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Chapter 447 - Who Poisoned You?

Chapter 447: Who Poisoned You?

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“Do you gain weight even from drinking water?” Feng Wu asked.

“Yes —”

Chaoge felt like crying when the subject was brought up. “Xiao Wu, I’m not a glutton. There was this time when I starved myself for three days, but afterward, I weighed 3kg more! How can such a horrible thing happen? In the past few years, every time I went on a diet, I ended up gaining more weight! Sometimes I feel that there’s no point in living like this…”

Chaoge had been living in a nightmare in the past five years since Feng Wu left.

“And you made no progress in your cultivation. Not only that, your cultivation level has dropped.” Feng Wu frowned.

“Xiao Wu —” Chaoge burst into tears. “I don’t know why, but after you left, instead of making any progress every time I cultivated, my level would drop. In the end, I just stopped altogether, for the harder I tried, the faster I slid backward —”

It was horrible!

“Am I cursed?” Chaoge had been living under a lot of stress.

Things wouldn’t be so bad if her family was a peaceful and warm one, but hers was like a battlefield, and more drama went on there than in the Feng manor.

“It’s not a curse, but a poison.” Feng Wu fought back her anger. “It’s known as ‘Degenerative Powder,’ which not only makes you gain weight, but causes your cultivation level to drop.”

“That sounds like such a potent poison, but who would do that to me?” Chaoge asked in confusion.

Feng Wu’s eyes flashed. “You came to see me off before I left the imperial capital. Did you drink anything that day?”

“Well…” Chaoge might forget a lot of things, but she remembered every moment she spent with Feng Wu. “I remember that I was thirsty and I saw a bowl of water on your table, so I drank it.”

“Was it sweet and sour and tasted like almond?”

“Yes!” Chaoge cried out. “Xiao Wu, how do you know that?”

“If I’m guessing right, it was meant for me.” Feng Wu closed her eyes. If Chaoge hadn’t drunk it, either her beautiful mother or herself would have.

“What?” Chaoge couldn’t bring herself to imagine Xiao Wu as a butterball the way she was now. “I’m so glad that I drank it instead.”

I’m so glad that I drank it instead…

Feng Wu took a deep breath. After suffering from the poison for five years, the first thing Chaoge said when she learned the truth wasn’t a complaint, but that she was glad that she had taken Feng Wu’s place as the victim…

Feng Wu felt so blessed to have such a good friend!

“Don’t worry. I have the antidote for it,” Feng Wu said in a solemn tone.

Chaoge beamed at her. “I know Xiao Wu can do it.”

Nothing in this world could stop Xiao Wu.

That was how confident Chaoge was about Feng Wu.

Feng Wu gave Chaoge a wry smile. With so many people she needed to protect, she had no choice but to work harder and become stronger.

With a wave of Feng Wu’s hand, a dot of pale green light entered Chaoge’s forehead between her eyebrows.

Feng Wu let out a breath of relief when she saw Chaoge begin to absorb that dot of light.

Looking up, Feng Wu observed Inky Rain hanging on the wall.

It was a painting of inky dots splattered all over a piece of white paper and there didn’t seem to be a pattern to them.

“Those two are so dumb.”

Seeing Feng Wu and Chaoge sitting in front of Inky Rain in a trance-like state, Ye Yafei spoke in a taunting voice.

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