Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 38 - I'm Yu Mingye!

Chapter 38: I’m Yu Mingye!

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As the cold ray of light shone on him, Yu Mingye realized in despair that he couldn’t move.

Jun Linyuan hadn’t arrived, and he was one step away from the Immortal Spiritual Fruit… But he had gotten stuck here?

In that moment, Yu Mingye had never felt so frustrated.

How could this happen?!

What had he ever done to deserve this?!

However, not only was he unable to move, he couldn’t even make a sound. It was the most miserable sight.

What was worse, the python discovered his hiding place.

The python slithered toward him with a body as thick as a tree trunk until its red two-pronged tongue touched his ear.

Fortunately, the three elders he had brought reacted quickly enough. Leaping out, they distracted the python and lured it away from the cliff…

Would things turn around for Yu Mingye from thereon?

In point of fact, the teenager who was excellent beyond comparison would turn into the most unfortunate guy whenever Jun Linyuan was involved.

Jun Linyuan ran up the cliff by finding his footing along the way, and that last protuberance he had stepped on was Yu Mingye’s head!

And he stepped on it twice!

To Yu Mingye’s further exasperation, Jun Linyuan couldn’t remember his name!

Jun Linyuan. Couldn’t. Even. Remember. His. Name?!

It was such a hard blow that Yu Mingye nearly had a heart attack!

“I’m Yu Mingye! Aah!!!”

When he was finally able to move again, Yu Mingye shouted at the top of his lungs in the direction that Jun Linyuan and the others had left in.

However, the only reply he received was the sound of wind rustling through the branches.

“You stepped on my head!!! Ahhh!!!”

Yu Mingye almost gave himself a stroke!

Not only didn’t Jun Linyuan admit that he had stepped on another person, he couldn’t even pronounce Yu Mingye’s full name!

That was ridiculous!

Yu Mingye didn’t care all that much about some Immortal Spiritual Fruit; the only reason he had shown up here was to make life harder for Jun Linyuan. Because Jun Linyuan’s goal was to obtain the fruit, Yu Mingye made it his goal to stop Jun Linyuan from getting it.

“You’ve taken it. I didn’t see that coming… Jun Linyuan, do you think I’ll just let you leave? In your dreams!” Yu Mingye clenched his fists. “You’ll soon learn what I’m capable of!”

Just then, he sensed a fluctuation of spiritual essence coming his way!

Yu Mingye was elated. His elders were back!

It was indeed the three elders, who were followed by that injured python.

Yu Mingye smirked. “Jun Linyuan, do you think you’ll take the Immortal Spiritual Fruit away just like that? Just wait and see!”

After that, Yu Mingye led the python in Jun Linyuan’s direction!

Somewhere ahead of Yu Mingye.

The team was pressing forward.

Even Fairy Muyao, the most finicky of them all, had stopped talking and was focused on hurrying along.

Just then, a furious snarl rang out behind them.

“Thieves! Give me back my Immortal Spiritual Fruit!” The Nine Transformation Sacred Emerald Python stuck out its two-pronged tongue, which flashed through the air like a red whip!

It slashed down at Feng Wu!

Feng Xun didn’t notice it at first, but when he realized who the python was attacking, it was too late!

A chill ran down Feng Wu’s spine as death caught her by the elbow —

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