Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3517 - Chapter 3517: Yu Mingye (3)

Chapter 3517: Yu Mingye (3)

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Feng Xun looked up at the blue sky in resignation. The more he thought about it, the more reluctant he became.

He was lost in his thoughts for a while. When he turned around, he saw that Yu Mingye had been following Feng Wu around and doing everything for her.

Feng Wu wanted to water the plants, so he fetched some water.

Feng Wu wanted to wash her hands, so he fetched the basin right away.

Feng Xun was rendered speechless.

How shameless! Feng Xun thought to himself in frustration. But Yu Mingye was following Xiao Wu everywhere now. As the saying went, a man would change a stubborn woman in the end. What if Xiao Wu was taken away by him?

Feng Xun had been so confident in Boss Jun, but when he recalled that it had been over a year since Boss Jun tried to court Feng Wu, he panicked a little.

“Come out with me!”

Feng Xun walked up to Yu Mingye and threw a dirty look at him.

Of course, Yu Mingye wouldn’t leave. He wanted to stay with his sweet, adorable girl.

However, Feng Xun reached out and dragged him away.

Feng Wu rubbed her forehead.

Finally, she could have some peace.

Feng Wu sat down on a chair, rested her hands on the table, and racked her brain.

She had heard from Emperor Wu that the ancient pill recipe that could control the mind of a Spiritual Overlord was in the Hua clan.

The pill known as Intelligence Reduction Pill had been in Flower Valley for a long time.

Emperor Wu told Feng Wu that the Hua clan wanted to use this ancient pill recipe as Hua Wushuang’s dowry.

The Intelligence Reduction Pill…

If Feng Wu could get her hands on this pill recipe and make some pills, she would be able to solve a lot of problems.

That pill recipe had to be with the Hua clan now.

But how was she going to get it?

She wished that Hua Wushuang was here.

Wait. Feng Wu suddenly remembered that she had forgotten about Feng Yi. Hua Wushuang had indeed shown up before, but then, she seemed to have left with Zuo Qingxi.

She could work on Hua Wushuang.

At that thought, Feng Wu headed for the door. As soon as she walked out of the courtyard, she saw Feng Xun and Yu Mingye crouching under the grape trellis, their heads together and whispering to each other. If she didn’t know them well, she would have thought that they were best friends.


Yu Mingye ran happily to Feng Wu’s side, but Feng Wu stopped him with a stern look before he could say anything.


Yu Mingye lowered his head right away. “Alright, alright. I won’t call you that now. We’ll have all the time in the world.”

Feng Wu couldn’t be bothered to argue with him anymore…

“I need your help with something,” Feng Wu told Yu Mingye.

Yu Mingye gloated right away. If he had a tail, it would be wagging now.

He gave Feng Xun a gloating look as if he had become the chosen one. Feng Xun ignored him.

Feng Wu whispered something in Yu Mingye’s ear.

Yu Mingye smacked his own head. “Don’t worry. I’ve done everything you asked of me, haven’t I.”

After that, Yu Mingye darted a look at Feng Xun and marched off.

Feng Xun was rendered speechless.

He turned to Feng Wu in bewilderment. “What did you ask him to do for you?”

Feng Wu smiled. “It’s a secret.”

Feng Xun was displeased. “You two have a secret!”

Feng Wu glanced at him. “Can’t we have secrets?”

Feng Xun said in a serious tone, “Boss Jun won’t like it!” Feng Wu almost lost her temper at Feng Xun’s words..

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