Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 881 - Miss Bai is Prince Jin’s fiancee

Chapter 881: Miss Bai is Prince Jin’s fiancee

Madam Meng frowned immediately and said unhappily: “Could it be that she is the only one in the world who can make this medicine? Can’t it be bought anywhere else?”

Meng Nan handed the porcelain bottle to the maidservant’s hand and sighed: “Mother, don’t you understand yet? Only she can cure your disease, no one else can do it.”

Madam Meng snorted coldly: “I don’t believe it. You immediately send someone to see Imperial Doctor Zhang. Didn’t you hear that the bedridden brother of Imperial Doctor Zhang has the same disease as me? I heard that his brother has recovered a lot. If he can cure his brother, naturally, and he can also cure me. It doesn’t matter how much it cost, you go to him.”

Meng Nan’s face sank: “Mother, is this something that can be solved by spending money? Imperial Doctor Zhang declared that there is no cure for you before Bai Zhi came. Otherwise, why would I invite Bai Zhi to come?”

Madam Meng wanted to say more, but at this time someone came to report that Imperial Doctor Zhang was here.

Madam Meng smiled and said, “Speaking of it, here he comes. I will ask him personally today whether he can cure my disease.”

While talking, Imperial Doctor Zhang was brought in by the servant. Madam Meng was sitting by the table with a good complexion and good spirits.

Imperial Doctor Zhang smiled and said, “Madam Meng seems to be recovering well!”

Madam Meng didn’t beat around the bush and asked directly: “Do you have this medicine I’m taking?”

Imperial Doctor Zhang nodded: “I’m here to deliver the medicine.” He turned around and took out two large porcelain bottles from the medicine box his medicine boy was carrying and then handed them to Meng Nan: “Meng Gongzi, here are the medicines worth a month. I’ll come back next month to deliver the medicine.”

Meng Nan was overjoyed: “Do you really have the hypoglycemic medicine?”

Imperial Doctor Zhang smiled lightly: “Of course, it’s the same as what Madam Meng had eaten before.”

Madam Meng immediately said: “Look, what did I say? My disease cannot only be cured by that girl surnamed Bai. Imperial Doctor Zhang is an imperial physician, so how could he not be able to cure my disease? You guys are simply cheated by that girl. You are not allowed to interact with her in the future.”

Imperial Doctor Zhang’s face immediately sank. He said with frowned eyebrows: “Madam, there are some things that I shouldn’t say. But Madam, you are too mean, Miss Bai has done nothing wrong. You have no qualifications and no reason to treat her like this.”

Madam Meng’s eyes widened, she didn’t expect that the gentle Imperia Doctor Zhang would talk to her like this, because of that damn Bai Zhi.

“She cheated my son, why can’t I say anything to her?” Madam Meng said angrily.

Imperial Doctor Zhang coldly snorted: “I don’t know what madam is saying. Miss Bai is Master Dongfang’s granddaughter and Prince Jin’s fiancee. Why would she cheat Meng Gongzi? I really can’t figure it out.”

Madam Meng was taken aback. What did he say? That girl was Dongfang Mu’s granddaughter? And Prince Jin’s fiancee? This, what is going on? Wasn’t she a little mountain village girl?

Madam Meng swept her eyes to see Meng Nan. Meng Nan frowned and didn’t say anything. He obviously knew the matter but didn’t tell her.

At this time, Imperial Doctor Zhang said again: “There is one more thing. I didn’t want to talk about it. This is something that Miss Bai asked me to do. But now that I have already said this, I don’t want to say more.”

He pointed to the medicine bottles in Meng Nan’s hand and said: “This medicine is not made by me. Although Miss Bai gave me the prescription and taught me how to make this medicine, I am dull and not proficient.”

Seeing Madam Meng’s eyes widened again, her eyes full of disbelief, he said again: “Yes, this medicine is made by Miss Bai.”

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