Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 41 - Off We Go

Chapter 41: Off We Go

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What strength!

How frighteningly powerful he was!

Watching Jun Linyuan descend slowly to the ground, Yu Mingye suddenly realized that since the last time he saw Jun Linyuan, the guy had improved significantly again!

I like that in an opponent! Clenching his fists, Yu Mingye gestured at the others and they soon disappeared into the night.

As soon as Jun Linyuan landed, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi went up to him in a hurry and stood one on each side. They looked pleasantly surprised. “Boss Jun!”

“Yes.” Jun Linyuan’s poker face never seemed to change.

“Is that python dead? You killed it, just like that? Boss Jun, you’ve gotten so much more powerful again!” Feng Xun couldn’t suppress the excitement in his voice.

Jun Linyuan only said, “It was injured already.”

“I know that!” Feng Xun was still just as excited. “But it was injured because you set Yu Mingye up, wasn’t it? So, at the end of the day, you still take the credit! Ahh!!! Immortal Spiritual Fruit! It’s finally ours!”

The tiniest smile emerged on Jun Linyuan’s handsome face.

This was the first time Feng Wu saw his lips curl up since meeting him again.

Feng Wu’s heart sank.

By the look of it, this Immortal Spiritual Fruit was very important to Jun Linyuan as well, otherwise he wouldn’t have come all the way here from the imperial capital or smiled over the fruit.


Feng Wu clenched her fists!

That fruit was hers! It had to be!

What would it take to steal that Immortal Spiritual Fruit from Jun Linyuan?

Feng Wu racked her brain, but nothing came to her.

Jun Linyuan was simply too smart, not to mention that he was highly vigilant, meticulous, and frighteningly powerful… Feng Wu realized sadly that she would have been better off if the fruit was still guarded by the python, for she would at least have had a chance. Now, she had zero idea where she could find an opening.

What now… what to do… Feng Wu almost scratched her scalp raw, but her head remained blank.

Soon, they reached the campsite they had stayed at the previous night.

Feng Xun said, “Traveling in the mountains after dark is too dangerous and we’re all tired. Let’s spend the night here and we’ll move out tomorrow morning.”

They all went to bed after that.

Feng Wu rolled around in bed, holding her blanket. The Immortal Spiritual Fruit was in sight, but there was nothing she could do to get her hands on it. She felt utterly frustrated.

Was she going to have to use herself as a honey trap now? Feng Wu smiled wryly, for she knew that Jun Linyuan would never fall for it. What about…

While Feng Wu was still tossing and turning, a figure approached her quickly and covered her mouth.

Feng Wu’s eyes opened wide when she saw a face covered by a mask.

The man in black jabbed a finger into the acupoint that controlled her voice, then wrapped her in the blanket, threw her over his shoulder, and dashed off!


Feng Wu wanted to cry out, but to her disappointment, she couldn’t make a sound.

She tried to struggle, but found resignedly that she couldn’t move a muscle, for the man in black had attacked some other acupoints of hers, rendering her immobile.

Right now, Feng Xun and the others were cultivating, which was why no one realized that she was missing.

It seemed forever when with a thump —

Feng Wu was tossed onto the ground, still wrapped in the blanket. She rolled with the momentum and eventually got out from under it.

Before she could get up, she looked into a pair of amorous eyes.

Those eyes… Feng Wu’s heart skipped a beat!

She remembered!

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