Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 4254 - Chapter 4254: The End

Chapter 4254: The End

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Things didn’t end well for Emperor Yan.

Not only did he offend Mu Jiuzhou, but he also offended Jun Linyuan. These two weren’t to be trifled with.

No one knew what would happen to Emperor Yan in the end.

Feng Wu only found out after asking Jun Linyuan.

“Was Emperor Yan executed by a thousand cuts?” Holding half of the melon like a hamster, Feng Wu bit into it as she asked Jun Linyuan.

Jun Linyuan sat down opposite her, nodded, and said, “Even if I’m willing to let him go, my uncle won’t let me.”

Naturally, Jun Linyuan was referring to Mu Jiuzhou. Feng Wu nodded. “What about the throne now?”

Jun Linyuan felt a headache coming on as well.

“My uncle doesn’t want that position.” Jun Linyuan rubbed his temples.

Feng Wu said, “And you don’t want the job either.”

Jun Linyuan nodded.

Feng Wu sighed. “Emperor Yan wouldn’t let go of the throne, but you dragged him down. Now that neither of you will take it, what are we going to do with the throne?”

Jun Linyuan said, “It went back to where it came from, of course.”

Feng Wu looked perplexed.

Jun Linyuan took Feng Wu’s hand. “If I were to stay here in the imperial capital, my grandfather would make me take that job no matter what. So, would you like to travel the world with me?” Feng Wu blushed.

She knew what Jun Linyuan meant.

Jun Linyuan looked into her eyes. “Xiao Wu, would you like that?” Feng Wu lowered her head and said in a low voice, “I didn’t say no.”

Jun Linyuan was elated. “We’re leaving now!”

If they delayed, the Emperor Emeritus would definitely make him the emperor.

Therefore, Jun Linyuan marched toward the door with Feng Wu in his arms.

“Wait. Are we leaving just like that? What about the throne? And what about the Luo family? And..

“The throne will go back to where it came from.”

“What do you mean?”

“If my grandfather can do it himself, let him. He’s been free for so many years, anyway.” Jun Linyuan said indifferently, “When we have a baby, the child will take over.”

“What if we have a daughter?”

“Then she’ll be the empress.”

Feng Wu said, “What about the Luo family…”

Jun Linyuan said, “Don’t worry. Master Luo Nantian has reached an agreement with my uncle. From now on, the Luo family will be a local force, and the royal family can’t interfere…’

The news of Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu’s departure soon reached the imperial palace.


The Emperor Emeritus jumped out of bed. “How could he run away?!”

The Sacred Elder One also had a resigned look on his face. He then sent a message to Emperor Emeritus. “He said that when he and Miss Feng Wu have a baby, they’ll agree to let the baby inherit the throne if you need it.”

“What about now?”

“He said that you’re a strong man…

“I’m too old to be strong! That brat… Let’s go!”

“Where are you going?” The elder stopped the Emperor Emeritus.

“If he can run, why can’t I? Which direction did they go?”


The Emperor Emeritus smacked the table. “Let’s go in that direction as well!”

“But the throne…’

“I still have a son, don’t I? Let him do his job!” The Emperor Emeritus dragged the Sacred Elder One into a carriage and left the city.

When Mu Jiuzhou heard the news, the beautiful master was speechless.

However, he had so many excellent disciples. They could do the job for him.

The end..

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