Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 4142 - Chapter 4142: New Start (1)

Chapter 4142: New Start (1)

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“Xiao Wu…” Emperor Wu patted Feng Wu on the shoulder. “I’ll cut to the chase. After all, the Junwu Empire is mine now, but it’ll be yours and the crown prince’s one day.”

Feng Wu was dumbfounded. Although she wanted to explain, a lot of people rushed to her side and thanked her in excitement.

They saw with their own eyes that Feng Wu had indeed saved them all.

A few steps away, Lady Wang and Feng Sang exchanged looks.

Looking at Feng Wu and recalling what they had done to her, they shuddered inwardly…


The empress dowager stood next to Emperor Wu and watched Feng Wu with an indescribable feeling in her heart. Involuntarily, she looked away, for she felt rather embarrassed when she recalled what she had done to Feng Wu.

“Let’s go back.” The empress dowager left in a sorry state. Emperor Wu nodded at Feng Wu. “Come to see me after this is over.”

Feng Wu nodded.

Emperor Wu left as well.

In the end, only members of the Feng clan were there.

“Xiao Wu…” Lady Wang hesitantly took a few steps forward with a guilty look on her face. “Xiao Wu, it was all my fault. I shouldn’t have…”

Feng Wu looked at Lady Wang indifferently and waved her off. “It’s all in the past now, and you’ve turned over a new leaf. Don’t bring it up again.”

All Lady Wang wanted was for Feng Wu not to take her revenge. As a matter of fact, Feng Wu wasn’t going to do anything about it, for she was already a Spiritual Saint and wouldn’t bother with someone like Lady Wang.

“Wait, where’s Xiaoqi?” Looking around, Feng Wu didn’t see Feng Xiaoqi anywhere and was perplexed.

The kid had gone to see Luo Zilin and had come back with him. Why was he gone all of a sudden?

“Don’t tell me he’s gone to the inner courtyard” Feng Wu murmured to herself as she quickly walked toward the inner courtyard.

Seeing Feng Wu leave, Lady Wang looked a little shaken. She then turned to Feng Sang and said, “Feng Wu is so powerful now that we can’t even begin to imagine. We can’t afford to offend her. Got it?”

Patting her chest, Feng Sang nodded and said, “Of course, I don’t dare to offend her now. I’ve been treating her nicely and taking good care of Fallen Star Yard.

Mum, aren’t you the same?”

Feng Yanfeng chimed in. “Xiao Wu may seem cold to us, but she’s kind deep down. After what we did to her, she forgave us in the end… We have to be nicer to her from now on.”

Feng Yanfeng’s family had made up their mind that they would stick to Feng Wu from now on. What they didn’t know was…

Something big was happening in Fallen Star Yard!

Feng Wu had been wondering why Feng Xiaoqi wasn’t in the front yard, but when she walked into Fallen Star Yard, she realized that something wasn’t right.

Granny Zhao and Uncle Qiu were lying in the courtyard. One was facing upward, and the other was lying in the mud… They didn’t move at all and looked like they were dead!

Feng Wu was shocked. “Granny Zhao!

“Uncle Qiu!”

Feng Wu rushed over to check their breathing.

They were barely breathing, but luckily, they weren’t dead.

“Luo Zilin!” Feng Wu called out..

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