Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 338 - How Can He Do That?!

Chapter 338: How Can He Do That?!

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Master Chu smirked. “Very impressive, Your Royal Highness. I see that Ma’am won’t need our assistance from now on!”

Master Chu spoke in a taunting voice.

Physicians were quite prestigious figures in court, and even as the favorite daughter of the emperor, the princess wouldn’t be able to justify her attitude if the emperor asked about this incident.

Master Chu wasn’t the only one. The rest of the physicians all threw dirty looks at the princess.

Other people might be intimidated by her, but not the bureau of physicians!

“You, you people — how dare you talk to me like that —”

Feeling aggrieved, the princess stomped her foot and ran away, crying.

Master Bai spat on the floor. “Does she think she’s the same as the crown prince?”

Jun Linyuan had a hall of his own in the royal palace as well as an individual residence outside.

The crown prince was supposed to live in the palace and not move out like the other princes even if he was old enough. However, the name Jun Linyuan meant that he wasn’t going to be treated like everyone else.

Others lived by the rules. As for him, well, rules didn’t apply to him.

Hence, the crown prince had a manor outside.

And it was where he usually stayed.

Feng Wu opened her eyes as soon as Jun Linyuan put her down on the bed.

Actually, Feng Wu was woken up by Little Phoenix’s cries!

Poor little bird.

It had been looking forward to this day, and when it finally happened… that little abnormal flame was recognized as fire poison and was removed. Just like that!

“Waa —”

Little Phoenix sat on the ground, kicked around, and cried at the top of its lungs in Feng Wu’s mind. The sound was ear-splitting!

It gave Feng Wu a headache and she had a hard time focusing!

“You’re awake?”

Night had set in and the room was lit up by candles. In the dim light, Jun Linyuan’s stunning face looked unbelievably attractive.

Feng Wu stared at Jun Linyuan, confused. Her bright eyes looked almost glassy.

For right now, Little Phoenix was venting its grievances in her head!

“Ahhh — How could he do that?! How could he?! Ahhh —” Little Phoenix rolled around in frustration and curled into a ball. It pounded the floor as it cried. “I was so close to consuming it! So close! He then took it away from me! He took it! Ahhh —”

Little Phoenix didn’t try to keep its voice down at all. To Feng Wu, it was as loud as rumbling thunder.


Feng Wu was genuinely baffled after she learned what had happened.

They had removed it?!

After everything she had done — she had kissed Jun Linyuan for it, for Christ’s sake — they had removed that abnormal flame from her mind?!

Feng Wu was wide awake and she bolted upright!


Jun Linyuan was bending over when Feng Wu sat up and her smooth forehead smashed into Jun Linyuan’s nose.

Anyone else would have covered their nose and cried out in pain.

However, Jun Linyuan acted as if nothing happened. Feng Wu, on the other hand, was disoriented from the impact and she could see stars.

Seeing that Feng Wu was going to fall out of bed, Jun Linyuan steadied her.

Feng Wu grabbed Jun Linyuan’s hands and glared at him. “Jun Linyuan! Why did you have to do that?!”

Jun Linyuan had zero idea what she was talking about. He stared at Feng Wu with unblinking eyes.

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