Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 8 - Lost the Best Chance to Escape

Chapter 8: Lost the Best Chance to Escape

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Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle’s enormous body flew rapidly across the sky on wings that were wider than clouds!

At this height, the temperature had dropped significantly. Together with the freezing wind that lashed at Feng Wu like whips… she was almost in tears.

However, in another life, she used to be an elite secret agent. Hence, the more dangerous the situation was, the calmer Feng Wu became.

Her mind raced and she looked around to take in her surroundings!

Looking for the best possible way to survive in any situation had become an instinct for secret agents like her!

Soon, her eyes flickered at a discovery!

She spotted a branch sticking out of a cliff which they were flying toward!

Calculating in her head, she estimated the wind and the eagle’s speeds, the distance she would fall to get to the cliff, and the strength of that branch…

The conclusion elated Feng Wu!

She could do it!

She was going to live!

Five hundred meters…

One hundred meters…

Fifty meters… Almost there!

Feng Wu was almost grinning now. She couldn’t wait to start maneuvering!

They were getting closer and closer…

The last thirty meters, twenty meters…

When Feng Wu was ready to loosen her grip so that she could jump toward the cliff, roll down the slope, and grab that branch…


Something happened one second before Feng Wu could let go!


The energy surge from a sword arrived behind them!

Because of that freezing energy, Feng Wu was stuck to the eagle’s talon!

Feng Wu: !!!

She was less than fifty meters above the ground now. With her slight build and her skills, she was completely confident that she could land safely…

But! She wasn’t able to do that now! She was rendered completely immobile by the energy and her hands were stuck to the eagle’s talon as if they were glued on!

Feng Wu was so frustrated!

Such a chance would never come again!

She would probably never be this close to the ground again, and that could have been her only chance!

At that thought, Feng Wu exerted all her strength, trying to free her hands.

When that was to no avail, Feng Wu did a chin-up and banged her head against the thick layer of ice on the talon.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle looked down in confusion at Feng Wu, who was still banging her head against the ice. “What are you doing?”

Feng Wu glared at it and snapped, “I’m going to kill myself. Happy?”

Of course she wasn’t going to share her escape plan with the eagle! It would be the end of her!

“Well, you don’t have to go through all that trouble,” said the eagle calmly.

Its gaze gave Feng Wu the creeps. “What are you doing?!”

“I’m starving.” The bird was drooling.

Feng Wu said in resignation, “… So, you took me as food reserve?”

Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle’s eyes lit up. “That’s a great idea!”

Just then, Feng Wu sensed that the thick layer of ice was loosening up!

She was noticeably delighted!

She was going to be free!

Triumphantly, she called out, “There goes your food reserve!”

She released its talon and was ready to fall.

However, at that most critical moment…

Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle made its move!

“No!” Feng Wu felt utterly defeated.

She had finally freed her hands from the thick layer of ice, but Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle turned its enormous body around.

And she lost the best chance to escape!!!

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