Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 417 - A Very Big Misunderstanding

Chapter 417: A Very Big Misunderstanding

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Yu Mingye accused Feng Wu with his eyes. “You yelled at me!”

Feng Wu smacked her forehead. “Listen —”

“No, I won’t! I won’t —” Covering his ears with both hands, Yu Mingye behaved like a kid.

Feng Wu shouted, “Yu Mingye!”

“And you yelled at me again!” Yu Mingye said indignantly.

“What on earth do you want me to do?” Feng Wu didn’t know what to do with this goofball.

“Beg me.” Yu Mingye gloated. “Say ‘Brother Yu Mingye, please don’t tell anyone else. Please?’ Say it —”

Yu Mingye prompted Feng Wu.

Feng Wu: !!!

Yu Mingye seemed to love that idea and he gave Feng Wu a sidelong glance in satisfaction. That’s right. Beg me.

Feng Wu took a deep breath.

Crossing his arms over his chest, Yu Mingye snorted. “Do that or I’m going to tell everyone about it. Then, everyone will —”

Feng Wu took another deep breath. “Do I have any other options?”

Yu Mingye grinned. “Nope.”

Feng Wu said, “You’ll keep it a secret if I do that?”

Yu Mingye said proudly, “Of course. I always keep my word and I won’t tell another soul.”

“You’ll keep the secret for me after I say that?”

“Yes —”

“Fine.” Feng Wu rolled up her sleeves.

They were just words and it wouldn’t hurt her. Mimicking Yu Mingye’s tone, Feng Wu said those words in a cloying voice.

To demonstrate how devoted she was, Feng Wu even tugged Yu Mingye’s sleeve and looked into his eyes. If one were to observe them from afar, one would think that they were staring at each other in an affectionate way.

“Wow! Feng Wu! It’s really you!”

Someone cried out in surprise!

Feng Wu’s heart sank and she had a very bad feeling about this. She turned to look.

Mu Yaoyao?

Feng Wu had met her a few times in Northern Border City.

Mu Yaoyao had joined hands with Feng Liu and tried to set Feng Wu up a few times. However, none of them worked and Mu Yaoyao had wound up eating her own bitter fruit.

“Why are you here?” Feng Wu frowned.

“I wouldn’t have seen that great scene if I wasn’t here!”

Mu Yaoyao widened her eyes in an exaggerated way. “Feng Wu, I thought you were in love with the crown prince. Why are you all over Yu Mingye now? You’re such a frivolous, shameless woman!”

Feng Wu frowned a little. She couldn’t be bothered to argue with Mu Yaoyao and was ready to leave with Yu Mingye.

There was something else she needed to tell Yu Mingye.

However, Mu Yaoyao wouldn’t let her.

“What? You’re trying to run away after being spotted?” Mu Yaoyao glared at Feng Wu. “Women like you don’t deserve to love the crown prince!”

Feng Wu was speechless.

Mu Yaoyao kept her gaze on Feng Wu. “Leave the crown prince alone or I’ll tell everyone how brazen you are!”

She stormed off after that.

She was so thrilled!

Yu Mingye would be a very desirable man if Jun Linyuan, the unparalleled genius, didn’t exist in this world. However, there he was.

“If I can make the thing between Feng Wu and Yu Mingye stick —” Mu Yaoyao finally figured out a way to tarnish Feng Wu’s reputation.

“Shall I kill her?” Yu Mingye sounded as casual as if he was talking about the weather.

Feng Wu asked in resignation, “Is killing people as simple as drinking or eating for you?”

Yu Mingye shrugged.

Feng Wu then asked, “Why do you need to kill her?”

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