely annoyed with any complicated and troublesome matters. Usually, he would just use his own produced drugs as task reward.

Thinking of this, Su Hao immediately rushed to origin ability firm.

Once he reached the lobby and saw the self-help platform, the screens were as usual, busy as ever. Since he had completed the task from there once, he could just directly log in with his fingerprint and poof~, all his personal information appears.

Su Hao directly opened the menu for the previous task giver. He wanted to look at every task available. The next second, a series of task information popped out on the screen. There were too many, hundreds of listed tasks and more kept appearing, to the point where his hair started to stand.

“This master, the herbs that he could not buy in the market, he would definitely make a request here.” Su Hao knew that to create those banned drugs, all sort of strange materials would be needed.

“Quest for beginner body strengthening drug.”


The screen instantly popped up a window, “There is no such task as of now.”


Su Hao curiously opened one of the advanced task and found out that the reward for the task has all become star dollars!

“This can’t be true…….”

Su Hao wrinkled his eyebrows. This is not like the style of Master Zhang.

Su Hao did not know that this was actually all his fault. After that one complaint last time, the origin ability firm had requested a very strict inspection on the task reward. Master Zhang would never have time to spend on the inspection. He would rather drop the drugs off at the black market. After selling them, he would then put up the task with star dollars as the reward.

“If this is the case, I need to think of an idea.”

“Check for the urgent task!”

Shua~, the screen flashed. More than half of the task list disappeared.

“Continue searching for the task which has been put up the longest.”

Shua, the screen flashed again. Only one task was left above the screen.

(E/N: Shouldn’t it be sorted as a list, longest to most recent? >..<)

Collect 30 teeth roots of berserk jackal, task reward, five hundred thousand.

500 thousand star dollar was definitely a huge number. But this task, after one whole month appearing on the task list, nobody had fulfil the mission!

The reason was very simple. This so-called berserk red jackal was a type of mutated red jackal. People also said wolf and jackal. This was because they were both brutal and cruel, such similarities then made man to put them two together.

Jackal, is definitely not a wolf. However, it is even more vicious than a wolf.

To battle against a berserk red jackal, you would need a minimum of origin ability value 7. The most critical point here is jackals always stay in a group, as few as 7 to 8 or at worst, in dozens. They would usually hunt for food at the abandoned suburban region.

30 teeth root was actually not much. However, if only one tooth root is needed from each jackal, then this would be a huge problem!

What was Master Zhang planning to do? He only wanted one from each berserk red jackal. In other words, he wanted 30 teeth root from different berserk red jackals!

This would only meant he would need to face a group of berserk red jackals!

Only those with origin ability with 9 points would have such capability! As for those who had reached 9 points, would they even care this mere 500 thousand? Moreover, what if they accidentally met other stronger berserk beasts? After all, this is not a zero possibility.

“30 teeth root of berserk red jackal….”

Su Hao directly accepted this task. This task’s difficulty was very high but he was left with no choice. If he wanted to enhance his physical fitness, this was the only way out.

After accepting the task, Su Hao bought a map of the beast distribution around Jianghe city.

This map indicated a very clear information on which beast would usually appear at which locations.

Since the appearance of origin ability in the world, the berserk beast were becoming more clever too. Each species would have their own domain. Occasionally, they would roam outside of their territory but most of the time, they would just stay at their own domain.

As for why the berserk red jackal occupied the outskirts of Jianghe city, Su Hao made a guess that they must had been driven out by other powerful berserk beasts and finally fled all the way here.

After deciding on a reasonable route, Su Hao then rushed to the direction of berserk red jackal nest. Once again, he was out of the city. This time, he was much more calmer.

Most of the time, along the way, he would only encounter those berserk beasts below 5 points. Those who dared to give him trouble, he would instantly kill them with a move.

(E/N: Shouldn’t there be a book ‘Useful things from beasts’ that he can study, then collect things from the stuff he kills? For such a broke dude, he is missing easy money.. He could even complete other beginner tasks if he has the mats)

Soon, Su Hao reached the region of berserk red jackals and began to proceed cautiously.

His origin ability had reached 6.8. However, he believed that since he had mastered fighting techniques to such high level, getting rid of one red jackal should not be anything hard.

Carefully, he approached the abandoned houses and trees. Su Hao finally saw the appearance of a berserk red jackal.

It was somehow similar with ordinary dog with sharper claws and teeth. Because of the mutation, the whole body was in bright red, two eyes glowing in a red color as well. The aura it displayed was full of ferocity with two extremely long fangs protruding out.

Seven to eight red jackals were hanging out together. Su Hao immediately hid himself. He could only wait for the next target.

After consecutively hiding himself from four to five packs of jackals, Su Hao finally understood why nobody completed the mission after so long. He kept watching his prey for more than an hour yet not even one red jackal was seen alone.

“What the f*ck! How am I gonna complete this then?”

Su Hao cursed in his heart. Out of nowhere, he heard a very loud bang. Su Hao was shocked and turned his head to the right to look at the source of the sound. He saw at a distant away, a fire blaze was rampaging. The red jackals howled and began to disperse in a very messy order.

Numerous berserk red jackals heard the howl and quickly reacted by rushing there.



One by one, the red jackals rushed towards the direction of the flame.

Su Hao who was ready to go there and have a look too began to change his mind. He locked down his target at one of those red jackals who were slowest in reaction. Licking his dry lips, pounced like a tiger towards his target.

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