Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Has done a foolish thing

At this time, the Bai Family’s eldest son and second son had come back from the field . And once they learned what happened in the family, the two brothers were both fl.u.s.tered .

In dissatisfaction, Bai Dazhu complained to his aging mother and wife: “How could both of you didn’t think of the weight of this situation? Zhao Lan ended up like this, so who will work in the field tomorrow, huh?” Then, he look at Mrs . Liu: “Is it you?”

Mrs .  Liu hurriedly waved her hands: “I can’t . I don’t know anything about the field . I’ve never worked in there . ”

Bai Dazhu then swept his eyes towards Mrs . Zhang . Mrs . Zhang looked up and stared back at Bai Dazhu . Then, calmly said: “I don’t know anything about the field just like sister-in-law . ”

Mrs . Zhang’s cold eyes looked at the Bai Family and sneered . She had lived in this house for more than 10 years . So, how could she not know, what just these two brothers doing most of the time in the field? They go to the field, but only to walk around . Or, they will just choose some random area to clean, which was a very easy job . Then, they will wait for Zhao Lan to finished everything .

Zhao Lan was responsible for the 5 acres of paddy fields . While the two brothers were only responsible for the half acres of the peanut field .

Mrs . Zhang swept her eyes towards Bai Dazhu and Bai Erzhu . Seeing their clothes were clean, she knew they didn’t work in the field and just went to the mountain and do sightseeing .

Bai Erzhu sighed and said: “Niang, you really had done such a foolish thing this time . ”

Old Lady Bai’s eyes rolled: “Foolish thing? That dead girl had eaten our Bai Family’s food for 12 years, but I don’t have the qualifications to teach her a lesson? You didn’t see it, but that dead girl took a wooden club and beat me and your sister-in-law . So, do you think we deserve that?”

Bai Erzhu sighed again and said: “Niang, I don’t mean it like that . Now, Zhao Lan can’t move . So, who will go and work in the field?”

“Who will work? Are you two big men only for decorations? Of course, you two will do the work . Other family wants to have many fields like us, but you two were so unwilling?”

Mrs . Zhang, the second daughter-in-law, intervened and said: “Niang, let’s stop talking about the field . Who will cook for dinner tonight?”

Old Lady Bai looked back at Mrs . Zhang and coldly said: “Who do you think, huh? Do you want this old woman do it for you?”

Mrs .  Zhang laughed twice, then said: “Niang, I don’t mean it like that . I’ve been peeling the peanuts the whole day . My hands were about to fall off . I can’t do it this time, why don’t you let sister-in-law cook?”

When Mrs . Liu heard this, she immediately intervened with this idea: “What did you say? You peeled peanuts the whole day? How many pieces did you peeled, huh? And can peeling peanuts waste your fingers? Do you think you are a daughter from a rich family in the town?”

Mrs . Zhang and Mrs . Liu usually don’t deal with each other . But, after hearing Mrs . Liu criticism, Mrs . Zhang’s anger burst: “I didn’t work the whole day? What about you, huh? What did you do today? Did you cook meals for lunch or wash the clothes? Did you sweep the yard? Did you pull the gra.s.s out in the courtyard?”

Mrs . Liu tried to rack her brain, but she couldn’t remember what she had done today . It seemed she had only spent the whole day thinking with the old lady about how they will sell Bai Zhi for 12 silvers . However, at lunch, it seems Bai Zhi had heard their conversation . She refused and had a fight with them . As a result, she and the old lady beaten her to death .

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