Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Disguising the scene

After taking a bite, a sweet and tender taste immediately swept his taste buds . The half yacon was bitten by Hu Feng for only two or three times .

After eating, he unconsciously took two yacon fruits from the pit and went to the stream to wash them .

The two of them sat down by the stream and eat the yacon until their stomach was full .

When Hu Feng put away the dagger, he only remembered that he didn’t know what it was yet .

Bai Zhi seems to understand what he wanted to ask, so she took the initiative: “This snow lotus herb is also called yacon . You can eat it just like the sweet potatoes . So, rest a.s.sured . ”

Hu Feng nodded his head and looked back at the few yacon fruits that were left . Then, he said: “I will dig a few more pit and bring them together . ”

Bai Zhi busily said: “Don’t dig now, let’s dig when we’re about to go down the mountain . It will save us energy . ”

Hu Feng thought about it too, so he said: “Then, let’s wash these few yacon fruits and eat them when we get hungry . ” Hu Feng then excavated the remaining yacon fruits and washed them . After that, he returned the scattered soil into the pit . Refilling them like nothing happened . So that, when someone else came, no one will notice that they dug something from there .

Bai Zhi gave him a thumbs up: “Good, it will disguise the scene . ”

Hu Feng didn’t make a sound, but his face was a bit reddish . His lips were also slightly curved with a smile .

After busily working, the two of them began to walk up the mountain again . From the foot of the mountain, except for the wild gra.s.s, they didn’t see even dead branches . They want to hunt for prey and pick up some good herbs, so obviously, they need to go to the deeper part of the mountain .

Hu Feng came more than once in this place . So, he took her to the familiar road . Halfway from the middle of the mountain, the road began to change completely .

The distance between trees became dense . Dead branches could be seen were everywhere . The dead leaves under the trees were thick . The light in the surroundings become darker and darker . As if from the ordinary mountain, it became a grim and gloomy forest .

Bai Zhi unconsciously leaned against Hu Feng’s side . Her small hand clutched to his clothes . Her eyes were looking everywhere .

Hu Feng never likes it when someone approaches him . He also hates it when someone touches him . So, he stretched out his hand, wanting to push Bai Zhi away, but when he saw her frightened, but excited eyes . He put down his hand . At this moment, he suddenly realized that it felt quite good when a little girl was sticking around him .

“Scared?” Hu Feng  whispered .

Bai Zhi stubbornly shook her head: “I’m not scared . What’s scary about this place?” . ”

When her words just fell, a sudden gush of strong wind pa.s.sed through the forest . The wind swept away the leaves .

For Hu Feng, this event was very common in the forest, but for Bai Zhi who was never been to a forest before . It was like a demon was howling . Bai Zhi was very scared, so she simply hide in Hu Feng’s chest . She tightly closed her eyes and clasped her hand to Hu Feng’s clothes . Her brain had imagined the demon fox she had seen on the TV .

Hu Feng looked at the little girl who had thrown herself into his arms . She said that she was not afraid a bit earlier, but now, she was so scared like this? He really couldn’t understand what she was afraid of .

“Didn’t you just said you are not scared?”

Bai Zhi opened her eyes . Her big black eyes moved everywhere, but he only saw the quietness of the surroundings . In addition to Hu Feng’s steady heartbeat, it seems there was no other sound .

Bai Zhi swallowed her saliva, then took a deep breath . She lifted her chin and said: “Who, who said that I’m scared . I’m not scared! I just feared that the sands will go into my eyes . So, I hide . ”

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