Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 4 - The Girl Who Soars like the Phoenix

Chapter 4: The Girl Who Soars like the Phoenix

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“Know what?”

“His name means ‘the sovereign descends to the world’ and hers ‘the phoenix soars above the land 1 .’ Their names alone suggest that they’re made for each other! We could live with that back when Feng Wu was this genius teenage girl, but she’s a good-for-nothing now! She doesn’t deserve that matching name with our crown prince!”

These people! Qiuling was so furious that she was going to shoot up from her seat.

Feng Wu stopped her in time, then gestured at Feng Xun with her eyes.

Qiuling pouted, looking aggrieved. She was almost in tears. How could her mistress’s name offend these people? What they said was so awful!

Across the table, Feng Xun’s mouth curled into a smile. “The sovereign descends to the world? The phoenix soars above the land? Good god! If that guy finds out that his name is mentioned together with Feng Wu’s, tsk, tsk, tsk…”

Before Feng Wu could even frown at that comment, the crowd stirred all of a sudden.

“Wait, isn’t that young Prince Feng?”

“As in the younger prince of Northern Feng Mansion? His Royal Highness’s childhood friend?!”

“Oh god, he’s the closest friend of the crown prince! Touching him would be like touching the crown prince indirectly! I’ve never been this close to His Royal Highness in my life!”

“My prince!”

A group of young women rushed toward the table Feng Wu was sitting at!

To avoid getting crushed, Feng Wu tugged at Qiuling and the two of them moved away to one side.

Seeing the surging tide of women coming his way, Feng Xun’s face almost turned green!

If nothing else, he was at least the younger son of Northern Feng Mansion, which should be a title intimidating enough on its own, but whenever his name was mentioned, everyone’s first reaction was: the childhood friend and footman of His Royal Highness. Sigh , some people were just more popular than others.

Feng Xun leapt up onto a high window and was about to take flight when —

The ground shook violently!

Everyone lost their footing!

Everything flew into the air and everyone was bumping into each other. Mixed into all the thumping and crashing sounds were the screams of people.

It all happened too suddenly for anyone to react in time!

Everyone was utterly dumbfounded.

However, it was just the beginning!

The next moment, a streak of fire crashed into the restaurant, and with a whoosh, it spread out, setting everything aflame!

“Oh god! What’s this? What’s happening?”

“It’s Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle! Holy crap! Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle, the ruler of the eastern region of Frozen Forest!”

“Shit! Is the eagle out to ravage our land again? I heard it devoured an entire village only a while ago!”

“Is that Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle that terrifying?!”

The next second, Yunlai Tower, the restaurant that had stood there for years, made crumbling sounds, as if it was going to collapse the next moment.

The owner of Yunlai Tower blanched!

“Yunlai Tower is collapsing! Run!” Feng Wu cried out.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Everyone inside immediately rushed out of the restaurant!

Feng Wu looked up at the sky.

High above, she could make out the enormous Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle flapping its wings, which were wide enough to cover mountains, and it dove at them in a frenzy!

“Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle has gone wild! It’s come out of Frozen Forest to ruin our land again!”

“What now? What should we do?! Are we going to die?!”

“I’m only here to get closer to Jun Linyuan! I don’t want to die here!”

All the girls were terrified. They looked wretched and as pitiful as fragile flowers ravaged by a storm.

“We’re not going to die.”

Feng Wu’s eyes were as sharp as ever!

One look and she saw that the eagle was being pursued!

But no one would listen to her.

However, a second later —

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