Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 444 - World Tower

Chapter 444: World Tower

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“Xiao Wu, let’s go!” Chaoge took Feng Wu’s hand and wanted to leave. These people weren’t worth talking to.

“Duan Chaoge, where are you going?” Ye Yafei stared at Chaoge with a half-smile and stopped the latter in a casual tone. “Didn’t you agree to work as my maid for the day? You still have two more hours to go.”

Feng Wu turned to Chaoge in bewilderment.

Chaoge almost burst into tears, but she managed to fight them back. She said to Feng Wu, “Xiao Wu, you can go back. I’ll catch up with you later.”

She could handle the humiliation, but she wouldn’t let Xiao Wu be insulted like that.

Feng Wu shook her head with a wry smile. She knew perfectly well what was going on in Chaoge’s head, and because of that, she wouldn’t stand there and let Chaoge be bullied.

Chaoge would be even more humiliated if she was asked about her weight in front of these people, so Feng Wu turned to Ye Yafei. “What do you want?”

She knew that she was Ye Yafei’s real target, not Chaoge.

“Miss Feng Wu, that’s very smart of you.” Ye Yafei gloated and gestured with a wave of her hand. “Follow me.”

The other boys and girls with Ye Yafei all giggled in satisfaction.

Feng Wu used to be famous as His Royal Highness’s one-time fiancee. Hence, humiliating her felt exceptionally satisfying.

“Sister Yafei, where are we going?” Huo Yin, Ye Yafei’s minion, asked in excitement.

Ye Yafei showed them an ornamental plate.

“Wait, that’s an entrance card for World Tower,” said Huo Yin in an agitated tone. “And it’s the one to the sixth floor!”

“That’s right,” Ye Yafei said in a matter-of-fact tone. “It belongs to my father and he can enter the sixth floor with it. However, the owner’s children have to move a floor down, so we can only go as high as the fifth floor.”

“The fifth floor!” Wen Ling, another of Ye Yafei’s minions, pressed her hands to her chest. “World Tower is so hard to get into. Even the first floor requires a person to be a seventh-ranked official or the owner of a medium-sized business!”

Huo Yin added, “Plus, the entrance card only applies to immediate family. Uncles can’t lend theirs to their nieces.”

She gave Feng Wu a contemptuous glance when she said those words.

Feng Yanfeng, a third-ranked official, held the highest position in the Feng clan. Unfortunately, he was Feng Wu’s uncle, not father.

“Let’s go.” Ye Yafei had come up with a number of ways to make Feng Wu miserable. She hadn’t said anything for a couple of minutes because she was trying to decide which method she would use first. Or, should she use them all at once?

Seeing that Feng Wu was going to follow the group, Chaoge tugged at her sleeve in a hurry. “Xiao Wu, don’t —”

Feng Wu tilted her head and looked at Chaoge.

Chaoge shook her head repeatedly.

However, Feng Wu only smiled at her. “Why not? Let’s go.”

Ye Yafei darted a contemptuous look at Feng Wu. Poor yokel. If only you knew that His Royal Highness is the owner of World Tower…

She could foresee a party where everyone would have so much fun humiliating Feng Wu.

Ye Yafei presented her plate at the entrance to World Tower.

“Miss Ye, welcome to Dancing Floor.”

Each of World Tower’s floors had its own name, and the fifth was known as “Dancing Floor.”

A teenage girl with lithe and graceful movements led them all the way up to Dancing Floor.

World Tower was as incredible as it was said to be. The head waitress was exceptionally attractive and looked as pretty as Ye Yafei and the other young ladies.

However, despite how pretty she was, no one dared to take liberties with her. Even flirtatious words were off-limits.

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