Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 946 - Old Mama Huang

Chapter 946: Old Mama Huang

The empress dowager was already weak. She wanted to get angry but has no strength to vent her anger. She became anxious.

When she became like this, her mind also became clear. It was so clear that she knew what others had said and done. However, she can’t say what she wanted to say and can’t do what she wanted to d, so she was very worried.

The old mama kneeling on the floor said: “The emperor, the empress dowager is very close to Mama Huang since she was young. It’s better to let Mama Huang take a look, maybe she can tell what the empress dowager means.”

The emperor frowned. Mama Huang? That old maidservant who was punished with 30 sticks by him last time?

“She’s still alive?” The emperor raised an eyebrow. How could that old bone be able to withstand 30 sticks? He’s afraid that she can’t hold even 20 sticks unless the executioner falsified the punishment.

Yes, the torture was performed in this Cifu Palace at that time, and it was very convenient for them to resort to fraud. After all, the people here were all the empress dowager. It was normal to side with that old maidservant. There was only the empress dowager in the eyes of these people. Then what about him the emperor?

As soon as the emperor’s words came out, the corner of Mother Zhang’s mouth evoked a faint smile. She didn’t look up, she kept bowing her head and simply replied: “Answering back the emperor, Mama Huang was seriously injured and she is still raising her body, but this old slave went to see her yesterday. She is still in good spirits, she should be alright now.”

The emperor snorted, without saying anything, and sent someone to get Old Mama Huang.

Not long after, Old Mama Huang was invited into the inner hall. She was not carried by people but walked by herself. Her walking posture looked a little strange, but it was okay. At least she could walk on her own.

Old Mama Huang bowed her head in panicked.

The emperor didn’t say anything else and asked her to come forward and listen to what the empress dowager said.

Old Mama Huang hurriedly stepped forward on her knees for a few steps and leaned down in front of the empress dowager’s bed. Her eyes were filled with tears. She didn’t see her only for a short time, but the empress dowager ended up like this.

“Empress Dowager, why are you, why are you like this?” Old Mama Huang burst into tears and couldn’t stop sobbing.

The empress dowager opened her crooked mouth. Old Mama Huang couldn’t understand it naturally. But she had been serving her for many years, so she could guess what she was thinking from the look in her eyes.

“What did the empress dowager say?” The emperor asked.

Old Mama Huang quickly replied: “Answering back to the emperor, the empress dowager said that you have to cure her. She must be cured.”

People of heaven, who wanted to die?

But while people still have time to cherish their lives, no one knows how to cherish their lives. Right now, it was too late to say anything.

The emperor didn’t know how to answer regarding this matter, he could only comfort his imperial mother: “Don’t worry, this son will find a genius doctor for the imperial mother. Imperial Mother you will definitely be cured.”

The empress dowager nodded her head repeatedly as tears overflowing from the corners of her eyes.

“Empress dowager, you have something to eat, okay?”

The empress dowager nodded her head again. She was starving to death. But these damned slaves brought her foods she didn’t like. How can she eat them?

Old Mama Huang hurriedly told the maidservant on the side that the empress dowager loves chicken porridge, and urged them to prepare.

The empress dowager swallowed fiercely, only her understood her swiftly.

When the emperor saw this, no matter how unhappy he was, he also said, “Just let Mama Huang stay and take care of the empress dowager.”

Old Mama Huang thanked the emperor immediately, but the cold sweat on her forehead never stopped.

The emperor’s eyes were cold and sharp, like a knife. She knew that she can’t keep her head anymore.

If the empress dowager gets better, she can live a few more days. But if the empress dowager can’t get better… … She didn’t dare to think further.

Even now, it was not uncommon for capable maidservants to be buried with their master. She’s afraid that she can’t escape this disaster.

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