Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: I am sick

Hu Feng saw her when she saved Yingzi, so he judged that she knew medicine .

“I just want to pick some herbs, I’ve already said that to Hu bo . ”

Hu Feng didn’t make a sound, he only stared at her . His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate a hole in her body .

“I can take you to the Luoying Mountain and protect you while you are in there, but I have one condition . ”

Bai Zhi wanted to curse her sister, this guy did not only force her to say her plan but also ask for a condition? Is there no conscience in this world?

Seeing Bai Zhi didn’t speak, Hu Feng directly said: “I am sick . ”

Bai Zhi naturally knows that he was ill: “If you are sick, go and find a doctor!”

Hu Feng didn’t look too far, but his eyesight seemed looking from a far distance: “Those quacks… … They can’t cure me, let alone… … I have no money!”

So, the point is, are those doctors really a quack, or because you have no money?

“What makes you think I can cure you?” Bai Zhi asked .

Hu Feng’s eyes sight were still from a far distance, “Just trying!”

Bai Zhi’s tongue almost twisted . So, to make it clear, he had no money, that’s why he wanted to try her skill . He won’t lose anything with this… …

Hu Feng asked: “They call you Zhi’er?”

Bai Zhi nodded her head: “My name is Bai Zhi . People who are familiar with me call me Zhier . Unfamiliar people call me Bai Zhi . You and I are not familiar with each other . ”

“Zhi’er, if you want to go the Luoying Mountain you have to hurry . After another hour, the sun’s heat will be higher . ”

“Zhi’er, what are you doing? Don’t you want to go?”

“… …”

After Yingzi’s mother left the Bai Family, Bai Erzhu suddenly rushed outside the house and screamed out to the room: “It’s already late this hour, but no one cooks yet? I don’t know what all the women here are doing . ”

Mrs .  Zhang also went outside the house and coldly shouted: “As if you have the ability to work earlier than the others . ”

Bai Erzhu has no time to argue with his wife . He scratched his hair and rushed back to the house . He then asked what else was there to eat .

At this time, Old Lady Bai came out from the backyard . “Erzhu, why are you asking for foods? Isn’t it better to join the compet.i.tion with an empty stomach?!”

Bai Erzhu was stunned . Yes, that’s right, if he went to the compet.i.tion with an empty stomach, he can eat faster than the others!

When Bai Dazhu heard this, he looked very puzzled . “What compet.i.tion? What are you talking about?”

Bai Erzhu originally intended to hide this from his eldest brother . But now that he heard about it, he had no choice but to say the truth .

When Bai Dazhu learned that there was such a good thing, he no longer wanted to go the field to work . Who wanted to miss this kind of opportunity? So, he hurriedly turned around and enter their room to changed his patched clothes . Then, he said when he came out: “I will go with you . Two brothers competing to bring back the bag of flour in our house is much better . ”

When Old Lady Bai heard this, she immediately retorted: “No, if you go, who is going to finish the work in the field? Isn’t one person enough to get the bag of flour? Why do we need to waste so much money?”

Bai Dazhu was not happy, and said: “Why can’t  Erzhu finished the work in the field first before he went to play in the town?”

Bai Erzhu busily said: “Play in the town? I am risking my life to earn our family a ration of food, but you don’t appreciate it? Play? Who’s person will risk his life to play?” Bai Erzhu was feeling a little indifferent . So, he spoke loudly .

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