Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 871 - I am the empress!

Chapter 871: I am the empress!

The two palace guards quickly stepped back and bowed down their heads. They didn’t even have the courage to look at Prince Jin.

Chu Yan walked inside. Wherever he passed, he smashed whatever he saw. Whether it was porcelain or jade. Whether it was valuable or treasured by the empress. Whether it was calligraphy or painting on the wall, tables, or chairs, he smashed everything. Nothing was saved. The entire main hall was smashed to pieces. The gorgeous Qingan Palace turned into a waste field in an instant.

Su Chun was so scared that she almost fainted. She shrank in a corner, not daring to move. She was afraid that after Chu Yan smashed everything, he would suddenly fly to her.

After smashing things, the anger in Chu Yan’s anger slightly eased. He then walked in front of Su Chun. He stared at her sharply as if he wanted to cut her skin and flesh.

“What do you want to do? What do you think you’re doing? Don’t forget, you are just a prince, I am an empress, I am the empress!”

“So what?” The cold voice squeezed out between his teeth. If she were not the empress, she would be a dead body now.

“Do you still know that you are the empress? The mother of a dignified country, even in her own palace, can do such a nasty thing? You still have the face to claim to be the empress? Are you worthy? Are you worthy to sit of the empress? ”

Su Chun was both shocked and angry. Her body trembled as she said: “I’m not worthy? I don’t deserve it, so who deserves it, your mother? Your mother is just a lowly and humble palace maid. She is not even worthy of my shoes.”

There was a fire of anger bursting in Chu Yan’s eyes. He glanced at a copper lamp stand next to the empress and flicked his finger. Strong wind hit the copper lamp and it fell on the empress’s body, which made her fell on the floor, causing her head to bleed.

The palace maid screamed: “Murderer, someone, someone come!”

Prince Jin didn’t go out, no one dared to come in, Chu Yan said to the flustered palace maid: “When she wakes up, you tell her that if there is another time, she will not only end up like this.”

Chu Yan then turned and left. Only then the palace guards dared to come in and check the aftermath. The inside was already in ruins, and the empress was lying on the floor with a bleeding head.

This matter soon spread in the Ruyi Palace, the Imperial Study Room, in the whole palace. It even reached Dongfang Mu’s ears, who was about to enter the palace to talk to Bai Zhi.

There was joy and laughter in the Ruyi Palace, while the imperial study room was gloomy.

The emperor murmured to himself, “How can Yan’er become so angry? For a woman, he lost his sense of measure? Or, did he deliberately do this to show that this matter has nothing to do with him?”

Seeing this, the head eunuch next to him pondered for a while and said to the emperor: “The emperor, since the two princes have made mistakes, if you want to punish people, you should punish both of them. If you don’t want to punish, you shouldn’t punish any of them to be fair.”

The emperor did not say a word. He was in a panic.

These two were the two sons he valued very much. One was drugged in the palace and did such a ridiculous thing. While the other smashed the empress’s palace and wounded the empress. If this spreads outside, who knows how many people will laugh at him. He can’t even manage his family, so how can he manage the country?

“Gu Li, you said, is this enchanting poison given to Prince Xiao came from Bai Zhi?”

Gu Li took a glance at the emperor and then asked: “The emperor, do you want to listen to the truth or lies?”

The emperor gave him an angry look: “Nonsense, of course, I want to hear the truth. Who wants to listen to lies?”

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