Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3752 - Chapter 3752: Adventure (3)

Chapter 3752: Adventure (3)

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“There are ten taels in total. Uncle Mingjiang said that he would pay it back himself, but since you’re all one big family, why don’t you pay it back together? After all, I’ve saved over 30 lives.”


Gao Mingjiang didn’t expect Feng Wu to step out now, but she was a smart girl.

Feng Wu and Gao Mingjiang looked at each other and knew what to do next.

Gao Mingjiang heaved a long sigh. “Little Feng, we’ve agreed that we’ll keep it a secret. I’ll pay you back when I earn some money. Why do you have to…”

Feng Wu waved him off. “Uncle, I know we’re good friends, but we still need to settle our accounts. It’ll be a very long time before we get to Northern Yan alive and settle down. You’ll then be able to earn some money. Maybe I’ll starve to death by then.

“Isn’t it your family’s money? I don’t understand. Why do you have to pay it back all by yourself?”

Feng Wu turned to old Mrs. Gao. “Mrs. Gao, you heard me. That’s what happened. Give it to me.”

“Give you what?” The old lady was a little flustered.

Feng Wu looked at her in bewilderment. “Ten taels of silver! Aren’t you the head of the Gao family? You said so yourself, and I heard it with my own ears!

It’s the right thing to do. Pay up.”

Old Mrs. Gao was furious. She was talking about ten taels of silver, not ten copper coins!

If her third son hadn’t brought it up on purpose, she wouldn’t have…

At that thought, she glared at her third son.

Not only was the old lady staring at him, but his two older brothers were staring at him as well.

The third son wanted to cry, but no tears would come. “Mother, Brothers, I…”

Gao Mingjiang said to old Mrs. Gao, “Mother, that’s what happened. I was worried about the burden on us because we’re poor, but since things have turned out this way… Mother, please give the money to Miss Feng.”

“Over my dead body! I don’t have any money!” Holding her bag, old Mrs. Gao wouldn’t pay up.

Feng Wu rolled her eyes at the old lady. “You’ll have to pay me back sooner or later.”

She then went back to Gao Mingjiang’s carriage.

Gao Mingjiang gave his mother a resentful look. “From now on, I won’t be bothered to do such things. I’ll only take care of my own family. That’s it!”

After that, he went up to the carriage, patted the board, and told the two kids, “Get in.”

Li had always been an obedient wife. She picked up Sanya first, then Xiaoshu. She then told Feng Wu, “Miss Feng, please get in.” Feng Wu nodded and climbed into the carriage.

Gao Mingjiang and Li sat in the driver’s seat.

Old Mrs. Gao was exasperated. “What’s that supposed to mean? What are you doing?!”

Gao Mingjiang ignored her and was going to start the carriage.

His brothers panicked, as did their wives and children.

They had been able to get here in one piece because of Gao Mingjiang. If he left without them, then…

At that moment, they heard wolves howling in the distance.

The third son was almost in tears. He ran up to the horse and said to Gao Mingjiang, “Mingjiang, Mom was only angry, and she didn’t mean it. Please don’t take it seriously!”

The second son nodded immediately. “That’s right. Come down from your carriage. Why are you leaving in the middle of the night? Get back here..”

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