Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 34 - Yu Mingye

Chapter 34: Yu Mingye

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The pack of Obsidian Wolves stirred. The next moment, they turned around and fled in every direction.

Feng Xun, who had been ready for a bloody battle, was speechless.

At the same moment, Yu Mingye, who was already in Black Ice Valley, felt something rush up his throat before blood trickled out from the corner of his mouth.

“Heh, Jun Linyuan, I see you’ve figured out how to counteract my Beast-Controlling Method and turn the spell I cast back on me. The crown prince is indeed as formidable as they say!” With a straw sticking out of his mouth, Yu Mingye smirked cockily. A complacent look flickered in his eyes as he turned his gaze to an indistinct dot of light up on the cliff. “Too bad, you’re late, and that Immortal Spiritual Fruit is meant to be mine!”

At those words, Yu Mingye grabbed the stone wall with both hands and dashed up the cliff, soon disappearing into the night sky.

Meanwhile, Jun Linyuan’s team was still hurrying along on their journey in the dark.

The more Feng Xun thought about it, the more worried he became. Rushing to Jun Linyuan’s side, he asked, “Boss Jun, what are we looking at now? Please don’t tell me that Yu Mingye has reached Black Ice Valley already.”

Jun Linyuan replied in an unwavering tone, “Yes.”

“Are you kidding me?!” Feng Xun nearly jumped into the air. “He’s there already?! Boss, Black Ice Valley is where that Immortal Spiritual Fruit is! Aren’t you worried that he’ll take the fruit first?! How can you stay this calm?!”

“He won’t.” Despite his laconic answer, there was something about Jun Linyuan’s tone that couldn’t be challenged.

“How can you be so sure?” Feng Xun was a little exasperated. “It’s Yu Mingye we’re talking about here. He’s just as famous as you are and gets in your way whenever he can. He’s the sacred son of the Dark Court, for heaven’s sake, not some random guy you can just brush aside!”

Jun Linyuan frowned and cast a stern look at Feng Xun.

Feng Xun smacked his forehead. “Fine! That’s Yu Mingye, a guy not worthy to be mentioned alongside you and who is a tad inferior to you in his capabilities. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a tough opponent!”

Feng Wu asked curiously, “Is this Yu Mingye very formidable?”

Feng Xun turned into a chatterbox at that question. He said grumpily, “Yu Mingye is supported by a bunch of elders that are hopelessly loyal to him, not to mention that the guy is super talented and capable, second to no one but Boss Jun. Plus, that guy is erratic and unpredictable. He’s arrogant and bossy one moment, and flippant the next. You never know which way he’ll turn. Worst of all, Yu Mingye will get in our way whenever Boss Jun tries to do something important. The Immortal Spiritual Fruit this time, for instance, is useless to him, but he just has to sabotage our task because Boss Jun needs it. The guy is abominable.”

Feng Wu rubbed her chin. “Why does it sound to me like your crown prince… is being stalked by this Yu Mingye?”

“You don’t say,” said Feng Xun sulkily. “He just keeps showing up and making a scene wherever he goes. How annoying!”

Feng Wu rubbed her chin again. “Why do I find him a little… adorable?”

“No, he’s not!” Feng Xun knocked Feng Wu’s forehead with his knuckles. “By the way, if we really run into Yu Mingye later, run as fast as you can.”

“Why?” Feng Wu was bemused.

“Those amorous eyes of his are known for their mesmerizing and seductive effect. When I say that no lady has been able to resist him, I’m not exaggerating. Where do you think he gained his fame for being as popular as our Boss Jun? It was all thanks to his skill at flirting! So, for the sake of your own safety, run away as far as you can from him, copy that?” Feng Xun enjoined.

“Sure.” Feng Wu obviously didn’t register any of that in her brain.

Shortly afterward, the team reached the perimeter of Black Ice Valley, when —

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