Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Separation

Village Chief Li turned his head and looked at Old Lady Bai and Mrs . Liu, then asked: “What do you think?”  “

As soon as she gave up the Bai Family’s savings, they wanted to separate?

“Return the silvers to me first!” Old Lady Bai’s heart was bleeding when she loses her money to the doctor . Doctor Lu really had gone too far . Just by thinking that her money will not return, her anger burst: “If you pay me back, you can get out from the Bai Family!”

When Mrs . Liu heard this, she immediately got anxious and pulled her mother-in-law’s sleeve . Then, she pushed her to the side and whispered: “Niang, what are you saying? If we divide the family, who will work in the field in the future? Who will wash the clothes? Who will cook?” Zhao Lan is a woman, but she does all the work inside and outside the house . Ever since she lost her husband, Bai Dazhu and Bai Erzhu stopped working, so she did the work alone .

Although Bai Zhi was still very young, she was timid, so she also cooks and does the laundry . If the two of them leave, who will do all the work in the house? Can they do all those things?

Old Lady Bai crossed her arms and sneered at Mrs . Liu: “Don’t you have hands and feet? Can’t you do all those things?”

Old Lady Bai’s hate towards the mother and child reached its limit . She doesn’t want to see them again . She was planning to throw them out anyway .

“Then, how are you planning to divide the house?” Seeing her mother-in-law was serious . Mrs . Liu has no other choice but to give up .

Old Lady Bai shouted: “I won’t give them anything that belongs to Bai Family . If they want to go, they can go!”

The courtyard was not large . So, although they tried hard to speak in a low voice, several people from afar could still hear them .

Bai Zhi shook her head and felt bad .

Village Chief Li also shook his head . The viciousness and shameless of these two people really gave him an eye-opener .

Zhao Lan was very sad . In this home, aside from her daughter, she never felt a human’s warmth . Everyone treated her like a horse, but she treated this place like her own home . So, she never complained although she has suffered again and again and felt wronged .

But today, she was finally fully awakened . This family will never accept her and her daughter . Leaving this home perhaps will be a brand new start of their life .

Village Chief Li open his mouth and said: “Old Lady Bai, a person should have a conscience . Although your third son is now dead, Zhao Lan was still your daughter-in-law . She’s still part of your family . You should give her a share . ”

Old Lady Bai was unhappy, so she snorted and said: “Village Chief, this is our family’s business . You better not try to control us . The headmaster of the Bai Family is me, so I will decide how to divide it . ”

Village Chief Li wanted to say more, but Zhao Lan stopped him: “Village Chief, your kindness, I fully understand it . But, you don’t have to say anything more . No matter how she divides it, as long as I and my daughter can be safe, I will be satisfied!”

Village Chief Li sighed and then nodded: “Okay, that’s good!”

Old Lady Bai sneered and said: “Remember what you said . From now on, you and your daughter will not be part of the Bai Family . And since you are not related to the family, you will not receive a house, a field or any copper coins!”

Zhao Lan was already expecting this outcome . So, she just turned around and pulled Bai Zhi’s hand . She wanted to leave this place out once .

However, Bai Zhi stopped her: “Niang, we will leave this place, but before that, we have to make a written agreement . So that, when we get rich in the future, we don’t need to recognize them as relatives . We should not only leave this house but also severe all ties with them . ”

Dazhu – first son Erzhu –  second son

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